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Chapter 353: Aren't You Being Too Arrogant

After Maddox explained his relationship with Yayoi, the comments on the Internet gradually became
less hostile.

"How could this be?" Candance couldn't believe that Maddox would do this for that bitch. She thought
that he was just playing


Now, the comments on the Internet also favored Yayoi. This was not what she wanted to see.

She had meant to stigmatize Yayoi through the affair, but now it seemed that she failed. She had to
think of a new way to deal

with Yayoi because she absolutely wouldn't let Yayoi take Vito away.

Thinking of Vito, she got up and left the study. She went to a room at the corner on the third floor of the
villa. Then she raised

her hand and knocked lightly on the door. She raised her voice and asked, "Vito, are you hungry?"

After about ten seconds of silence, a weak voice came from inside. "Candance, if you don't let me go, I
will definitely not eat


"Vito, is Yayoi worth you hurting yourself like this?" Candance said coldly with a cold face.

Vito sneered, "At least she's not as ruthless as you. You put me under house arrest."

Candance clenched her hands tightly. She did it all for him. If he didn't want Yayoi back, she wouldn't
have done this out of fear of losing him.

"Vito, don't blame me. I have to do this because I love you."

"Love me?" Vito raised his voice and said ironically, "Candance, your love is really unbearable to me."

Unbearable? Candance sneered and said sharply, "Vito, didn't you date me because of my family
background? Now that the

Young family has lost power and Yayoi has become the largest shareholder of the Young Group, you
want to have her back. Do you think I don't know what you're thinking about? You're just a snob."

It was quiet in the room for a long time. Not even a single sound could be heard.

Candance took a deep breath and said, "Vito, you'd better think twice. Yayoi is Maddox's girlfriend now.
Do you think she will

come back to you? Who is a better choice, you or Maddox? I believe women with eyes can tell clearly.
So, do you think she deserves everything you did?"

Vito kept silent.

Although she had ruthlessly placed Vito under house arrest, Candance still cared about him. Noticing
that Vito kept silent, she

felt softhearted and said gently, "Vito, I don't blame you for telling her the truth and getting uncle into
jail. But I can't tolerate you getting back together with her. If you do that, it means you don't care about
me and the child at all. Do you know it really hurts me?"

This time, Vito finally said, "I care about you and the child.’

"Then why do you want to get back together with her?" Candance asked.

Silent for a moment, Vito said, "For money and for the future."

He frankly admitted his intentions. Candance heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it wasn't for love or
something, but for

money. That was understandable.

"Vito, although my father's shares were reduced, he is still one of the shareholders and shares every
cent of the group's

profits. So we won't be in a very difficult situation.”

Vito fell silent. While Candance continued, "Moreover ... Yayoi obviously doesn't want to get back
together with you. She is

just using your anxiety to get what she wants from you and to save her parents."

Hearing that, Vito's face instantly darkened. Actually, he knew very well that Yayoi had used him.
Otherwise, she wouldn't have recorded their conversation.

Just now, he was still immersed in grievances and anger towards Candance and did not think it
through. But after hearing her

words, he understood everything in an instant.

Yayoi! His eyes narrowed deeply.

He would never let her off the hook.

"Vito, even if you don't care about me, you have to think of the baby in my belly. The baby needs a

Outside the door, Candance was still talking nonstop. He directly stopped her and said, “I'm hungry. I
want something to eat."

Hearing that, she was delighted and hurriedly said, "OK. I'll get food ready immediately.”

Then she turned around and went downstairs.

In M City, the “Empresses in the Palace" was being shot in full swing. Hazel was sitting in the green
room, immersed in the


Suddenly, someone blocked the light.

She raised her head and raised her eyebrows when she saw Damari. "Damari, what's the matter?"

Damari appeared indifferent and said coldly, "I come to ask for leave."

"Why?" Hazel closed the script and looked at him leisurely.

Damari was silent.

Hazel couldn't help but laugh, "It must be for Yayoi."

Damari's calm and cold eyes twinkled, but he was still silent.

Hazel didn't feel strange because she knew his personality. She continued, "I saw the news too. It's
very impressive. But ...

what can you do if you go back now?"

She didn't know about the past between Yayoi and him until he once accidentally spilt the beans when
he was drunk.

That kind of puppy love was indeed quite enviable. But since his first love had met another man, why
did he interfere?

"I know the Shen family. It's impossible for them to accept Yayoi." Damari said lightly.

He actually said that he knew the Shen family?

Hazel laughed, "Damari, isn't it too arrogant of you to say that you know the Shen family?”

Damari looked straight at her and did not answer her. Instead, he asked, "Can I ask for leave?"

Hazel paused for a moment, "Of course."

"Thank you." Leaving these two words, Damari turned around and left.

Looking at his back, Hazel's eyes were filled with envy. How could Yayoi make two outstanding men
like Damari and Maddox

worry about her?

After the revelation of her relationship with Yunis, Hazel became infamous as a home wrecker. Apart
from the company's

statement, Yunis did not say anything at all, as if he did not care about her at all.

It disappointed her a little bit.

Comparisons were odious!

She smiled self-deprecatingly and lowered her head to study the script without any distractions.

Although after Maddox's statement, the online abuse gradually subsided, what followed was an even
bigger problem.

Old Master Shen had asked Maddox to take Yayoi back home.

Yayoi was really helpless. She knew that things would get hard, but she still went to the Shen's with
Maddox without


Whether it was good or bad, it would be better to let nature take its course.

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