The convenient Bride

Chapter 359: He Doesn't Match You

Hallie's expression stiffened at Mrs. Song's words, but he quickly reacted and said, "Thank you, Mrs.
Song, for forgiving me.”

Mrs. Song patted his hand and smiled gently, “I'm so happy that you're back for us.”

Mr. Song echoed, “Yeah, for so many years, I have been waiting for this day.”

"I will visit you often in the future.”

As he said this, Hallie deliberately looked at the silent Yayoi, who raised her eyebrows in confusion.

Hallie was kept by Mrs. Song for dinner. Throughout this period of time, he and Yayoi had practically no
communication. There were only a few times when he asked, and she simply answered.

There were untold strangeness and alienation.

At the request of her mother, Yayoi saw Hallie off.

“Hallie, be careful on your way.” After saying that, Yayoi turned around and was about to leave.

"Yayoi." Hallie called her.

Yayoi turned around and looked at him doubtfully.

Hallie pondered for a moment before saying, “Maddox doesn't match you.”

Hearing this, Yayoi's eyebrows furrowed, and she pursed her lips. She did not say a word.

He continued, “The Shen Family won't allow you to be with Maddox, and you won't get their blessings.”

"Hallie, do you know about the Shen family or Maddox?"

Facing her questioning, Hallie smiled. "I know about you.”

Yayoi sneered, "You know about me? You know about the previous me, don't you? Hallie, people
change. I'm no longer the

stupid me.”

Hearing this, a trace of pain flashed through Hallie's eyes. He continued to persuade, “Yayoi, if you
treat me as your brother,

you should listen to me and leave Maddox so that you won't get hurt.”

“Hurt?” Yayoi pursed her lips and said with ridicule, “Hallie, Maddox is different from you. At the very
least, he is a man who

takes his feelings seriously.”

The implication was that she was accusing him of being irresponsible back then.

Hallie quietly looked at her angry expression. He smiled bitterly and resignedly, "Yayoi, what happened
back then was my fault. I apologize to you, I'm sorry!"

Sorry? Was that what Yayoi wanted to hear?

No, she just wanted to know why he suddenly broke up with her back then.

He said he had a reason, which meant he couldn't tell her why.

The words "I'm sorry" sounded somewhat ridiculous.

Yayoi took a deep breath and said, “Hallie, I know my feelings. You don't have the right to control my
feelings, and we should leave each other alone.”

She took a meaningful look at him, then turned around and walked into the building without hesitation.

Watching her walking away, Hallie's eyes were filled with complicated emotions.

"Yayoi, I really don’t want you to get hurt,” He whispered.

The launch of the new movie was held very smoothly, if not for Rorey's sudden arrival, it would have
been even smoother.

Mr. Hanson only agreed to let her appear in the movie for a while as an extra.

Therefore, she was insignificant and there was no need for her to attend the press conference.

Moreover, Rosiley did not invite her.

But she still came, thick-skinned.

Rorey actually participated in the filming of the movie! How could the media miss such a gimmick?

Therefore, looking at Rorey standing on the stage, Rosiley felt that the powerlessness in her heart
almost suffocated her.

There might already be all kinds of rumors online about TEG. Netizens would definitely think that TEG
was crazy to let Rorey

join. It was simply a damage to its collaboration with REG.

"Rosiley, I watched the live webcast. The bullet comments are quite positive. They are all about looking
forward to the release

of the new movie.”

Raye held his phone and walked over to Rosiley, showing her the live broadcast on it.

Rosiley watched carefully. Just as Raye said, the bullet comments were very positive. It did not contain
sarcasm that she

expected, which made her feel much more at ease.

Her gaze shifted back to the stage and as she scanned the thick-skinned Rorey and the female lead,

Today, Emma wore a simple plain dress, and her delicate little face had only a light makeup on it. She
looked exceptionally pure like a little girl, and she fitted the image and temperament of the female lead.

Rosiley beamed with praise. Indeed, the decision to choose Emma was correct.

Raye turned to look at her and saw that she was staring at the stage, so he followed her line of sight.

"Rosiley, why did Alfred reject this movie?” Seeing Emma, Raye frowned and asked in confusion.

He was a fan of Alfred and thought that he could make use of this opportunity to get close to his idol,
but he didn't expect that

such a situation would happen, and his hopes were shattered.

Why did Alfred refuse?

Rosiley also wanted to know.

When talking to Alfred's team about the movie, Alfred agreed without any hesitation. Anyone knew that
a movie invested by

REG would definitely be superb.

So no star would reject.

But why did Alfred suddenly say no before the filming started? Perhaps the reason for this was also
related to Rorey.

Rosiley glanced at Rorey, who had been silently standing in a comer of the stage, and smiled
mockingly. Rorey was doing

everything for the sake of showing up on the screen.

Would she feel that she was too inappropriate to play the role of the female lead?

If Mr. Hanson wasn't rational, Rorey would have taken this role. At that time, not only Rorey, but TEG
and REG would be implicated by her.

Thinking of this, Rosiley felt so relieved.

The press conference ended satisfactorily. After an interview, the reporters slowly left the arena, and
the celebrities returned to

their respective lounges.

The originally lively banquet hall suddenly became deserted.

Rosiley instructed Raye and the others to tidy up everything, and then she left the banquet hall to look
for Emma.