The convenient Bride

Chapter 336: He Went to Find His Old Flame

Butler Zhao was missing.

Such a thought flashed through Rosiley's mind after she heard Hunt's words.

Things might not be that simple.

Rosiley thought for a moment and then said to Hunt, "Well, come with me. Let's ask that woman in
person where your father was.”

Hunt frowned and sized her up suspiciously. Rosiley was a Tang, so shouldn't she know where his dad

Sensing his doubts, Rosiley smiled apologetically and said, "Sorry, I haven't lived here for a long time,
so I don't know what happened.”

"So, it's like this.” Hunt came to a realization. Then, he smiled in embarrassment and said, “Sorry, I
didn't know, so....”

Rosiley smiled while shaking her head. "It doesn't matter. It's normal for you to think that way.”

When Rosiley came to the hospital, Xenia's face darkened as soon as she saw her. "Why are you here

Xenia noticed she didn't come alone this time but brought a man.

"What? You come with a helper?" Xenia said mockingly.

Rosiley ignored her mockery and directly asked her, "Xenia, where's Butler Zhao?"

Xenia was surprised for a moment before replying, "He has returned to his hometown.

"His hometown?" Rosiley sneered, "Are you sure?”

Xenia did not understand why she would ask that, but she stuck to her story, "Yes. I even gave him two
more months’ salary when he returned home."

Rosiley squinted with dangerous light in her eyes. She pointed at Hunt and said, "Xenia, do you know
who he is?”

Xenia glanced at Hunt and said coldly, “I'm not interested in knowing that."

"He is Butler Zhao’s son." When Rosiley revealed Hunt's identity, she stared at Xenia's face, trying to
find evidence of her lying from her micro-expressions.

Sure enough, when Xenia heard that Hunt was Butler Zhao's son, a trace of panic flashed through her
eyes. Although it disappeared quickly, Rosiley still noticed it.

Xenia did know where Butler Zhao was.

Rosiley continued, "He told me Butler Zhao wasn't in his hometown, so where did he go?"

Facing Rosiley's questioning, Xenia remained calm. She sneered and looked at Rosiley as if she was
amused, saying, "Rosiley, how would I know? He told me he wanted to go back to his hometown. As
for whether he really did that, I have no damn clue.”

"Who else would know if not you?" Rosiley glared at her.

Hunt said, "Hello, if you know where my father went, can you tell me? I'm really anxious and worried. I
haven't been able to contact him for a while.”

Hunt sounded like he was begging Xenia.

However, Xenia remained unmoved. She sneered and looked at Butler Zhao's son with a cold gaze.
"You are his son. If you don't know his whereabouts, how would I know?” she said mockingly.

Hunt looked at Rosiley and didn't know what to do. The latter gave him a comforting smile to calm him

Rosiley knew Xenia had the information, but they couldn't get it out of her.

So, she took a deep breath and said coldly, “Since you don't want to say it, then we can only ask the
police for help.”

Then she turned around and asked Hunt, “Have you called the police?”

"No, I thought my father...”

"Call the police now,’ Rosiley interrupted him before he could finish.

Petrified for a moment, Hunt nodded and said, "Alright, I'll report it now."

He took out his phone and dialed "110" in front of Xenia.

Xenia's eyes were gloomy as she clenched her hands under the blanket.

She knew best where Butler Zhao had gone.

If the police were onto this, they would start investigating, and Xenia might get burned along the way.

At that time, she would probably not be able to get away and might bring even more trouble to Rorey.

So, she cried out, "Wait!"

Rosiley and Hunt quickly looked at her and saw that she was thinking seriously and wanted to say

Rosiley frowned and said, "Xenia, if you want to say it, just shoot. Stop pretending."

“I was afraid that he would get angry." Xenia glanced at Hunt.

Hunt said, "I just want to know where my father is. I won't get mad.”

Xenia breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Alright, I'll tell you....”

She paused for a moment before continuing, "Butler Zhao went to find his old flame.’

Old flame?

Rosiley frowned. When did he have an old flame?

“How could my father have an old lover?” Hunt asked.

"Why not? He told me that his son, you, would never allow him to find a wife at such an old age. So, he
and his girlfriend decided they would go somewhere quiet for their retirement. As for where it is, I don't

Xenia said it as if it were true.

However, Hunt didn't believe her. "That's impossible. My father wouldn't do such a thing. Besides, I
never told him he couldn't get someone again."

Hunt's reaction made Xenia laugh. She said mockingly, "I'm just telling you what your father told me.
It's your business whether to believe me or not’

"You...." Hunt wanted to say something, but Rosiley grabbed him.

He turned around and saw Rosiley shaking her head suggesting that he should stop talking.

He glared at Xenia and went silent.

Rosiley took a step forward, and her sharp gaze fell on Xenia's face, a cold smile touching her lips as
she said, "Xenia, other people may not know your relationship with Butler Zhao, but I do. Do you think I
would believe Butler Zhao would tell you such a private matter?"

"You don't believe me?" Xenia asked her.

She didn't answer.

Well,’ Xenia sneered, "It's the truth anyway. Alright, I've said everything I know. You guys should leave

Rosiley was certain that she was lying.

She also knew Butler Zhao's disappearance had something to do with Xenia.

Xenia made up a story about Butler Zhao's whereabouts. It might sound real at first, but Xenia forgot
that both Rosiley and Hunt knew Butler Zhao well.

While protecting herself, Xenia also exposed herself.

Rosiley glanced at Xenia with a meaningful look and put on a strange smile. "Xenia, I hope you can
sleep at night.’

With that, she left with Hunt.

Rosiley's last sentence made Xenia frown. She looked at the quiet ward and felt a chill in her heart for
no reason.

She suddenly saw Butler Zhao lying in a pool of blood. Frightened, she widened her eyes. However, it
turned out to be an illusion.

But she couldn't find peace no matter how hard she tried to calm down.