The convenient Bride

Chapter 349: He Deserved It

"Yes, I asked someone to teach him a lesson.”

Rosiley told Sachin about her encounter with Charlie in the hospital and joked that Charlie's injuries
seemed to be caused by him.

She didn't expect that Sachin would admit it frankly.

Rosiley was stunned for a moment, and then shook her head in a teasing manner, “You're so cruel.”

“Do you really think so?” Sachin raised his eyebrows and looked at her with a faint smile.

"Yes, pretty cruel.” Rosiley nodded seriously. “But...”

She paused and then smiled brightly. “I like it.”

To Charlie, a playboy who thought he could do anything to beautiful girls by relying on the power of his
family, such lesson wasn't enough at all.

Sachin smiled and bantered, “Looks like you're also a cruel person.”

He was teasing her with what she said just now.

Rosiley curled her lips and said, “I will only be cruel to people who bully me or anyone I care about.”

Sachin nodded noncommittally, “That's true.”

Rosiley smiled and suddenly thought of a very serious problem. She looked at him and asked, "Sachin,
won't your father be angry if Charlie comes home injured?"

"Do you think I care?” Charlie asked.

Rosiley thought for a while and shook her head. “No.”

“Since that's the case, there's no need to think about it.”

Although he said so, Rosiley always felt a little uneasy. She had never met Sachin's father before, but
since he was able to take charge of the entire Lu family, he must be a very formidable person.

A powerful figure like him saw his son not only be taken into custody, but also get injured. It would be
weird if he wasn't angry.

Rosiley was afraid that things would not be as easy as Sachin had said.

The Capital, in the Lu's place.

"Madam, Mr. Charlie is back.”

Inside the greenhouse, a woman in a dark blue cheongsam was trimming withered branches and
leaves with a flower scissors. Informed by the servant, she stopped trimming, put down the flower
scissors and walked out of the greenhouse slowly.

"What exactly is going on?”

As soon as the woman entered the room, she heard a furious roar. She frowned and quickened her
pace towards the living room where the voice came from.

When Benson Lu, who was in charge of the Lu Family, saw Charlie's injuries, a tide of rage surged
through him. He glared at the disappointing youngest son in front of him.

As a dignified member of the Lu family, Charlie actually suffered such humiliation outside. As his father,
Benson only felt ashamed.

“Benson, what happened? Why are you so angry?"

The woman walked to Benson and gently caressed his chest. Afterwards, she looked up at Charlie with
a sudden change in expression, “Charlie, what's wrong with you?"

Charlie knew that this would happen if he came back, so he threw a pitiful look at the woman and
complained, "Mom, it's all because of Sachin. He had the traffic police in Benin lock me up in the
detention center and find a few people to stay in the same room with me. Those people are all
gangsters and would beat me up if they felt unhappy. I can't deal with so many

people by myself, so ... that's why I became like this.”

The woman was Benson's second wife, Griselda Fiona.

She raised her eyebrows in surprise, "Sachin?"

Charlie nodded quickly, “Yes, it's all because of him."

Sachin! A trace of malice flashed through Griselda's eyes. She turned to look at Benson, who was
furious, and pacified him gently, “Benson, calm down first. After all, Charlie also doesn't want
something like this to happen.”

What she said irritated Benson more. He directly pointed at Charlie's nose and scolded, "If it hadn't
been for him sneaking to Benin and driving after drinking, would Sachin have sent him to the detention
center? He deserved it!”

Benson's words showed a clear bias towards Sachin.

Griselda seemed to figure out what happened and also began to scold her son, “Charlie, your father is
right. Why did you drive after getting drunk? Didn't you take your life seriously? Sachin also did it for

your own good. You should thank him.”

It was understandable that his father would scold him, but now even his mother, who loved him the
most, was doing the same thing. Charlie immediately became unhappy. “Mom, why are you also
speaking for Sachin?”

Griselda winked at him and said, “Sachin did the right thing. Of course I have to speak for him.”

Seeing the wink of his mother, Charlie immediately understood. He stopped complaining, but mumbled
to himself, “Just because he is my eldest brother, he can teach me a lesson like this.”

Griselda looked at the gauze wrapped around Charlie's hand, feeling heartbroken. She turned to
Benson and said, "Benson, Charlie has already been taught a lesson, but it's inappropriate for Sachin
to punish him in this way. Look at the gauze wrapped around Charlie's hand and the bruises on his
face. It breaks my heart.”

Despite anger, Benson was also quite worried about his son's injury. However, he did not reveal a little
bit of it and just fiercely glared at Charlie. “He deserved it. Let's see if he dares to drive after drinking
next time.”

Hearing what he said, Griselda knew that he had calmed down a little. She hurried to help him sit down
and then ask the servant to pour a cup of tea for him.

Seeing that Charlie was standing still, she gently said to him, "Charlie, sit down. I have something to
ask you.”

No matter how arrogant and rebellious Charlie was outside, he would be more obedient than a dog in
front of his parents at home.

He sat down obediently and glanced at his father's angry face. After taking a swallow, he forced a
smile, "Mom, what do you want to ask?”

Griselda glanced at Benson and asked, "How is Sachin in Benin?"

"Very good.”

Charlie's answer was very simple, which made Griselda frown. She continued to ask, “Can you say
more details?”

"What detail?" Charlie was confused, then his eyes suddenly lit up. “I forgot something very important.”

“What is it?" Griselda asked anxiously.

Charlie glanced sideways at his father and took a deep breath, saying, "Sashin has a girlfriend.”

When Benson heard this, his expression suddenly changed. He asked in a deep voice, "Sachin has a
girlfriend? When did that happen?"

Charlie shook his head. “I don't know exactly when, but he does have a girlfriend and I also saw her.”

Sachin had a girlfriend.

This news undoubtedly cheered Griselda up, because Benson would definitely be more dissatisfied
with Sachin.

No father would like a disobedient son.

"What kind of girl is she?” Griselda was like a mother who was very interested in her son's girlfriend.
She seemed to be quite happy, but with a careful look, the coldness in her eyes could be observed.