The convenient Bride

Chapter 357: Does She Have to Make Do with it?

Just as Alfred said that she wouldn't join, Hanson called.

On the phone, Hanson made a suggestion that Rorey should play the female lead.

“Mr. Hanson, are you crazy?” This was Rosiley's first thought. She had never expected Hanson to have
such a crazy suggestion. It was related to his professional ability!

He recommended Rorey to play the female lead? Would it be a waste of money that REG and TEG

“Rosiley, I know it is very risky, but you know that we have to have a bit of risk-taking spirit when
working in this industry. The result is actually not that important.”

These words were very pleasant to hear, but the risk should be worth it, so, Rorey would in no way risk

"Mr. Hanson, I'm sorry. I won't agree to your suggestion. I will choose another actress.”

“Can't you do me a favor?"

“Mr. Hanson, I've already done you a favor by letting Rorey show up in the film. It's fine for Rorey to
add no attractiveness to the film, but she's an artist with a bad reputation. I won't mess with the money
invested by the company.”

She paused for a moment, “And I don't think Mr. Hanson would risk his reputation, right?"

On the phone, Hanson was silent, and Rosiley also remained silent. She believed that Hanson would
distinguish right from wrong and would not be so impulsive as to let Rorey act as the female lead.

After a long time, Hanson's voice sounded, “Rosiley, I'm sorry. I took it for granted. Adventurous spirit is
required, but it's not based on ruining one’s own reputation. So ... forget about it.”

Hanson's rationality made Rosiley heave a sigh of relief. "Mr. Hanson, thank you for your

Hanson's hearty laughter came from the phone. “Rosiley, I should be the one thanking you for waking
me up. Actually, I can't resist my wife's crazy thoughts. However, even if my wife is angry, I won't risk
my career.”

Rosiley knew that Hanson was famous for spoiling his wife. If this suggestion was instigated by his
wife, it might have something to do with Rorey.

She believed Mr. Hanson should be clear about it, so she did not expose it. She said meaningfully, "Mr.
Hanson, some people have evil intentions, and let your wife have less contact with them.”

Hanson was silent for a moment. "Yes, I know.”

The two chatted about the female lead for a while before ending the call.

After hanging up, Rosiley took out the list of candidates she had prepared for the female candidate.

There were a few on the list that had similar temperament to Alfred's, but they lacked the spirit that
Alfred possessed.

This was exactly what the female lead needed.

Rosiley frowned with a headache.

Because the movie launch press conference would be held tomorrow, apart from choosing a suitable
female lead, she also had to negotiate with the other party's agent company, and as a result, this
urgent matter would be so annoying.

In the end, after thinking about it, she called the agent of every actress on the list and asked if the
candidate was available.

After excluding the actresses who were occupied, there were only a few left, but none of them satisfied
her expectation of the female lead.

Could it be that she had to make do with it?

This was REG's first cooperation with TEG, and it was also her first time in charge of a project. She
didn't want to make the result too disappointing.

She couldn't think of a way, so she called Sachin for help.

Over there, Sachin was having a meeting with several senior executives of the group. When his phone
vibrated and he saw the caller ID, he immediately suspended the meeting, picked up his phone and
walked out of the conference room.

"Rosiley, what's wrong?” He picked up the phone and strode towards his office.

"Sachin, are you busy?"

Rosiley asked cautiously on phone. Sachin had a faint smile and he said warmly, “I'm not busy.”

Rosiley held her phone tightly and pursed her lips with hesitation.

To tell the truth, she was embarrassed to trouble him with such a trivial thing as casting.

There was silence on the phone. Sachin frowned slightly and said, "Rosiley, what's wrong?"

“Sachin...” A somewhat timid voice sounded.

“Yeah, I'm here.”

"... I want to ask you a favor.”

"Go ahead.” Sachin walked to the chair and sat down. He turned on his computer.

"It's ... [want an idea from you about the new movie.”

New movie? Sachin raised his eyebrows slightly. Didn't she get everything ready for the preliminary
work? There was only a start-up press conference left before the official shoot started.

Why did she need his idea?

“What's wrong?” He asked.

There was a moment of quietness, and then she told him everything

"So, you want me to recommend a female candidate to you?" Sachin asked after hearing this.

"Yeah. I really can't think of anyone else in the entertainment industry who is suitable for this role.”

From her voice, one could tell that she was so upset.

After a period of silence, Sachin asked, "Rosiley, did you really need a popular star to boost the box

"Don't we?"

Rosiley didn't understand why he asked this question. Every movie would involve a celebrity because
there were so many fans, and the box office would definitely be impressive.

Sachin chuckled. "Actually, with Mr. Hanson's reputation, the box office will be guaranteed. Then, you
may choose from the second: or third-rate actresses. Whether it's a movie or a TV series, the most
important thing is the compatibility between the actors and the characters. As long as the actors are
good, generally, it will not be badly received."

Although it was true, she still felt that it was too risky. “What if the box office explodes?"

“Then consider it as your tuition fee.”

This was the first time he worked with TEG because of her, so he didn't care if the investment would
pay off.

Rosiley was touched by his words, but to her, the tuition fee was too high, so she shouldn't mess it up.

Sachin said that she could choose actresses who were less famous but could perform well, so she had
more choices.

She re-sorted the list and finally chose a person, an actress who not only had a similar temperament to
Alfred's, but also a pure spirit. Her name was Emma.

When Emma received her call and learned that she was going to shoot a movie, she agreed without

Emma's agreement solved Rosiley's urgent need.

After hanging up, Rosiley leaned back in her chair and let out a sigh of relief.

This was all thanks to Sachin's suggestion.

She thought for a moment, then sent a message to Sachin, "Sachin, to extend my thanks for your help,
I'll treat you tonight.”

She soon received a reply. “Alright.”

Looking at the simple word “alright” on the screen, Rosiley couldn't help but smile. Then, she sat up
straight and turned off the computer, tidied up the desk, and got up to leave the empty office.