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Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 355: Over My Dead Body

Facing Old Master Shen's granddaughter-in-law, the only thing Yayoi had confidence in was Maddox's
love for her.

Wendy took a deep breath and looked at her sharply, "Miss Song, why do you like being a home
wrecker so much?"

"A home wrecker?" Yayoi raised her eyebrows and sneered, "Maddox has never dated you before.
How could I be a home wrecker?"

Wendy narrowed her eyes and said coldly, "Maddox and I are engaged. If you are not the home-
wrecker, should it be me?"

Yayoi's face turned pale, but she quickly recovered. She smiled, "Miss Xu, do you think you two will get
married after engagement?"

Wendy stared at her and said, "Yes?"

"Of course not. Today, Maddox brought me here to break off your engagement."

Hearing that, Wendy's eyes suddenly widened with disbelief.

Yayoi continued to smile, "Miss Xu, don't delude yourself. Maddox doesn't love you. So what if you are
engaged? If you are married, do you think you will be happy?"

Wendy knew clearly that Maddox didn't love her. But she thought love could be nurtured. As long as
they got married and came to get along with each other, he would definitely see her merits and fall in
love with her.

However, it was ruthlessly destroyed by the woman in front of her.

But she couldn't give the man she had loved for many years to this woman.

Wendy closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm herself down. Then, she opened her eyes and
saw two men walking down the stairs. Suddenly, she reached out and pushed Yayoi.

Yayoi was pushed unprepared. She subconsciously raised her hand to grab Wendy's. She narrowly
steadied her body, but Wendy fell.

"Wendy!" said an aged and panicked voice.

Yayoi stared blankly at Wendy who had suddenly fallen to the ground. Wasn't it Wendy who pushed
her? Why did she fall?

What exactly happened?

Yayoi was dumbfounded, completely unable to figure out the current situation.

"Yayoi, are you alright?" said a familiar voice.

Yayoi slowly turned around and squeezed out a smile towards Maddox's worried black eyes. She
shook her head and said, "I'm fine.”

Wendy, who was sitting on the ground, had thought that Maddox would come and help her up first. But
she did not expect that he cared more about Yayoi.

She looked at them with hate and jealousy.

"Brat, can't you see that Wendy is still sitting on the ground? Why not help her up first?" Old Master
Shen slapped his cane on Maddox's back. Maddox took a deep breath in pain and obediently went
over to help Wendy up.

As soon as she got up, Maddox was about to withdraw his hand. But Wendy grabbed his arm tightly.

He frowned and turned to look at Wendy.

Wendy pursed her lips in grievance and said, "My leg hurts."

"Your leg hurts?" Hearing that, Old Master Shen's face changed. He called out to Carrie, "Hurry up and
call the doctor. Wendy broke her leg."

Carrie frowned slightly. She looked suspiciously at Wendy and Yayoi. How did she break her leg? Did
they have any physical fights?

Seeing that she had been standing there dumbly, Old Master Shen shouted, "Why are you still here?
Go to call the doctor!"

Carrie's heart trembled as she hurriedly turned around and walked away.

Then, Old Master Shen said sharply to Maddox, "Hurry up and help Wendy sit in the sofa."

Maddox curled his lips. Even though he was reluctant, he still had to obey his grandfather's order.

Ever since Old Master Shen's appearance, Yayoi had deeply experienced how frightening he was. She
suddenly became very nervous.

After Maddox helped Wendy sit in the sofa, Old Master Shen looked at Yayoi and asked coldly with his
shrewd eyes narrowing slightly, "Are you Maddox's girlfriend?"

“Hello, grandpa. I'm Yayoi. I..."

"I'm not your grandfather. Don't call me grandpa." Before Yayoi could finish her words, she was
interrupted by Old Master Shen's harsh voice.

Yayoi panicked and hurriedly turned to look at Maddox for help.

Hearing that, Maddox turned around to walk towards Yayoi with his face darkened.

But Wendy grabbed his hand and said, "Maddox, my leg really hurts."

Maddox pursed his lips and smirked at her, "I am not a doctor. It is no use telling me that."

He threw her hand away and strode towards Yayoi without hesitation.

His voice was cold, which chilled her heart. Wendy stared at his back and slowly clenched her hands.
She would not let go of him just like this.

Old Master Shen looked at Yayoi from head to toe with undisguised contempt. He snorted coldly, "Miss
Song, although the Shen family does not pay much attention to family background, you are not


Old Master Shen was telling her clearly that the she was not eligible to be a member of the Shen

Yayoi, who had been nervous, calmed down miraculously when she heard that. She raised her chin
and looked at Old Master Shen without showing any weakness. She smiled slightly, "Mr. Shen, I never
thought of being a member of the Shen family. All I want is Maddox."

"Really?" Old Master Shen laughed out loud and looked at her mockingly. "Who is not realistic now? If
Maddox was from a poor family, would you insist that you only want him?"

"I will" Yayoi answered without hesitation. Then, she smiled mockingly, "Old Master Shen, not everyone
is as snobbish as you think. I love Maddox. I don't care even if he is ugly and poor."

Hearing that, Maddox was moved. He walked to her side and held her in his arms. Then, he looked at
Old Master Shen's face which was full of wrinkles but still energetic. "Grandpa, Yayoi and I truly love
each other. Please give us your blessing."

"No way!" He struck his walking stick heavily on the marble floor, making a heavy muffled sound.
Yayoi's heart trembled. Old Master Shen was going to lose his temper.

Old Master Shen's face was cold and his gaze was sharp. He said word by word, "You want my
blessing? Over my dead body!"

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