Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 340: I Will Never Give up

Juliet was thinking that if she had known that the man sitting at the bar was Ethan, she would not have
been angry with Payton and thought of such an idea.

But there was no if in this world.

Looking at Ethan in front of her, Juliet curled her lips into a mocking smile. "I forgot to consult a fortune
teller before when I went out today.”

Hearing this, Ethan frowned and his eyes darkened.

"Hello, Mr. Ethan.” Unlike Juliet, Payton greeted him politely.

Ethan forced a smile. “Hello.”

Payton smiled, then turned to Charlotte and said, “Charlotte, let's not disturb Mr. Ethan anymore. Let's
go back.’

Although she was still somewhat dissatisfied with Payton, compared to Ethan, that bit of dissatisfaction
was nothing.

Juliet held Payton's hand and did not look at Ethan again. She turned around and left with Payton.

Ethan turned to look at them, his gaze falling on the hands they were holding together, and his eyes

“Don't be too impulsive in the future, in case you encounter such an awkward situation like today.”
Payton could almost imagine how funny her expression would be the moment she saw Ethan.

He knew that she hated Ethan.

“I'm impulsive?" Juliet coldly glanced at him, "Didn't you provoke me?"

He casually hugged another girl and didn't take his girlfriend serious at all.

Payton smiled and raised his right hand. "Alright. I promise you. I will definitely keep a distance from
other girls in the future and will not have any physical contact with them.’

"Can I believe your promise?" It was easier said than done.

"If I make another mistake, you can punish me as you like.” Payton raised his hand and hugged her. He
turned his head and smiled at her. “Is it okay?”

Actually, it wasn't that Juliet didn't feel his change. If he didn't care about her, he could ignore her anger
and continue to act recklessly.

But he didn't. He soothed her feelings all the time. This was completely different from the past when he
always argued with her with his sharp tongue.

She curled her lips and pretended to be reluctant to say, "You said that. Don't regret it then.”

Payton chuckled. “I definitely won't regret it.”

Looking at his determined gaze, Juliet finally revealed her first sincere smile tonight.

According to the clues Rosiley provided, the police found Xenia who was recovering in the hospital.

When she saw the police, Xenia was not surprised. Rorey, who had come to accompany her mother,
was shocked. She blurted out almost instinctively and asked, "Mom, what's wrong with you?"

"It was Butler Zhao's business,’ Xenia replied indifferently.

Butler Zhao? Rorey suddenly widened her eyes and asked anxiously, "Who called the police?"


There was no unexpected answer at all. Other than Rosiley, who else would pick on them?

A trace of malice surfaced in Rorey's eyes. She returned to the entertainment industry and focused on
dealing with Hazel. She temporarily let Rosiley go. Now, it seemed that she couldn't afford to ignore
either one.

A few policemen walked in front of them. One of them said, "We are from Benin Public Security
Bureau. We want to ask you about the disappearance of Henry Zhao. Is it convenient for you now?"

"Of course, it's convenient." Xenia got up and brought the police to the sofa to sit down.

"May I ask what the relationship between Henry Zhao and you is?”

"He is the butler. He has worked in my house for ten or twenty years.”

"Then does he have any hobbies?"

"Hobbies.... He usually likes to deal with flowers and plants.”

"Then do you know anyone he has a close relationship with?"

After thinking for a while, Xenia slowly said, "I did find that he had a close relationship with a woman. I
asked him once, and he only said that she was a friend from his hometown. Although he was employed

by me, it was not suitable for me to pry into other people's privacy, so I didn't ask any further."

The police carefully recorded what she said piece by piece, and then asked a few more questions.
Xenia seemed to have been well prepared and answered calmly.

After finishing the inquiry, the police did not stay any longer and quickly left.

After the police left, Xenia relaxed and leaned against the sofa.

Rorey hurried over and asked worriedly, “Mom, are you alright?"

Xenia raised her hand to caress her forehead and shook her head gently, "Nothing.”

Rorey frowned. "Mom, what should we do now?”

“Don't worry. As long as I don't say anything, they won't be able to do anything to me.”

Butler Zhao’s whereabouts were known only to them and Alan. As long as they didn't let go, the police
would never find Butler Zhao unless they found his body.

"But Rosiley won't give up so easily.” This was what Rorey worried about.

With Rosiley's personality, she would definitely not give up until the matter was thoroughly investigated.

Xenia put down her hand and a trace of viciousness appeared in her eyes. "Then... let's make sure she
has no choice but to give up.”

*Mom, you mean..."

Xenia looked up at her and said, "Just like what you are thinking about. Leave this matter to Alan."

Rorey was silent for a while before nodding, “Alright.”

The police informed Rosiley that they were using the information given by Xenia as their direction of

Rosiley only felt that it was ridiculous. Xenia’s words were not trustworthy. If the police continued to use
this as the direction of investigation, they would be completely misled. In the end, they would only find

This should be Xenia's intention to confuse the direction of the police investigation so as to facilitate her

It seemed that Xenia had long known that there would be such a day, so she had already made

She was cunning while Rosiley was not an idiot. How could Rosiley let her be satisfied?

Apart from the police investigation, she also asked Sachin to help. If nothing unexpected happened,
she believed that there would be progress soon.

However, she did not expect that Rorey would come and see her.

On this day, Rosiley was having a meeting with a few reporters from her group when someone knocked
on the door of the conference room.

She turned to look at the door and saw Lina pushing it open and walking in.

“Lina.” Rosiley was surprised.

Lina looked at the others and then looked at Rosiley. “Rosiley, someone wants to see you.”

See her? Rosiley frowned, but didn't have time to think about who it was. She turned to the others and
said, "You guys go back to work first.’

Then, she stood up and walked out of the meeting room with Lina.

She thought that it would be some leader who wanted to see her, but she never thought that it would be

When she saw Rorey sitting in Lina's office, she was surprised, very surprised.

She turned to look at Lina and raised her eyebrows. “Lina, what does this mean?”

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