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Chapter 347: 'Deepening' Our Understanding of Each Other

Sachin chuckled when he felt that she was surprised, “What? Do you like this type of movie?"

“Yes, I like it very much.” Rosiley nodded heavily. "I love reading suspense books since I was young. I
found it especially exciting.”

"Then do you want to be in charge of revising the script of this movie?"

"Ah?" Rosiley widened her eyes in surprise and asked in disbelief, “Are you saying that I can be
responsible for the revision of the script?"

Sachin smiled and said, “Yes, since you've been reading this kind of books since you were young, I
believe you have your own thoughts.”

“May I?" Although TEG and REG worked together on the movie, she was also involved in modifying it,
but she did not feel that she had the strength to modify a script.

“You can. I believe you.” Sachin's tone was exceptionally affirmative.

Rosiley turned around and looked at him. “Can I do it?” She asked uncertainly.

She wasn't confident.

“As long as I say yes.” Sachin pinched her nose and smiled indulgently, "I know more about your
abilities than you do.”

"You know me well?"

Rosiley tilted her head and looked at him with a smile.

Sachin raised his eyebrows slightly, "If I don't know you, who will know you?”

Rosiley nodded and said, “Indeed.”

“My Madam, then do we need to deepen our understanding of each other?” Sachin smiled as he
looked at her, his deep black eyes seemingly surging with something.

“Deepen?” Rosiley was confused.

"Yes, deepen!" As he spoke, he suddenly stood up with her in his arms and strode out.

Now, Rosiley finally understood what he meant, and her fair cheeks flushed slightly.

Why did he always speak so obscurely?

In the case of Butler Zhao's disappearance, the police followed the clues provided by Xenia and found
nothing. Everything went as Rosiley had expected.

“If it was Xenia who did something to Butler Zhao, then the first scene would be the Tang's villa. So, the
first thing to investigate would be the Tang's villa's villa.”

This was what Sachin told her.

Every corner of the Tang Family villa, apart from their private space, was equipped with monitors. If
Xenia did not think of deleting the surveillance video, she believed that there would be traces of Butler

Zhao in the surveillance video.

However, things weren't that simple. When Rosiley and Payton looked at the video over and over
again, they didn't find anything strange.

This caused them to feel frustrated.

“I've seen it for nearly ten times, but I haven't found anything strange.” Payton leaned back on the sofa
and scratched his hair irritably.

Rosiley stared fixedly at the computer screen. Although Payton said that he did not find anything
strange, Rosiley felt that something was wrong.

She turned the video back and noticed the time in the upper right corner of the video. She frowned and
then turned to ask Payton, “Payton, does Butler Zhao seem a little strange in the later video?’

"Strange?" Hearing this, Payton was refreshed. He quickly sat up straight and leaned closer to the
computer. He pulled the video playback bar with the mouse in his hand. He walked back and forth a
few times and slowly raised his eyebrows. He said with uncertainty, “It seems a little strange.”

"And, look!" Rosiley took the mouse in his hand and slowly pulled the video forward. She pulled it back
to a certain place and said, “Don't you feel that the video is somewhat strange? Why does it feel like it
was edited and recombined?”

Payton looked at it carefully and nodded, "Indeed. If this is a video that has been edited and
reconnected, then it proves that the video has been changed. The most important part has been
deleted. We are only watching fake clues that they deliberately made.”

Rosiley looked at Butler Zhao walking in the video with a serious expression. Suddenly, her eyes lit up.
She pointed at Butler Zhao in the video and exclaimed, “He's not Butler Zhao!”

“Isn't he?" Payton was shocked.

“I'm sure he's not. Butler Zhao suffered injuries to his legs in his early years. He's a bit lame when he
walks, but this person in the video walks very well. He doesn't look like Butler Zhao at all."

Butler Zhao had come to the Tang Family since she was young, so she knew Butler Zhao's situation
better than anyone else.

Payton pondered for a moment and then said, “Can you bring up the surveillance video from your
family courtyard as well?”

If he didn't mention this, she would forget that there were monitors in the courtyard.

This surveillance video that she had overlooked provided a new discovery.

It was at the time they confirmed the missing video that a tall man walked out of the villa. He seemed to
be holding something in his hand. The video was a little blurry and the light was dim. They could not
see who that person was and what he was holding in his hand.

They looked at it for several times, but they still couldn't see it clearly.

“Rosiley..." Payton turned to look at Rosiley.

Rosiley shifted her gaze from the video to his face. She said, “Tell me what you think.”

“Let's boldly guess that the person hugged by this man is Butler Zhao, and then we continue to
investigate. What do you think?"

Rosiley pondered for a moment before nodding, “Alright, let's do this.”

As a result, Payton used his connections to bring up the surveillance video of the road from the Tang's
villa from the traffic police brigade.

Then, he and Rosiley carefully checked the surveillance video, trying to find a favorable clue.

Their work paid off. Finally, they found the last place where the man's car had arrived that night.

It's a private hospital.

After that, Rosiley and the others found the private hospital without stopping and asked the

They found Butler Zhao.

When Rosiley notified Hunt of this news, Hunt sighed with emotion, "Indeed, the police in the big city
are very efficient in handling cases.”

Hearing this, Rosiley laughed coldly in mind. She didn't want to complain about the way the police
handled the case this time.

However, she did not tell Hunt that she found him by herself. She only told him to come to the hospital
to take care of Butler Zhao.

Although they found Butler Zhao, he was still unconscious.

The attending physician only said that Butler Zhao had fallen from a high place and hit his head before
he was unconscious. When to wake up depended on the absorption of the intracranial blood clots.

Rosiley asked who sent Butler Zhao to hospital. The workers in the hospital only said that the person
had requested to keep his identity confidential, so they could not disclose the identity of the person.

They refused to tell her, and Rosiley didn't continue to ask.

Since that person came from the Tang's villa, then he must know Xenia. She would see him one day.

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