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Chapter 344: They Won't Let You Off

“No. President Young didn't believe them. After all, your parents have been working for the company for
so many years, and President Young is very clear about their moral qualities.”

He didn't believe them?

Yayoi frowned. “If that's the case, why were my parents arrested?"

“That's because...” Vito hesitated for a moment before saying, “Candance and her uncle forged the
money transfer vouchers and bank statements. Faced with such evidence, President Young had to
believe that your parents had embezzled the funds."

“He had to?” Yayoi couldn't help raising her voice. “I think it's better to say that he had to let my parents
take the blame.”

Vito fell silent. Knowing the inside story of this matter, he knew he couldn't reveal more information.

At the thought that her parents had suffered a lot for no reason, Yayoi was overwhelmed with anger.

She took a deep breath and glanced at the phone on the table, telling herself to calm down.

Then she asked, “Why did my parents admit their guilt later?"

This was definitely related to Candance.

Vito said hesitantly, "This is ... this is...”

Yayoi became more anxious. "What is it? Tell me!”

“Candance's uncle asked someone to warn your parents that if they don't confess, then ... they won't
let you off!"

Yayoi was stunned for a moment. Out of great anger, she laughed sarcastically. "Candance's uncle is
indeed ruthless.”

She finally figured out the truth. No wonder her parents changed their minds one night after refusing to
admit corruption in court. It was beyond doubt that someone played tricks behind the scene.

“Are you telling the truth?" Yayoi asked.

“Of course.” Vito quickly nodded. “Yayoi, I've told you everything. Will you...”

He had told the truth for her sake. If Candance knew about this, she might give him a hard time.

Therefore, he had to make sure that Yayoi would return to him. Only in this way could he dump
Candance without scruples.

"I need to think about it." Yayoi knew that it was impossible to restore their relationship. However, she
had to show him sincerity after he told her the truth.

“Think about it?” Vito was unsatisfied with this answer, for he was afraid that she was purely
perfunctory to him.

Knowing his concerns, Yayoi smiled faintly. "Don't worry, I will seriously consider it. After all, you
cheated on me first. So I have to contemplate whether I can still have trust in you."

Vito couldn't accept this, and his expression changed slightly. Looking at her with dissatisfaction, he
said, "I've told you the truth. Am I not sincere enough?"

With a frown, she answered, "I'm very grateful that you told me this, but it can't prove your fidelity. I still
need to consider it.”


Vito still wanted to say something else, but Yayoi directly interrupted him. “Also, you haven't broken up
with Candance yet. I don’t want to be with you now, for others may say that I have ruined your
relationship with Candance.”

At this point, Yayoi pouted and looked at him in grievance. "Vito, you will understand me, right?"

Vito had wanted to question her, but when seeing her expectant look, he concealed his true thoughts
and forced a smile. “Yes, I understand.”

“Vito, you're so kind.”

Her beautiful eyes were twinkling like bright stars. Vito couldn't help recalling the time when they were
still together. Back then, she always looked at him with admiration and praised him, "Vito, you're so

All of a sudden, vanity filled his heart.

He said delightedly, "Yayoi, I allow you to carefully think about it, but I hope you won't disappoint me."

With a smile, she answered softly, "OK."

“Well...” Just as Vito was about to say something more, his phone suddenly rang.

He took his phone out. When he saw the caller ID, his expression changed instantly.

Seeing this, Yayoi asked tentatively, "Is it from Candance?"

Vito looked up at her with an awkward expression. “Yes, it’s her.’

Yayoi raised her eyebrows and said indifferently, "Then answer it.”

Vito was somewhat disappointed that she didn't show any dissatisfaction.

His phone rang non-stop. Having no time to think too much, he quickly answered it.

Just as Vito was on the phone, Yayoi picked up her phone on the coffee table and pretended to check
her own text messages. In fact, she turned off the recording and saved her conversation with Vito.

This was the most important evidence to prove the innocence of her parents.

After receiving Candance's call, Vito did not stay any longer and left in a hurry.

As soon as Vito left, Yayoi called Maddox. Immediately after he answered it, she said, "Maddox, I have
evidence to prove my parents’ innocence."

Vito drove out of the gate of Yayoi's community. With all his attention paid to the road, he failed to
notice a red sports car with half-opened windows.

It was at the parking spot beside the community.

If he saw it, he would definitely be surprised, for he was quite familiar with that car.

The car owner was none other than Candance.

Sitting in the car, Candance was looking out through the half-opened window. When she saw Vito drive
out, her face instantly darkened and she slowly tightened her grip on the steering wheel.

“I'm talking to a client now. I'll be right back.”

This was what Vito told her on the phone, but he was telling her a lie.

She turned to look at the entrance of the community. This was where Yayoi lived. It turned out that Vito
actually came to find Yayoi.

She had long known that Vito was not a faithful man. It could even be said that he coveted fame and
status. Otherwise, it would not have been so easy for her to snatch him away from Yayoi back then.

She didn't expect that he would come to curry favor with Yayoi so soon.


She gritted her teeth in hatred, with a hint of malice appearing on her face. She wouldn't allow Yayoi to
gain the upper hand for too long.

After obtaining Yayoi's recording, Maddox got everything prepared with high efficiency. Soon, the
second trial of the corruption case against Yayoi's parents was held.

This time, her parents directly retracted their previous confessions in court, and they also revealed the
fact that they had been threatened.

As a result, several people from the police station were proved to be involved in this case. All of them
were bribed by the Youngs.

In the face of the recording and other evidence that Maddox had gathered, the lawyer hired by the
Youngs tacitly acknowledged the crime committed by his clients.

Although they had been framed by their boss and even put into prison, Yayoi's parents did not hold any
grudges against President Young. Given their working relationship lasting for more than ten years, they
even chose not to charge the Youngs who had framed them.

Yayoi was somewhat unable to accept it.

Her parents suffered such injustice for no reason, while the perpetrators managed to escape justice.

This was totally unfair.

Therefore, she advocated suing Candance and her uncle, so that they could also experience what her
parents had suffered.

But her mother said to her earnestly, “Yayoi, just let them off. I don't want us to continue to get involved
with the Youngs. Let bygones be bygones, and we shall return to our peaceful life.”

This was the reason why her mother was unwilling to sue the Youngs. After staying in prison for a
while, she adopted a calmer attitude towards her sufferings. After all, nothing was more important than
the peaceful life of her family.

Hearing her mother's words, Yayoi had no choice but to compromise.

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