The convenient Bride

Chapter 358: You're Mine.

At night.

The revolving restaurant on the top floor of the Imperial Plaza was dazzling with bright lights. Melodious
sounds of piano and a faint fragrance floated in the air.

Rosiley cut a small piece of steak and put it into her mouth, chewing. She looked up at Sachin, who
was sitting opposite her.

The yellow light above their heads shone on his nose, making his facial features even more attractive.

Rosiley swallowed the steak and asked, “Sachin, will it be fine if we don't go back to the Lu family?”

Sachin looked up at her and pursed his lips, “It will be fine.”

Rosiley nodded and didn't continue asking. Since he said it was fine, then it should be.

Thus, she changed the topic and said, “I chose Emma as the female lead.”

"Emma?" Sachin was surprised. “An actress from Lake Entertainment Group?"

Rosiley replied, "Yes, the Emma who helped me.”

"I know.” Sachin smiled and said, “I just feel that it's unexpected that you would choose her.”

"Oh?" Rosiley raised her eyebrows. "You don't think I chose Emma because I knew her, do you?”

Sachin smiled and said, “I will not doubt your professional competence.”

Rosiley laughed out loud. “I'm so touched.”

The two looked at each other and smiled with affection, and their eyes were even more resplendent
than the stars hanging in the sky outside the French window.

When she saw Damari, Yayoi was stunned. She did not expect him to wait for her at the entrance of
the community.

“Isn't that man the one who you couldn't forget about?"

Through the windshield, Maddox's unfriendly gaze was fixed on Damari, who was standing not far

Couldn't forget about? Yayoi smiled awkwardly, “It's not that I can't forget about him, but that I haven't
seen him for too long.”

Well, the explanation seems a little unconvincing.

“Didn't he treat you like a stranger? Why did he come looking for you?” Maddox turned to look at her.

"The last time I went to visit my father in prison, I happened to meet him. He took the initiative to greet
me.” To be honest,

Yayoi felt that this matter was so sudden.

Maddox raised his eyebrows and did not say anything. Instead, he shifted his gaze back to Damari, but
his eyes were filled

with thoughtfulness.

Yayoi opened the door and got out of the car. She looked up at Damari, pursed her lips and slowly
walked over.

"Why are you here all of a sudden?" Yayoi stopped in front of him and asked.

Damari glanced at Maddox, who was still sitting in the car, and then replied indifferently, "I'm worried
about you, and I just want

to come over to see you.”

Worried about her?

"Did you see the news online?" She asked.

“Yeah.” Damari glances at Maddox again and then asks in a concerned tone, “Are you alright? The
incident was so popular."

“I'm fine.” Yayoi smiled and shook her head. “Thank you for your concern.”

Damari pursed his lips.

The two fell silent as if they were strangers to each other.

They had known each other for so long, although they had grudges between them, they were still

Thinking of this, Yayoi smiled and said, “Hallie...”


The two opened their mouths almost at the same time, and they were astounded about the tacit
understanding. They couldn't

help but chuckle.

“Hallie, go ahead,” Yayoi said with a smile.

Damari pursed his lips. "How are your parents?”

“They're home, and they're fine.”

"May I pay them a visit?” When he asked this, Damari looked cautious, as if he was afraid that she
would refuse.

Yayoi smiled sweetly and said, "Of course, my parents also miss you very much."

“Is that so?" Damari sighed with relief, “Then can I go to your place now?"

Yayoi nodded. "Sure, you are welcomed.”

Damari smiled at her and glanced at Maddox, who was in the car before he turned around and strode
into the community.

Yayoi looked at his back and walked back to Maddox's car.

The window was slowly rolled down. She leaned over and looked at Maddox with a mocking smile.
"Impressive, you're quite calm."

She thought that he would act violently, but when the window was rolled down, what she saw was the
usual version of him.

Maddox turned his head to look at her with a smile, "You're mine, so of course I am calm.”

Yayoi's face turned hot and she glared at him. "No more talking. I'm going home.”

With that, she turned around and walked towards the entrance without hesitation.

Inside the car, Maddox laughed out loud, and his eyes were shining with affection as he watched her

Seeing Hallie, Yayoi's parents were excited.

“Hallie.” Mrs. Song called him, and her eyes turned red involuntarily.

Hallie was like another child of hers. That year, when he joined the army, she had no news of him, and
she thought that

something had happened to him. Later, she found out from others that he was doing well, and she was

Mrs. Song was so excited when she saw him. She raised her hands in a little but put them down after a

She wanted to hug him, but she was afraid that he was no longer the Hallie of the past, and that he
would refuse.

While Hallie took the initiative to step forward and gently hugged Mrs. Song, saying softly, "Mrs. Song,
I'm back."

Mrs. Song burst into tears and patted his back, choking. “It's so good that you are back.”

Seeing Mrs. Song crying, Hallie's mood was complicated. He raised his hand to wipe away the tears on
her cheeks. "Mrs.

Song, don't cry. I will be sad seeing you shed tears.”

For so many years, he didn't come back to visit them. He only cared about his personal business, but
he didn't expect that he had hurt them by doing so.

After all, Mr. Song and Mrs. Song treated him as their biological son.

“There, there. It's good news, why cry?” Mr. Song said while looking resignedly at Mrs. Song, who was
wiping away her tears.

"I'm so happy.” Mrs. Song glanced at Mr. Song. Then, she pulled Hallie to the sofa and sat down. She
held his hand tightly and

looked at his face lovingly.

Hallie maintained a faint smile.

Seeing this scene, Yayoi pouted. Why did she feel ironic? Hallie deliberately did not contact them for so
many years but she

was now immersed in the reunion.

This was ridiculous.

“Hallie, why haven't you contacted us in the past few years?" Mrs. Song asked.

Hearing this, Hallie's face was immediately filled with guilt. "Sorry, Mrs. Song, I'm too ignorant.”

Mrs. Song gently stroked her head. “No need to apologize to me. I know who you are. If it weren't for
some difficulties, you would definitely have contacted us.”