The convenient Bride

Chapter 356: I'm Getting Out

Your wish would never be fulfilled unless I died.

With this sentence, Old Master Shen left them no room to negotiate.

Yayoi felt that Maddox's hand on her shoulder was tightened. She turned to look at him with worry in
her eyes.

Maddox was looking straight at his grandfather, confronting him with no fear, "What if I say I must be
with her?’

“Then get out of the Shen family!” Old Master Shen's attitude was very cruel and cold.

Maddox pursed his lips and then chuckled, “Grandpa, this is what you said. Don't regret it.”

Old Master Shen frowned and stared at him sternly. Seeing that he was wearing a spooky smile, as if
he was planning something, he felt a bad premonition.

"Grandpa, I'm getting out now."

Maddox took a meaningful look at the old man, then grabbed Yayoi's hand and quickly walked out of
the room.

As expected!

Old Master Shen turned around and angrily shouted at Maddox who was leaving, “Brat, as long as you
take one step out, don't come back!"

Maddox ignored his words, and he strode out without looking back.

Instead, Yayoi turned to look at Old Master Shen. The grey-haired old man supported himself with a
walking stick and his body was slightly bent. She could not see his expression clearly, but she knew
that he must be very angry.

No grandfather would tolerate his grandson resisting him.

Seeing Old Master Shen standing there, watching them leave, Yayoi couldn't help but feel sorry for him.
She suddenly stopped.

Maddox turned his head and looked at her with confusion. “What's wrong?"

Yayoi smiled. "Maddox, I said I didn't want to see you falling out with your family, otherwise I would feel

Maddox frowned and turned his head to look sideways at Old Master Shen. He smiled resignedly.
"Yayoi, don't be tricked by my grandfather. He is threatening me. How could he kick me out of the Shen

"Is that so?” Yayoi raised her eyebrows and said, “Even if that's the case, you shouldn't just leave like
this. How sad will he be?”

“My grandfather treated you like that, yet you still care so much about him.” Maddox thought that she
would be furious and

would want him to take her away from here.

Yayoi smiled and said, "Your grandfather is doing this for your own good, so I can understand what he
did to me.” After thinking for a while, she continued, “I think your grandfather is a very adorable old

Actually, if one looked closely at Old Master Shen, he would find that he had a kind face. He didn't
seem to be mean at all, but

the words he said were so hurtful. He must have deliberately said those words to create difficulties for
her so that she would leave.

“Adorable?” Maddox raised his eyebrows in surprise. “You are the first to describe my grandfather like

"Then ... don't leave, okay?" Yayoi looked at him.

Maddox thought for a moment, and then reluctantly nodded. "Alright then, I'll listen to you.”

Immediately after, the two held hands and walked back to Old Master Shen.

It could be imagined that Old Master Shen had a long face and looked at them coldly. "Aren't you
getting out? Why are you back?”

Maddox smiled brightly. "Do you think I want to come back? I came back for Yayoi's sake.”

Hearing this, Old Master Shen scanned Yayoi. Just as Yayoi was about to smile, he looked away.

Even so, Yayoi couldn't help but smile. With her new understanding of Old Master Shen, she wasn't
that afraid of him anymore.

Just like that, with “thick skin", Yayoi had dinner at the Shen family and left with Maddox after that.
During the meal, a doctor

came over to examine Wendy's leg and said that she only sprained her ankle and would recover after a
few days.

Wendy used this as an excuse to keep Maddox at home for a few more days, but Maddox mercilessly

Old Master Shen was very dissatisfied with this, but there was nothing he could do to Maddox, and all
he could do was treat

Maddox silently while holding back his anger.

“So, what's the situation?”

Juliet frowned when she heard Yayoi's explanation of the situation when she went to the Shen's and
asked in confusion.

Yayoi shrugged. "Maddox's grandfather doesn't like me and doesn't approve our relationship.”

"But I don't think you're worried.” Rosiley looked at her curiously.

Yayoi smiled. "Indeed. I will be with Maddox anyway and I don't care about Old Master Shen's

"How about Wendy?" Juliet asked.

“Let nature take its course.” Yayoi was very optimistic.

Rosiley spread out her hands and said, “Looks like I'm worried for nothing.”

"Me too.” Juliet pursed her lips.

Yayoi chuckled, “Am I that useless in your eyes?”

Juliet nodded and roasted her, “You are not useless, you are emotional, and I am afraid that you will
not be able to withstand

the harsh words of the old man.”

“It was indeed uncomfortable at the beginning.” Yayoi agreed with her, “But later ... you will discover
that Old Master Shen is actually not that terrifying. He gives me an indescribable feeling.”

"Sachin said that his grandfather is very sensible, but he is especially stubborn in some matters, such
as Maddox's engagement.”

Hearing Rosiley's words, Juliet couldn't help but laugh, "So that's how it is. No wonder the old man said
those unpleasant words.”

Yayoi pretended to be sad and sighed, “I'm so unlucky.”

Rosiley and Juliet exchanged glances and laughed at the same time.

Yayoi also smiled.

The romance was exposed, and she had met Old Master Shen. It was as if the things she was afraid of
had been overcome.

Immediately, she felt so relaxed.

Just let it be.

As Rosiley and Sachin had said, as long as Yayoi's matter was resolved, they would return to the Lu
family in the Capital.

Just as they were about to return, Rosiley's new film launch conference was about to be held. As a
result, the trip back to the

Lu family was put on hold, and Rosiley went back to work.

Fortunately, her crewmates were quite nimble. They chose the venue and sent out invitations to the
media. Now, it was only about setting up the venue and holding the press conference.

On the night before the press conference, Alfred suddenly said that she couldn't join the filming. This
sudden change caught

Rosiley off guard.

Apart from being recommended by the directors and producers, she was the one who made the final
decision in choosing the actresses and actors for the new movie.

And Alfred was the artist she thought was the most suitable to play the leading role.

But she said that she would not film, so where should she go to find someone to take her place?