The convenient Bride

Chapter 348: She Is Indeed a Beauty

“What? Butler Zhao is still alive?” Xenia stood up with a surprised expression.

Although Rorey didn't want to admit this, she nodded. “Yes, and Rosiley has already found him.”

This news was undoubtedly a huge blow to Xenia. She sank back into the seat and muttered to herself,
“It's over. It's over. Everything is over.”

Seeing her mother's shocked expression, Rorey felt a pang of heartache. She hurried to squat in front
of her mother and grabbed her hands tightly. “Mom, don't be afraid. Butler Zhao remains unconscious
now, so Rosiley won't know what we did for the time being.”

“Unconscious?” Was the God giving her a chance?

Xenia couldn't help but laugh, "Indeed, God is on my side.”

After calming down, she said to her daughter, “Rorey, ask Alan to come here. I have to settle the score
with him.”

As she said this, a glimpse of coldness could be caught in her eyes.

That day, she asked Alan to kill Butler Zhao, but never expected that he would feel compassion and
send Butler Zhao to the hospital for rescue. This did not correspond to his identity as a gangster.

"OK, Mom, I'll call him now.” Rorey patted her mother's hand and got up to make a phone call outside.

“I heard you saved him?" Garland looked at Alan, who had worked for him for more than ten years, with
ridicule filling his shrewd eyes.

If Rorey hadn't called him, he would never have thought that Alan, who had always been ruthless,
would save someone.

Alan knew that he would be questioned like this when he decided to save Butler Zhao, so when he
heard Garland ask him this, he looked calm as usual and replied with composure: “Yes, I did.”

Garland narrowed his eyes with a hint of danger. He asked coldly, “Do you know the consequences of


“Then how dare you save him!" Garland roared and raised his hand to slap Alan's face hard.

The slap caused a distortion of Alan's face.

Garland exerted great strength. Blood oozed out from the corner of Alan's mouth. Even though his ears
were ringing and his cheeks were burning with pain, he remained silent.

Because it was indeed his fault this time.

But he didn't regret it.

“Alan, do you know how much trouble you've brought to Rorey?” Garland felt extremely exasperated at
his failure. He trusted Alan the most, who had never failed in anything he was asked to do. But how
could he make such a stupid mistake?

Alan wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and looked up at Garland, who was very
disappointed in him. “It is all my fault this time. I will try to make up for it.”

"How?" Garland snorted coldly. "Are you going to kill him again?”

Alan fell silent.

“Do you really want to do that?” Garland was angrier, “Alan, what's wrong with you? If you try to kill him
now, doesn't that mean throwing yourself into a trap?"

Alan remained silent with his head down.

Garland took a few deep breaths, trying to suppress his anger and anxiety. Then, he shook his head
and said, "Forget it. Anyway, it's Xenia who did it. She has to take the responsibility alone.”

Hearing this, Alan looked up in surprise.

“Well? Do you think I'm not doing it right?” Garland asked when seeing how surprised he was.

Alan nodded, "She has to be Miss Gu's mother.”

“So what?" Garland sneered. “I just want to protect Rorey. As for her, she can only sacrifice herself to
protect Rorey.”

Alan frowned, "Then what am I supposed to do?”

"There's no need to do anything. You go to meet Xenia first.” Garland glanced at him and continued, “If
she gives you a hard time, tell her that you did it on my orders. If she wants to get even with you, ask
her to come look for me.”

Alan nodded, "I see.”

Butler Zhao's situation was quite optimistic. As long as he could wake up, Rosiley and the others would
know who had caused him to become like this.

Although all of them knew the answer, they were only speculating without any evidence to prove that it
was Xenia who did it.

They had to wait until Butler Zhao woke up and testified against Xenia before she pleaded guilty.

In order to prevent anyone from harming Butler Zhao again, Sachin transferred him to another hospital.
At the same time, he had several bodyguards stand guard 24 hours a day, keeping any suspicious
people out of the ward.

On the day of the transfer, Rosiley accompanied Butler Zhao to the new hospital. Right here, she
encountered an unexpected person.

“Well, isn't this Sachin's girlfriend?”

Hearing the voice with sarcasm, Rosiley looked over, but she suddenly froze. It was actually Charlie.

Charlie slowly walked up to her. He looked her up and down impolitely and wolf-whistled at her. "She is
indeed a beauty.”

That night, he already knew that she was very beautiful, but with a closer look during the day, she
became more beautiful.

Her fair skin made her rosy lips more charming, which he had a strong desire to kiss.

However, she was Sachin's girlfriend!

Thinking of that formidable man, Charlie couldn't help but tremble with fear. From childhood to
adulthood, he didn't dare do anything to mess with Sachin. Although he wasn't willing to be resigned to
that, he had to.

Because he knew that if he irritated the man, he would come to no good end.

Therefore, he could only conceal the evil thoughts in his mind and forced a hypocritical smile, "Rosiley,
are you here to see a doctor?"

Seeing Charlie, Rosiley remembered how scared she was that night. She involuntarily took a few steps
back and maintained a distance from him. Then, she looked at him with caution without saying

Charlie didn't mind her disregard. He only raised his eyebrows and said, “Rosiley, when you go back,
please help me express my thanks to Sachin for taking care of me during this period of time.”

Take care of? When did Sachin take care of him? Rosiley was confused.

Seeing her puzzled look, Charlie pointed at the wound on his face and then the other hand wrapped in
gauze. He smile coldly. “This is how he took care of me. Isn't it quite moving?"

Rosiley was a little surprised. Wasn't this guy in the detention center because of DUI? Why was he
injured all over?

“Rosiley, if there's anything you're confused about, you can go home and ask Sachin.” After saying this,
Charlie gave her a meaningful look, turned around and left.

Rosiley stared after him and was surprised to find that his leg also hurt.

Charlie hobbled forward with his injured leg, looking a little pitiful.

Thinking of what Charlie said in the end, Rosiley couldn't help but doubt whether his injuries were
caused by Sachin.