The convenient Bride

Chapter 339: Let Me Hug Her

Payton also saw it and immediately said, "I didn't do it.”

Juliet looked up at him. There was disbelief in her eyes. It wasn't him who blacklisted her. Who did it?

Seeing that she didn't believe him, Payton raised his right hand and said, “I swear. It definitely wasn't

Juliet stared at him, still doubting him.

“I can prove that Payton didn't do it.” Someone spoke up for Payton.

Juliet turned around and saw that it was a handsome boy.

"How did you prove that he didn't do it?" Juliet narrowed her eyes slightly, and there was a trace of
anger in her eyes.

The boy looked up at Payton and hesitated.

Juliet looked at Payton and said to the boy, "Tell me all about it.”

The boy hesitated for a moment before he slowly said, "Actually... it was the girl Payton brought to have
dinner with us.”

Payton didn't know who did it, and he was very curious about it too, so he didn't stop his friend.

But when he heard this, his expression instantly changed.

Damn it! How could it be like this?

He was done for!

The girl he brought to dinner... The girl?

Juliet looked at Payton with a sharp gaze. She smiled slightly, but her smile did not reach her eyes.
"Payton, don't tell me it's Tracy."

Looking at her smiling expression, Payton smiled dryly and said, "It was indeed Tracy.”

“Payton!” Juliet shouted loudly.

Fortunately, in the bar it was quite noisy, so no one noticed them.

However, the people nearby suffered. They covered their ears and carefully looked at Juliet who stood

Juliet's chest heaved violently as she glared at Payton, "Payton. Good job.”

“Charlotte, don't be angry. Let me explain first.”

Seeing Payton groveling at her feet, his friends couldn't believe it.

Had Payton, whom they knew, ever treated a woman like this?

His handsome appearance always attracted a large group of women to surround him. As time passed,
he lost his sincerity towards women and treated feelings as a joke.

Just like he said, every woman was close to him because of his appearance. Women like this were too
superficial to deserve his love.

In that case, the woman standing here right now should be someone deserved his love, right?

Seeing his pleading expression, Juliet pursed her lips and sat down reluctantly.

"Tell me. I'm all ears.” Juliet coldly glanced at him.

Payton heaved a sigh of relief and said, "I just happened to meet Tracy when I went out today. She
insisted on following me. I had no choice but to take her to dinner.”

"Just like that?" Juliet raised her eyebrows.

Payton nodded, "Yes, that's it”

"Then what's going on with the phone?" Juliet asked.

“Well...” Actually, he didn't know what was going on.

So, he cast a pleading look at his friend.

"Payton went to the bathroom and Tracy played with his phone. We all thought she was Payton's
girlfriend, so we didn't say anything. I sat closer to her and accidentally caught a glimpse of her
blacklisting a number.

Hearing his friend's words, Payton couldn't help but curse, “Holy shit!"

Juliet narrowed her eyes. Was Tracy challenging her bottom line?

One more thing. Juliet tapped on the photo on WeChat, showed her phone screen to Payton, and
asked, "Then what is this?”

Payton stared at the photo and chuckled. "This is a misunderstanding.”

*Misunderstanding?" Juliet sneered, "Then tell me what kind of misunderstanding this is”

“It was while we were chatting that a girl walked over. She said that she and her friends were playing
"Truth or Dare." So, she asked me to hug her."

"So, you hugged her?” Juliet raised her eyebrows.

"That's right. Helping others is the foundation of happiness.” Payton replied with certainty.

"That's right. Helping others is the foundation of happiness.” Juliet sneered, "Then shouldn't I praise
you for your kindness?”

Payton smiled dryly. "There's no need for that."

He saw his friends looking at him with a mocking expression. He awkwardly smiled, then picked up the
wine on the table and poured it into his mouth.

To be honest, this was the first time he was so humble to a woman.

However, it was like his reflexes, and it wasn't intentional.

Maybe this was love.

He curled the corners of his lips and turned to say something to Charlotte, only to see her stand up.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

Juliet turned around and smiled at him. "I'm going to help people.”

"Help people?” Payton frowned, not understanding what she meant.

The smile on Juliet's face became brighter and brighter. She pointed at the bar counter not far away
and said, “See a lonely figure there? I plan to save him and free him from his loneliness.’

“Are you crazy?" Payton's face changed.

Juliet narrowed her eyes and smiled, "You said helping people meant happiness."

With that, she instantly turned cold-faced and ignored his anger as she strode towards the bar counter.

Payton stared fixedly at her figure, anger surging in his eyes.

Was this woman really trying to irritate him?

"Payton, hurry up. This is not a joke.”

"That's right. You were the one who did the wrong thing first. She was only doing this to return the

"Why are you still sitting there? Hurry up and go."

Payton's friends were all trying to persuade him. He looked at them, stood up, and quickly walked
towards Juliet.

As Juliet walked towards the bar counter, she turned her head slightly to keep an eye to the people
behind her.

At the corner of her eyes, she saw a familiar figure chasing after her, and her red lips couldn't help but
curl up.

She meant to make him anxious so that he would remember.

Without hesitation, she walked behind the lonely man and patted him on the shoulder. "Handsome, are
you alone?"

When the drinking man heard her voice, his back stiffened and he slowly turned his head. When he
saw that it was her, a trace of light flashed through his eyes and the corners of his lips curled up.

Before Juliet saw the man turn around, she was worried that he would be ugly. But when she saw that
familiar face, her expression instantly changed.

"How could it be you?" She cried out in surprise.

Yes, she knew this man, and he was someone she hated.

He was Ethan.

"Sorry to disturb you. My girlfriend is angry with me, so...”

Payton strode to Juliet's side and stopped explaining when he saw the man's face.

Damn, it was actually Ethan.

Meeting Juliet here was a pleasant surprise, but when he saw Payton, the surprise no longer existed.