The convenient Bride

Chapter 351: It's Impossible for Me to Be with Her

Maddox walked over and landed his cold gaze on Candance, who was being driven by someone. He
gave an order in a cold tone, “Call the Security Department and ask them to send someone to drive her

When Candance heard that she was going to be driven out, she lost her mind and shouted at Maddox,
"Maddox, Yayoi is just a loose bitch! You are a member of the Shen Family. You deserve someone

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone else in the office felt the place was getting cold and
they felt the cold aura of their boss.

Everyone was silent and their gazes landed on the boss with caution.

The boss walked up to Candance and grabbed her by the neck. Candance's face was as pale as

“You ... What are you going to do?" There was a tremble in Candance's voice.

"Candance, you should know that in Benin, killing a person is as easy as killing an ant for me. Do you
believe that I can strangle you now?" Maddox looked at her coldly with a bloodthirsty smile on the
corner of his lips.

Maddox was always seen as a gentle and elegant man. There was always a faint smile on his face,
and it looked especially easy to get along with him. But now, his another side scared the employees of
the Media Department.

Candance's slowly regained her rationality. She stared at Maddox's overly gloomy face, her eyes filled
with fear. He pinched her neck, like, he would really strangle her to death if she said something that
provoked him.

After all, all people were afraid of death.

In the face of death, Candance chose to admit defeat, "I believe you. Yes, I do. Can you.... Can you..."

She was begging hard, her tone sounding like she was about to cry.

"Maddox." Yayoi didn't want him to do wrong things because of her, so she called him.

When Maddox heard her voice, a light flashed in his eyes and he slowly put down his hand.

Candance's neck was freed and her feet softened. If it weren't for someone supporting her, she would
have fallen to the ground.

There was a lingering fear.

Maddox coldly glanced at Candance, whose face had turned pale with fear. Then, he turned around
and came to Yayoi. As soon as he caught sight of the scratch on Yayoi's face, his anger instantly
surged up and at the same time, he felt heartache for Yayoi.

"Does it hurt?”

He raised his hand and gently stroked the scratch marks, causing Yayoi to groan in pain.

He looked at the few blinding scratches. Then he suddenly turned around and walked towards
Candance, holding up his hand. He directly slapped Candance in the face before everyone could react.

Rosiley was dumbfounded. Maddox went so far as to hit a woman?

However, that's indeed what Candance deserved.

Candance did not expect him to hit her. She covered her painful cheeks with her hands and stared at
him in disbelief.

"This is just a lesson for you. If you dare to harm Yayoi again in the future, it won't be just a slap.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Maddox returned to Yayoi's side and helped her leave the media
department, leaving Rosiley to handle the awkward situation.

Rosiley looked at Candance and sighed softly. Rosiley helplessly said, “Candance, you snatched Vito
away from Yayoi back then, but now you're calling Yayoi a ‘bitch’. Isn't that putting the cart before the

Candance raised her eyes, her gaze cold. “Vito has the right to choose who he wants to love, so it isn't
that I snatch him away.”

"Oh?" Rosiley raised her eyebrows, “Since that's the case, now that Vito finds out that he still loves
Yayoi, are you going to give in?"

“No way!" Candance shouted, “I'm pregnant. Vito can only marry me.”

Rosiley swept her gaze across her belly that was still a little flat and sneered, "Candance, your child
can only grow up with guilt because his mother is a mistress.”

Her words made Candance's face pale, and Candance could not find any word to refute.

When the security guards arrived, Rosiley told them to throw Candance out of the company's gate
without mercy.

After Candance's matter was settled, everyone returned to their seats and continued the unfinished
work, but everyone was no longer calm.

Rosiley was also a little annoyed. As Candance made this trouble, Maddox's relationship with Yayoi
would definitely spread throughout the entire company. At that time, Yayoi would definitely face a lot of


This was not what Rosiley wanted to see.

Candance was thrown out of TEG building.

She looked back at the lobby of the building, not reconciled. Her eyes were filled with malice. She
gritted her teeth in hatred.

She thought to herself, ‘Yayoi, I would definitely not let you off.

Thinking about it, she took out her phone and made a phone call. When she got through the phone, a
strange smile appeared on her face. "I have some big news. Do you want to know it?”

Yayoi quietly looked at the handsome face in front of her. Her eyes were filled with tenderness, and the
corners of her lips involuntarily curled up.

Maddox held the cotton swab and carefully applied the medicine to the scratches. He did this very
softly and gently.

Yayoi was so comfortable that she almost closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Maddox lifted his eyelids and looked straight at her clean pupils. He sighed and said, “Idiot, don't you
know you can fight back?”

"It's not that I didn't fight back, it's that Candance's strength is simply too great." Candance had so
great a strength that Yayoi didn't have any ability to fight back.

“You can also use your feet.” Maddox laughed even more helplessly.

"She's pregnant.” This was also the main reason why she didn't fight back.

“Silly girl." Maddox gently rubbed her head, and the action of helping her wipe the medicine became
gentler and gentler.

Yayoi looked at him quietly for a while, then carefully asked, “Maddox, our relationship has been made
public today, right?"

Maddox raised his eyebrows, "You don't like it?”

Yayoi shook her head. "It's not that I don't like it, but ...” She thought for a moment before saying, “But it
is not the right time.”

It should be known that, earlier, Rosiley did an interview with Maddox and he had said that he had a
fiancée. Now that Yayoi relationship with him was going public, Yayoi would definitely be in trouble.

That's why she hesitated to make it public.

Hearing this, Maddox stopped moving and stared at her, “Are you worried about that fiancée thing?”

"Yes." Yayoi did not conceal her worry and hesitation.

“Idiot, that's just a fiancée, not a wife. Moreover, it's impossible for me to be with her.” Maddox said with
a smile.

Yayoi knew that Maddox really loved her, but who could be sure about the future? There were too
many uncertainties.

Yayoi was afraid that it would not be so easy to deal with his fiancée, and that his grandfather might not
allow her to be with him.

After all, the Shen Family had such a big reputation that they definitely had to find a suitable match for

Just on this point alone, she was excluded.