Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 350: I Am Here to Teach You Bitch a Lesson

What kind of girl was she?

Rosiley's fair face emerged in Charlie's mind, and he couldn't help but indulge in his fantasy. She was a
girl he yearned for.

"Charlie?" Griselda called when seeing that her son seemed to be lost in thought without answering her

Hearing that, Charlie regained his senses. When he met his mother's suspicious gaze, he calmed
down and replied casually,

"She's just an ordinary girl.”

“An ordinary girl, then how can she deserve Sachin?" Griselda deliberately emphasized the word
"ordinary". She turned around and saw Benson's face darken, laughing to herself.

“Call him back to the Capital!" Benson said in a deep voice, as if he was trying to suppress his

Griselda nodded, “OK, I'll call Sachin.”

Afterwards, she cast a glance at Charlie with a triumphant look.

Charlie raised his eyebrows as a response. It seemed that his mother was going to deal with Sachin

After taking some time off, Yayoi finally came back to work after her parents returned home safe.

Because she had been on leave for so long, Rosiley had helped her with most of her work. Therefore,
there was a lot of work for handover between them after she came back.

Looking at a mass of numbers on the computer, Yayoi felt a headache. She bent over the desk and
complained, “If I had

known that there would be so much work, I wouldn't have come back.”

Hearing this, Rosiley, who was sitting beside her, chuckled and teased, “Well? Does that mean you
want to marry Maddox?"

"What?" Yayoi looked up and pretended to be unhappy by glaring at her. "Nothing has even happened
yet. What nonsense are you talking about?”

Rosiley revealed a meaningful smile. “Is that so? Didn't you give him a hint that day at your house?”

"Did I?" Yayoi raised her eyebrows in complete confusion.

Knowing that she was feigning ignorance, Rosiley picked up a pen and tapped her on the head. “You
know it the best. If you don't want to work, I'll tell Maddox that you want him to support you."

Hearing that, Yayoi got anxious. "No, don't tell him that. As a woman in the new era, I will depend on

"Absolutely, you will be an independent women. So, please hurry up and finish the handover of our

Hearing Rosiley mentioned work, Yayoi was frustrated with her shoulders down. She looked at the
computer in dismay and said, "If I had known it would be so troublesome, I shouldn't have asked for

Rosiley smiled and ended their conversation. Otherwise, they couldn't finish the handover of work on

Near noon, they were about to finish the handover. Rosiley suggested resting for a while and having
lunch before continuing in the afternoon.

Yayoi couldn't wait. She stood up and moved her aching neck. Then she sat down again, turned off
PowerPoint and opened up the website.

Seeing this, Rosiley frowned in surprise, “Are you hooked on another soap opera?"

"Soap opera? This is a hit Korean drama.” Yayoi typed quickly on the keyboard and replied without
looking up.

Korean drama? Rosiley curled her lips. It could only be cornier. She tumed around and sat down in her
seat uninterested.

Just as Yayoi was about to watch the drama, a shrill voice suddenly broke the silence of the office.

“Yayoi, come out!”

Yayoi frowned, turned her head and looked over. Seeing the figure standing at the entrance of the
office, she was shocked.

Why would Candance come here?

Everyone in the office looked up at the unexpected visitor. Someone recognized her. “Isn't this
Candance, whose father is president of the Young Group?”

Rosiley stood up and frowned at Candance. What was this woman doing here? Judging from her angry
look, she was

obviously here to make trouble.

In order to prevent her from doing anything to Yayoi, Rosiley sent a message to Maddox: Come to the
Media Department quickly, Yayoi is in danger.

After sending the message, she went up to Yayoi and whispered, “Be careful."

Yayoi nodded, stood up and walked towards Candance with Rosiley.

They stopped a few steps away from Candance.

Yayoi glared at Candance, who looked unfriendly, and asked in a cold voice, "Candance, what are you
doing here?”

“What am I doing here?" Candance sneered. With hatred surfacing in her eyes, she revealed a weird
smile. “I'm here to teach

you bitch a lesson.”

After that, she immediately took out something from her bag and splash it onto Yayoi.

“Yayoi, be careful!”

Rosiley cried out in alarm, subconsciously stepping forward to keep off the splashes with her back.

Rosiley thought that it would be sulfuric acid or something corrosive. The moment the liquid was in
contact with her back, her

heart sank.

It was over. The skin of her back would get burned.

But it wasn't as painful as she imagined. Rosiley frowned and turned to look at what was held by
Candance. She raised her

eyebrows, only to find that it was a paint can.

She breathed a sigh of relief. Then, she couldn't help but laugh. Sure enough, too many news reports
about such incidents

scared her.

Seeing that she failed to splash the paint onto Yayoi, Candance became furious. She threw away the
paint can in her hand, stepped forward and directly pulled Rosiley away.

Rosiley was caught off guard. With this pull, she staggered backwards with her back hitting the corner
of the printer. She instantly felt a pang of pain and was close to tears.

Without paying any attention to the pain in her back, she hurried to drag the two people struggling with
each other apart.

"Bitch, how dare you seduce Vito? I'm going to beat you up today.” Candance was very strong. She
pulled on Yayoi's hair tightly with one hand and swung punches with the other.

In contrast, Yayoi was much weaker. She raised her hand, trying to pull Candance's hand away from
her hair, but she didn't

have enough strength. She could only endure the pain caused by the pull in tears.

The colleagues around were all dumbfounded, completely unconscious of helping Yayoi.

In the end, it was Rosiley who shouted, "What are you looking at? Hurry up and help separate them.”

Only then did them start to act. With the help of a few people, Rosiley finally dragged away Candance,
who remained hysterical.

"Bitch, bitch...” Candance, who was pulled away by two people, kept cursing as she tried to kick Yayoi.

Yayoi was in a sorry state. Her clothes were in disarray, her hair was messy, and there were a few
scratches on her fair

cheeks. Blood was oozing out of them.

"Are you okay?” Rosiley asked with concern as she fixed her hair.

“I'm fine.” Yayoi forced a smile weakly, apparently remaining in a state of panic.

“What is going on here?”

With a low questioning voice, Maddox appeared at the entrance of the Media Department.

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