The convenient Bride

Chapter 360: He'll Look Down on Me Even More

Emma never dreamed that she, an unknown actress, would be part of a movie. To her, this was the
same as a dream.

Therefore, during the press conference, her mind was in chaos.

After returning to the lounge, she collapsed onto the sofa as if she had just finished a 100m race.

"Please, pour me a glass of water.” She raised her hand and said to her assistant as usual without
checking the person in the room.

After a while, a glass of water was handed to her.

"Thank you.” She whispered and sat up. Just as she was about to drink it, she saw a smiling face.

She widened her eyes in surprise and turned around to take a closer look. She exclaimed, “Rosiley,
why are you here?”

Rosiley smiled and said, "I'm here to see you.”

Emma looked at the water in her hand and smiled bashfully, “Rosiley, I'm sorry to have you pour water
for me.”

"It's fine.” Rosiley looked at her warmly. "Drink the water, and then we'll talk about the movie.”

“Alright.” Emma replied and quickly drank all the water in the cup.

Rosiley smiled resignedly when she saw that Emma was so anxious, then, she took out a thick script
from her bag.

She handed it to Emma and said, “This is the script for the movie. Take a good look.”

Emma glanced at her and then took it over. She lowered her head and flipped it.

"You are called here for emergency, so time would be limited and I asked the director to delay your
scene as much possible to make time for you to familiarize yourself with the script.”

Emma looked up at her and nodded. “Yeah, I will."

Rosiley smiled apologetically. “Emma, I'm sorry for looking for you in such a hurry. I hope I won't cause
you any trouble.”

Hearing this, Emma shook her head. “It's fine, Rosiley.”

Pursing her lips, Emma continued, "I have to thank you for giving me such a good opportunity.
Otherwise, I would never have the chance to make such a good movie.”

Emma's expression and words were filled with gratitude.

Rosiley pondered for a moment and then said, “Actually, I chose you because you are suitable for this
role, so you should be thankful to yourself.”

Emma lowered her head and smiled shyly, “But you gave me the chance.”

Rosiley laughed and patted her shoulder. "Emma, don't be so unconfident. You're good. I'm looking
forward to this movie.”

"Really?" Emma looked up at her.

“Really.” Rosiley nodded heavily. “So you have to perform well. I believe you can give me and the
audience a stunning impression.”

Emma was immediately filled with confidence. "I won't disappoint you, Rosiley."

Rosiley smiled and said, "I believe you.”

The next day, Rosiley and Sachin returned to the Capital.

The Lu family was the leader of the four great clans, and their financial power could not be

The Lu Mansion was situated on a quiet hillside. In front of the house was a large artificial lake with
picturesque scenery.

The black Maybach stopped in front of the villa. Through the windshield, Rosiley fixated her eyes on
the beautiful European-style villa.

There were red roof, white wall, and the afternoon sun shone on the large French windows, reflecting a
dazzling light.

Rosiley narrowed her eyes and clenched her seat belt tightly. She was very nervous, and her heart was
beating fast.

Although the daughter-in-law had to meet her parents-in-law, but if they didn't like her, to be frank, she
would get cold feet.

Sachin unbuckled his seat belt and turned to look at her nervous expression. He couldn't help but
laugh, “Sweet heart, if you're nervous, we'll leave.”

“No need.” Rosiley took a deep breath and smiled. "If I have stage fright, your father will definitely look
down on me even more."

Sachin frowned slightly. “Actually, you don't need to care about his opinion."

Rosiley smiled. “I know, but he is your father after all."

It was precisely because he was his father that she accompanied him back to the Lu family. Regardless
of whether his father liked her or not, she didn't care. She just didn't want to cause trouble for Sachin.

Walking into the beautiful villa, the butler who opened the door led them to the luxuriously decorated
living room.

On the European-style sofa sat a man who was about 50 years old with a solemn expression. When he
heard the butler say that the eldest young master had returned, he only glanced at them with cold

Sachin held Rosiley's hand tightly in his. He did not go over and sit down, but stood there silently and
looked at Benson coldly.

The atmosphere was extremely oppressive. Rosiley clicked her tongue. Were they father and son?
They looked more alienated from each other than strangers.

Neither Benson nor Sachin took the initiative to speak, which made Rosiley, who came to the Lu family
for the first time, even more confused and nervous. She was so nervous that her palms were sweating.

At this moment, a surprised voice sounded.

"Sachin, you're back.”

Rosiley looked over and saw a graceful woman walking towards them with a loving smile on her
delicate face.

Rosiley raised her eyebrows. This should be Sachin's stepmother, right?

Griselda stopped in front of Sachin and reached out to touch him, but he dodged.

The smile on Griselda's face froze, but it was as if she was used to his alienation. She immediately
recovered and said with a smile, “It's good that you are back.”

Sachin didn't even look at her. His handsome face was tense, and he was frighteningly cold.

However, Griselda didn't care. She shifted her gaze to Rosiley, who was beside him, and stared directly
at her while maintaining the smile on her face.

If she hadn't known the identity of the woman, Rosiley would have mistaken her as Sachin's mother, a
very gentle and kind person.

But that was just the tip of an iceberg.

Even Xenia was so scheming in such a small family like the Tang family, not to mention a big family like
the Lu family. Sachin's stepmother had given birth to two sons, so her desire for power must be even

“Are you Sachin's wife?" Griselda asked knowingly.

Rosiley smiled and didn't say anything.

Griselda nodded and said, “She looks pretty.”

Rosiley raised her eyebrows slightly and kept her smile.