The convenient Bride

Chapter 322: Is It True That You Love Me

Did you like men?

Hearing such questioning, Damari smiled silently, neither admitting nor denying it.

However, Yayoi thought that he had acquiesced. She was astonished and then laughed. She put on a
self-mocking smile, "So, I lost to a man."

Words failed Damari.

Although he really wanted to explain that he did not like men, it was better to be misunderstood by her
than to be questioned by her again. Because he could not explain it clearly in a word.

Thinking of that Damari liked men, Yayoi didn't know how to describe her feelings now. She felt sad but

The confusion that had been in her heart for so many years was cleared up now. So, she felt relieved.

Yayoi.’ Damari called softly.

She looked up at him.

"Are you dating Maddox?" he asked.

Yayoi felt at a loss and said with a sneering look, “Is it necessary for me to answer you?"

Damari felt hurt and forced a smile. "No.”

Yayoi sneered, “Yes, it is unnecessary. After all, I was also split up without any reason back then,

So, she was still angry.

Damari chuckled and subconsciously raised his hand to touch her head. But Yayoi dodged.

Damari's smile froze and his hand also froze in midair. He stared at Yayoi and just saw that she looked
away and did not want to look at him.

A hint of disappointment flashed through his eyes as he withdrew his hand. Damari put on a self-
mocking smile, “Yayoi, if you want, you can call me Hallie."


"Mr. Xiang, you ignored me when I called you ‘Hallie’. But now, you want me to call you ‘Hallie’? Isn't it
too ridiculous?”

Yayoi said with heavy irony. Damari frowned, "Yayoi, I said I had difficulties...”

"Difficulties?" Yayoi interrupted him and sneered, "Then you can have your difficulties. Sorry, I won't be
able to keep you company!"

Yayoi turned to strode towards the car. She opened the door, got in the car, and closed the door. It
could be seen how angry she was.

Damari stood there and watched her car speed away like a bat out of hell, disappearing from his sight

This time, she really left.

Damari smiled bitterly. It was natural for her to be angry.

After not contacting her for so long, when they were reunited, he chose to pretend not to know her.
Even if she cried, he hardened his heart and refused to recognize her.

She didn't know that when he heard her call him "Hallie", it wrung his heart.

He wanted to hug her tightly and tell her that he was Hallie. For several years, the person he had been
missing the most was her.

Thinking of this, Damari chuckled and his eyes glittered with sadness.

If Yayoi wasn't with Maddox, perhaps he wouldn't recognize her.

Maddox, the young master of the Shen family.

His eyes suddenly turned cold, filled with hatred. The Shen family, which was a large family that had a
history of a hundred years, had astonishing power in both the military and the government.

But so what? It was also dirty and nauseating.

He turned to walk towards the car.

Some things couldn't be rushed and must be planned slowly.

Yayoi parked her car in the community's open-air parking lot. After locking the car, she turned around.
Suddenly, a dark figure rushed to her, scaring her into taking a step back.

When she calmed down, a bright pink rose appeared in front of her.

Yayoi frowned, wondering who was so bored. Then, she saw a familiar face appear behind the

When Yayoi saw that face full of flattering smiles, her face clouded over and her gaze was ice-cold.

"Yayoi, beautiful flowers are for beautiful you.’

Yayoi was disgusted with his ingratiating tone. "Vito, what do you mean?”

She said in a cold voice.

“Chase you again.”

This shameless answer was like a great joke. Yayoi couldn't help but laugh and gave him a mocking

"Vito, how dare you chase me again?”

Vito did not show any hint of discontent with her irony. He said to Yayoi in his oily tone, "Yayoi, after
being with Candance, I realized I've never forgotten you. You are in my heart. I love you, Yayoi."

Looking at his face full of affection and listening to his affectionate confession, Yayoi was calm. She
only felt that it was ridiculous. Vito was about to marry Candance. But he came to confess his love to
her now. Was he nuts?


A glimmer of cunning flashed through her eyes. She crossed her arms around her chest and put on a
faint smile, “Vito, you said you love me. Is it true?”

"Yes, I love you. I love you very much." Vito nodded in a hurry.

Yayoi raised her eyebrows, “What about Candance? Do you love her?"

“No, not at all.” Vito replied without the slightest hesitation.

This was fun.

What kind of trick was Vito playing? Was he teasing her? Or did he break up with Candance and want
to chase her again?

Yayoi rolled her eyes and deliberately give him an embarrassed look. "I really want to believe what you
said. But ... you know, I can't believe you.”

Vito was anxious, "Yayoi, trust me. I really love you. I.”

"Then call Cadence in front of me and tell her that the person you love the most is me.

Yayoi interrupted him and raised her eyebrows at him.

Vito froze. Then, he smiled in embarrassment and took out his phone from his pocket.

He glanced at Yayoi, then unlocked his phone and opened the call logs.

Yayoi clearly saw the word "Baby" on the screen of his phone. That should be Candance.

Vito looked at Yayoi again. A glimmer of hesitation flashed across his face as his fingers slowly moved
towards the screen of his phone.

However, when he was about to touch the screen, he hesitated.

Seeing this, Yayoi sneered, "What? Don't you dare to call her?"

“No. it is...” Vito wanted to explain. Yayoi snatched the phone from his hand at this time. "If you don't
dare to call her, I'll call for you."

Yayoi sneered and dialed the phone number of the “Baby”.

Not long after the bell rang, someone answered the phone. "Darling, where are you?"

Candance's voice came from over there.

Yayoi glanced at Vito and saw his hands uneasily balling into fists.

She coldly smiled and said to Candance on the other side of the phone, "Candance, it's me."

"How come it's you?" Candance's voice was sharp.

Yayoi frowned. Just as she was about to speak, Vito snatched the phone from her hand.

She turned around and saw Vito walking to the side with his phone in hand. He lowered his voice and
whispered something to Candance.

But from his nervous expression, it could be seen that he was trying to comfort Candace.

It turned out that he was teasing her!

Yayoi's face clouded over. She coldly glanced at Vito before striding towards the residential building.

Vito was comforting Candance when he saw Yayoi leave. He panicked and said, "I'll explain to you
when I get back." He hung up and went after Yayoi.