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Chapter 352: I'm Your Husband, How Could You Say You Make Things Difficult for Me

After Candance’s thing, the relationship between Yayoi and the boss was spread throughout the
company, and everyone knew about it.

In a short time, Yayoi became famous in the company.

People from other departments ran to the media department on the pretext that they had something to
do so as to see what the boss’ girlfriend looked like.

The entire media department was bustling with activity.

Yayoi felt that she was like a monkey in a zoo which was being looked at by others. She was very

In the end, Lina could not help but drive the gossiping crowd out of the media department and called
Yayoi to come into the office.

Looking at the tightly shut door of the manager's office, Rosiley frowned slightly, her eyes filled with

The relationship between Yayoi and Maddox was exposed like this, and Yayoi would have to face a
storm in the future.

When Maddox first came to TEG, Rosiley had interviewed him and exposed the fact that Maddox had a
fiancée. Those who wanted to do something on this would definitely use this as a hype. At that time,
Yayoi would be trapped in the whirlpool of public opinion.

Thinking of this, Rosiley was really annoyed. She regretted she had done that interview back then.
Now, she had become a sharp weapon to hurt Yayoi.

Raye saw that Rosiley was staring in the direction of the manager's office with a serious expression. He
was curious and moved closer and looked in the same direction as her. Then, he asked with concern,
“Sister Rosiley, what happened to you?"

Rosiley was shocked by the sudden sound. She turned to stare at Raye and scolded, "Raye, are you
trying to scare me?”

Raye did not expect to frighten her. He stuck out his tongue awkwardly and said, "I'm sorry, Sister

Rosiley glared at him and said angrily, “Don't do this in future. If I am more cowardly, you'll scare me so
much that I become insane.”

Was it that serious? Raye rubbed his nose embarrassedly and obediently retreated to his seat.

Originally, he wanted to show concern for Sister Rosiley, but who would thought that it would have
been a scare? This was truly embarrassing!

What Rosiley was worried about had happened.

The relationship between Yayoi and Maddox was exposed on the Internet by a media outlet. The story
of the president falling in love with his employees was usually only seen in novels. Now that it had
really happened, the Internet was boiling with excitement. This incompatible relationship was ranked
first on the search list.

Just as everyone was still immersed in this story, another piece of news appeared. It was the news
from Maddox's previous interview.

The difference was that the news contained something that was purposely marked.

“May I ask if you are currently single?"

“I could say yes but I could also say no because my family has arranged me a date, and we were
already engaged.”

This was Maddox's answer to the reporter at that time.

Suddenly, the Internet exploded. Many girls had envied Yayoi for that she has moved up the social
latter. But now, she had become the target of public criticism.

“Shame on that mistress! Shame on that mistress!"

“I felt sorry for that fiancée because she didn't even know she was cheated on."

“Maddox is just a scumbag. He had a fiancée, but he still found a girlfriend! Shame on him!"

There were all kinds of comments on the Internet, and TEG's public relations department's phone was
about to explode.

There was also a large group of reporters blocking the entrance of the company. It was an internal and
external trouble.

Upon seeing the news leaked online, Rosiley pulled Yayoi straight to the president's office.

Payton and Juliet were also present.

The atmosphere in the office was stressed.

After a long time, Rosiley took the lead to say, "What should we do now?"

Although she had expected that something like this would happen, she never expected that things
would turn out to this extent.

All kinds of attacks on Yayoi and Maddox on the Internet were getting more and more unpleasant. They
had even begun to attack them in reality. If this continued, Rosiley was afraid that Yayoi would be in
personal danger.

“Maddox, you should come forward and explain everything.” Payton looked up at Maddox.

The latter frowned, as if he was in a difficult position to explain the situation.

Seeing this, Juliet was somewhat dissatisfied, "Maddox, are you hesitating? The reason why Yayoi is in
such a situation is you. Don't be timid!"

Maddox smiled bitterly. "I was just thinking the best way to solve this problem.”

"The best way?" Juliet sneered and looked at him with ridicule. “When you think it out, Yayoi would be
drowned in the hate comments! Just listen to Payton and come forward to explain the situation clearly."

Rosiley also echoed, “I agree with Payton. Maddox, you should make a statement first. We could work
out the rest later."

Everyone present knew very well that what worried them the most was not the hate comments online,
but the attitude of the Shen Family.

Maddox pondered for a moment before nodding, “Alright, I understand."

As he spoke, he tightened his grip on Yayoi's hand and turned around. The two of them looked at each
other with unease in their eyes.

One bad thing led to another.

Yayoi and Maddox were experiencing the biggest crisis in their relationship. At the meantime, Sachin
received a phone call from his father, who asked him to return to the Lu Family.

When Rosiley heard this news, she was silent for a long time before slowly asking, "Sachin, are you
going to go back?"

Sachin stared at her and said, “Let's go back together."

“Together?” Rosiley frowned and subconsciously refused, "Is it the right thing to do? Your father told
you to go back on your own. He didn't let you bring me back."

Moreover, if she went with him, it would surely deepen the conflict between Sachin and his father.

Therefore, she didn't want to go, and she was also afraid to go.

“Rosiley, I wanted the old man to stop proposing a business marriage and let him know that I am not a
puppet in his control.”

Rosiley still hesitated, “But ... but I don't want to make things difficult for you.”

Sachin smiled and said, “You are my wife, how could you say you make things difficult for me? Instead,
I should be the one who made things difficult for you."

“You're my husband, how could you say you make things difficult for me?" She smiled and imitated him.

“Then are you willing to accompany me to go back home? Are you willing to accompany me to face
everything I'm about to face?” Sachin stared at her in deep thinking.

Rosiley smiled sweetly and said, “Of course I am. But..." She paused for a moment and said, “When
the matter between Yayoi and Maddox is settled, then I'll accompany you to return to the Lu's.
Otherwise, I cannot rest assured.”

Sachin nodded noncommittally, “Okay. I think grandpa will ask Maddox to bring Yayoi back to the
Shen's soon."

"Bring her back to the Shen's?” Rosiley frowned and asked worriedly, "Is grandfather about to accept
Yayoi or make things difficult for Yayoi?"

After a moment of silence, Sachin replied, "Perhaps ... it will be a little troublesome.”

“Are you saying that grandfather wants to make things difficult for Yayoi?"

Sachin did not answer her directly. Instead, he said, "I heard that Maddox's fiancée is about to go back.
She's the granddaughter-in-law that Grandpa recognized. So ... you know what I mean."

Yes, she did know.

Rosiley bit her lip and thought for a moment, then asked tentatively, "Can't you help them?"

Sachin put on a forced smile, “I can help them, but it may not work out as you think."

Grandfather was especially stubborn in terms of friendship. Since he wanted Maddox to marry his old
comrade's granddaughter, it would be difficult for him to change his mind.

“Then what should we do?” Rosiley was very worried.

Sachin hugged her shoulder and said indifferently, "Just let nature take its course.”

In this situation, that’s the only thing they could do.

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