The convenient Bride

Chapter 342: We Are on the Same Side

Rorey failed to get help from Rosiley, but the good news was heard from the company.

Hanson had arranged a role for her in the new movie. Although she only appeared in one scene, Rorey
did not care. As long as she could act in Hanson's movie, it could be considered as a dramatic

It turned out that her efforts in this period of time were not in vain. It had cost her a lot of money to have
meals and go shopping with Hanson's wife.

It was fairly well known within the industry that Hanson loved his wife with all his heart and soul. Since
his wife was a vain woman, Rorey won her favor only by buying her a few luxurious bags.

The money she spent was really worth it.

Rorey put on a smug smile. This was only the first preparation she made to return to the entertainment

One day, she would become as famous as Alfred.

“What? Is Hanson crazy?"

When Rosiley told Maddox that Rorey was going to star in a new movie, the latter cried out in shock. It
was rather unbelievable!

Rosiley curled her lips and said, "I also think he's crazy."

Just like Lina had said, Rorey had such a bad reputation that whoever got involved with her would be

This was the first time for TEG and REG to cooperate in making a movie. If Rorey starred in the movie,
it would be a waste of the company's money.

“We cannot let this happen. I have to persuade Hanson to give up this crazy idea.”

As he spoke, Maddox picked up the phone on the table. With his head down, he began to look for
Hanson's contact number.

Rosiley looked at him quietly, waiting for him to call Hanson and ask him to give up on Rorey.

However, after a while, Maddox looked up at her and smiled awkwardly. "Rosiley, I don't have any
contact information for Hanson."

Hanson was a director recommended by REG, so Maddox had never come into contact with him. He
had just heard of him.

It was said that he was a very talented director.

However, Maddox never thought that he was also stupid.

The corners of Rosiley's mouth twitched. "I was full of expectation at the thought that you may have his
contact number. What a disappointment!"

Rolling her eyes in anger, she took out her phone, found Hanson's number, and told it to Maddox.

She had thought that Hanson would take Maddox's suggestion. However, Hanson directly hung up
after saying, "I'm the director of this movie, so it's up to me who will star in it.”

Maddox was somewhat unhappy after making this phone call. Throwing his phone on the table, he said
angrily, "He's the director, but I'm still his sponsor. Without my money, he can't make any good movies."

Hearing this, Rosiley couldn't help but laugh. "Even if he makes bad ones, the box office revenues will
be high and bring huge profits for the company. Do you think you can do it?"

“I...” Maddox was rendered speechless. Then he complained discontentedly, "Rosiley, we are on the
same side. Why are you speaking for outsiders?"

Rosiley shrugged and said helplessly, "I'm telling the truth."

Hanson's ability was widely acknowledged in the industry, so what she said was indeed the truth.

Maddox was utterly enraged by Hanson's resolute attitude. Stretching his hair irritably, he looked at
Rosiley and asked, “Rosiley, shall we just compromise like this?"

“Probably.” Rosiley spread her hands in despair. "In terms of the current situation, we can only accept

“Wait a moment!" Maddox's eyes suddenly lit up. "We still have someone who can prevent this from

Rosiley raised her eyebrows. "Do you refer to your brother?"

Maddox quickly nodded. "Yes, it's my brother. I'll tell him about this right now."

Then he took out his phone and was about to dial the number. However, Rosiley's cold voice sounded.
"Forget it. There's no need to tell your brother.”

"Why?" Maddox looked up at her in confusion.

“Because I like Hanson's work. I don't want the director to be replaced.”

This was not a lie. The only director she admired in the industry was Hanson. Therefore, she hoped he
could shoot the first movie jointly invested by the two companies. This could be considered as a form of
reward for her previous efforts.

“But what about Rorey?” Maddox still couldn't accept to see Rorey in the film invested by their
company. Even the thought of this gave him goose bumps.

However, Rosiley felt that it wasn't a big deal. "Anyway, she just appeared in one scene. When you
watch the movie, just close your eyes to avoid looking at her.”

“Close my eyes?” Maddox put on a helpless look. “Rosiley, you really have a good sense of humor.”

“Thank you.” Rosiley narrowed her eyes and smiled.

Frowning, Maddox sighed heavily. “OK, I will listen to you. When the movie is released, we can just
close our eyes when she appears on the screen.”

He was just afraid that Rorey's appearance would bring other viewers down, which might affect the box

Seeing his worried look, Rosiley stepped forward and patted him on the shoulder. "It's fine. Let nature
take its course. Perhaps it's not as bad as you think."

Maddox was rendered speechless.

His sister-in-law was indeed an overly positive person.

At the shareholders’ meeting, Yayoi indeed turned the tide and got back at Candance. However, she
had no intention of being the chairman of the board. Her biggest wish now was that her parents’
innocence could be proved and that they could return home safe and sound.

Maddox told her not to be anxious, for her parents would be able to come back home soon.

She had thought that Maddox had some evidence to prove his parents’ innocence, but when she asked
him, he just told her that if Vito came looking for her, she must record his words.

She asked him why she should do this.

Maddox gently touched her head and told her to follow his instruction. She would understand his
intention by then.

Therefore, when Vito came to her, she subconsciously turned on the recording of her phone and placed
it on the coffee table.

“This shouldn't be a place for you to come, right? What are you doing here?” Yayoi glared at Vito. He
was obviously an uninvited guest here.

Vito walked into the house. Being in this familiar environment again, he had mixed feelings. He used to
come here often to play chess with Yayoi's father, and her mother always prepared many of his favorite

And Yayoi...

He looked at the girl in front of him passionately. He once loved her whole-heartedly. If he hadn't been
tempted by power, he wouldn't have abandoned her to be with Candance.

However, it was completely different now. The Young family had already lost power, and the current
chairman of the Young Group was Yayoi, the girl he once loved.

Knowing that she still loved him, he was sure that he could win her heart back.

Feeling uncomfortable under Vito's intense gaze, Yayoi looked away. She didn't want to make eye
contact with him at all.

At this moment, Vito's voice sounded. "Yayoi, let's be together again!"

Yayoi couldn't believe what she had heard.

She had the slightest intention of looking at him. However, being shocked by his words, she couldn't
help staring at him. Even her eyes widened out of disbelief.

“Vito, are you crazy?"