The convenient Bride

Chapter 338: I Will Not Let You off Easily


Sachin raised his eyebrows and asked with concern, “What's wrong? Is it because of Charlotte?”

Rosiley pursed her lips, thought for a moment, and then looked up at him. "Sachin, Butler Zhao is

Sachin was surprised. "What's going on?”

"I don't know either.” Rosiley frowned slightly. "Today, Butler Zhao's son found me and said that he had
not been able to contact his father for a while.’

"Didn't you say Butler Zhao went back to his hometown?"

If he remembered correctly, Rosiley mentioned it to him before. She even said that Butler Zhao had
spent most of his life working for the Tang Family. It was time for him to retire and enjoy himself.

How could he suddenly be missing?

Rosiley smiled helplessly. "I was also very surprised. Then I took Butler Zhao's son to the hospital to
see Xenia. Do you know what Xenia said? You will definitely find it extremely ridiculous when you hear

"What did she say?" Sachin asked.

"She said that Butler Zhao found a girlfriend. He was afraid that his son would disagree and interfere.
So, he eloped with her.” Rosiley sneered. “Isn't it ridiculous?”

Sachin frowned and pondered for a moment. "Xenia was lying. Then Butler Zhao's disappearance must
have something to do with her.”

Rosiley looked at him with admiration. Her husband was indeed smart and his analysis was quite

Rosiley nodded and said, "It has something to do with her. So... I asked Butler Zhao's son to call the

"Have the charges been filed?"

Rosiley was a little worried. ‘I'm afraid that Xenia will keep denying it and refuse to tell the truth.”

Butler Zhao was like a family member to Rosiley, and was also the only person in the Tang family who
could treat her sincerely. To her, his disappearance was so disturbing as if a huge rock was pressed
down on her heart, making her unable to breathe at all. She was very depressed and uneasy.

Sachin understood what Butler Zhao meant to her. He sat down beside her, held her in his arms, and
comforted her gently. "Butler Zhao will be found. Whether Xenia tells the truth or not, I will help you find
Butler Zhao."

"What if I can't find him?”

“As long as he is alive, you'll find him.”

Sachin's eyes darkened a little. He was afraid that Butler Zhao was dead.

In fact, Rosiley had prepared for the worst.

Even if she is dead, she wants to see the body.

They hugged each other quietly, and the sky outside the French window gradually darkened.

“Mr. Lu, Mrs. Lu. It's time for dinner.” Sasha's voice broke the warm atmosphere.

Rosiley left his embrace and turned to look at Sasha. She smiled and replied, “Alright, we'll be right

“Get up. Let's go eat.”

As Rosiley spoke, she pulled Sachin to his feet and they walked towards the dining room together.

"Hello, the number you dialed is temporarily unreachable. Please dial again later...”

She still couldn't get through!

Juliet hung up the phone angrily and bit her lips with a gloomy expression.

She called Payton an hour ago, but she couldn't get through.

She thought it was just a temporary network failure, but half an hour later, she still couldn't get through.

Then, she called every five minutes. Every time, it was the same.

Payton must have gone somewhere and turned off his phone.

“Payton, you'd better not let me catch you fooling around. Otherwise, I wont let you off easily,’ she
gritted her teeth and said, narrowing her eyes where there was a trace of anger.

At this moment, her phone rang.

A WeChat message came in.

She hurriedly checked her WeChat. It was sent to her by Payton.

"You don't answer your phone. But you want to send a WeChat message?"

She muttered, and then tapped the message with her fingertip. A photo jumped into her eyes.

Her pupils suddenly narrowed as she stared at the picture on her phone.

In the photo, Payton held a woman in one hand and wine in the other. The density of pixels was not
high, so she could not see Payton's expression clearly.

Apparently, this was a demonstration sent to her by some woman.

She sneered. Did that woman think she was a pushover?

Then, her fingers swiftly typed on the keyboard of her phone.

"Who are you?"

"Where are you?"

"Give me the address if you dare!"

About ten seconds after the message was sent, an address appeared in the chat dialog box.

The moment she saw the address, Juliet immediately stood up, grabbed her bag and walked out.

When she passed the living room, Ebenezer saw that she was going out. He raised his eyebrows and
asked sternly, “Juliet, it's time for dinner. What are you going out for?”

"I have something to deal with. You eat by yourselves." Juliet turned her head to look at him and kept
walking out.

Griffin frowned even more tightly. Ever since this girl had a boyfriend, not only did she always go out,
but she even sometimes didn't return home at night.

It was too dangerous. He wouldn't want a grandson before she was married.

He had to find an opportunity to talk to her.

If Juliet knew that her father was thinking so much, she would definitely think it ridiculous.

Payton and she had just got serious, so how could they develop so quickly? Grandson?

Juliet was no stranger to the place in the message.

It was a quite famous bar in Benin City.

As soon as she entered the bar, she began to look around, looking for Payton.

In the end, she found Payton in the booth in the corner, but there was no woman beside him.

Did she leave?

She walked over and sat down beside Payton under the astonished gazes of others.

Payton turned around and saw that it was her. He raised his eyebrows and said, "Why are you here?”

She curled her lips and said, "I come to have some fun. Can't I?”

Then, she pouted and glared at him unhappily.

Payton raised his eyebrows slightly and smiled evilly. "Are you angry with me?”

Juliet did not reply and just stared at him.

Payton couldn't help but chuckle. He raised his hand to hug her shoulder and said, "Alright. I admit it is
my mistake. I shouldn't have come out alone.”

Juliet narrowed her eyes. "Why can't I get through to you?”

"You can't get through?” Payton raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Impossible.”

He took the phone and checked it. Then, he looked up at Juliet and said, "The phone is working."

“Working?” Juliet frowned, took the phone in her hand, and then took out her own phone.

She dialed his number but still couldn't get through. His phone didn't ring.

She looked up at him doubtfully, while he was similarly dumbfounded.

At this moment, a voice sounded from the side, "Were you blacklisted?"

Blacklist? Juliet turned her head to look at the person who spoke, and then she tapped on the phone

Sure enough, her number was on the blacklist.