The convenient Bride

Chapter 341: Are You Crazy?

“She said that she wanted to see you and had been making a scene at the front desk, so...” Lina
shrugged. "I brought her to my office first.”

Making a scene at the front desk?

Rosiley turned to look at Rorey with contempt. She had just restarted her career in the entertainment
industry. Why did she make trouble again?

Wasn't she afraid of being photographed by the reporters?

But it was none of her business.

“You can have a talk with her. I'll go out first.”

Lina took a look at Rorey. Then she turned around and gently closed the door before walking out.

Although Rosiley had nothing to say to Rorey, she still walked over. Standing in front of Rorey, she
looked at her indifferently.

With a smile, Rorey said contemptuously, "Rosiley, it's really difficult to meet you.”

Rosiley raised her eyebrows and said, “Of course. I’m very busy. If you don't have anything urgent, just
get out of here immediately.”

“You...” Rorey's eyes widened in anger. Rosiley wore an arrogant and indifferent look, as if she treated
her like dirt.

Being looked down upon by her, Rorey was a bit angry. If it were in the past, she would definitely teach
her a lesson.

But now she had to pretend to be friendly. Taking a deep breath to suppress her anger, Rorey forced a
smile and said: "Rosiley, I didn't come here to quarrel with you today. I want to ask you a favor.”

Rosiley sneered, "Ask me a favor? Rorey, I don't think I can help you."

“Only you can help me with this.” Rorey looked at her firmly.

Hearing this, Rosiley laughed out loud and then said coldly, "Rorey, are you crazy? Given the grudge
between us, don't ever think that I will help you.”

“No, you will help me.” Rorey was sure of this.

"Oh? Is that so? How can you be so confident?” Rosiley looked at her with interest.

She was curious about how Rorey was going to persuade her.

“Father's illness..."

Rorey deliberately paused for a moment. At the mention of her father, Rosiley frowned with a grim look.

“I have a way to cure him,’ Rorey finished her words.

Rosiley narrowed her eyes and looked suspiciously at Rorey's confident face. “You mean you can cure
my father?"

Rorey must be fooling her. Even the American research institute that developed the medicine had no
clue, yet she stated that there was a way. Did Rorey think she was ignorant of anything?

“Yes. I can promise to cure him, but you must help me."

Rorey knew that what troubled Rosiley the most was Seneca's illness, so she made use of her
weakness to negotiate with her.

Rosiley revealed a sardonic smile. "Why should I believe you? Besides, it's you and your mother who
caused dad to become like this."

Speaking of this, Rosiley shot a cold glance at Rorey.

With a panicky look, Rorey immediately raised her voice to deny, “Rosiley, stop talking nonsense.
Father's illness has anything to do with my mother and me. Don't frame us."

"You know exactly whether I am telling the truth or not.” Rosiley glanced at her with hostility and then
turned around. After walking to the door, she opened it without looking at Rorey. “You don't need to

worry about my father's illness, and I definitely won't be able to help you. So ... get out of my sight right

Rosiley asked her to leave without showing any mercy. After Rorey realized that her plan had failed,
her face darkened. She stared at Rosiley and snapped, “Rosiley, don't you give a crap if your father
lives or dies? I've told you that I have a way to save him.”

“So what?" Rosiley turned to look her coldly. With a mocking smile, she said, “Since you also see him
as your father, you should think of a way to cure him without asking for benefits. Why do you want to
negotiate with me?"

It was so obvious that Rorey harbored ill intentions. Rosiley was not an idiot, so she could easily see
through her trick.

“I...” Rorey was rendered speechless.

In fact, she had no way to cure Seneca's current illness. She was merely deceiving Rosiley.

She didn't expect Rosiley to see through her mind.

Rorey bit her lips grudgingly.

“Get out of here, you wicked creature,"

Rosiley snapped.

Rorey knew that she couldn't sway Rosiley even if she continued to pester her. So she grabbed the
bag on the table and strode towards the door.

When passing Rosiley, she glared at her and said, “Rosiley, since you've refused me, don't regret it

“Don't worry. I will by no means regret it,’ Rosiley answered casually. It sounded like she didn't take her
words seriously at all.

Gritting her teeth in hatred, Rorey strode away reluctantly.

Seeing that Rorey had left, Lina walked over. Seeing Rosiley's cold face, she asked with concern,
“Rosiley, are you alright?"

Rosiley closed her eyes and tried to calm down. After opening her eyes, she restored to her normal

"Ms. Lina, I'm fine,”

Rosiley said with a reassuring smile.

Seeing her smile, Lina heaved a sigh of relief and smiled back. "It's good to hear this."

Rosiley smiled again and didn't say anything else.

Lina turned to look in the direction where Rorey had left, and she frowned slightly. "Rorey is more
promising after returning to the entertainment industry this time. I heard that the higher-ups of LEG
intend to make her become the second Hazel.”

At this point, Lina frowned more deeply. "I really don't understand those higher-ups’ thoughts. In terms
of Rorey's current bad reputation, it's even impossible to make her famous.”

Hearing this, Rosiley said half-jokingly, “Perhaps she got something on the CEO of LEG."

Although she said it casually, Lina still pondered over this possibility and nodded. "That's quite
possible. Since Rorey is such a scheming woman, she can do this kind of thing."

Rosiley said with a smile, “If that's the case, then I will feel truly sorry for the CEO.”

Being targeted by Rorey, he would find it hard to get rid of her.

It was highly possible that the reputation of LEG, which had been accumulated over the past twenty
years, would be totally ruined by Rorey.

"I also pity him.” Lina nodded seriously and then smiled. "But I'm glad that Mr. Shen is wise enough to
cancel the contract with Rorey in time. Otherwise, our company will be in danger now."

Rosiley and Lina looked at each other and smiled. Without saying anything else, Lina told her to go
back to work.

Just as Rosiley sat down in front of her computer, she received an email.

After clicking on it, she found that it was from Director Hanson.

The general content of the email was that he had arranged a small role for Rorey in his movie. But she
would only appear in one scene.

This meant that Hanson had already made his decision, and he just sent this email to inform her of this.

Looking at the email on the computer screen, Rosiley felt curious. How did Rorey manage to make
Hanson so insistent on arranging a role for her?