The convenient Bride

Chapter 361: I Won't Let You Touch Him

As she expected, Mr. Benson's attitude towards her was terrible.

When Sachin brought her over to sit down, his father said coldly, “Sachin, why did you bring an outsider

Rosiley was stunned. She exchanged glances with Sachin, feeling so funny that she was about to burst
into laughter, however, she had to hold it back.

“An outsider?” Sachin shot his cold gaze at his father, and a mocking smile was formed on his face.
"You may have forgotten that when my mother was alive, you brought a real outsider back home

He scanned Griselda, and her face turned a little pale. He continued, "Besides, Rosiley was my lawful
wife, not an outsider.”

Benson stared fixedly at him with a sharp and chill gaze. It was completely unlike the way a father
would look at his own child.

However, Sachin did not chicken out as he glared at him, and his aura was no weaker than his father's.

Rosiley was sweating profusely. She could clearly feel the cold aura emanating from Sachin. It seemed
that he had great resentment towards his father.

It was the same between her and her father, so...

She pinched his palm.

Sachin turned his head to look at her. He saw her smiling warmly at him, and in an instant, it was as if
he had been saved, the cold aura around him slowly faded, and his tense expression softened.

Both Benson and Griselda saw his changes, and they were amazed at the impact this woman had on

Benson had an undetectable ruthlessness in his eyes. This woman definitely couldn't be allowed to
stay by Sachin's side, she would affect Sachin's future career.

Once a man had a concern, a woman, how could he have ambitions? He may not be able to handle
things efficiently because of that.

On the other hand, Griselda felt that Rosiley's appearance was a good opportunity for her and Charles.
At the very least, they had Sachin's weakness.

The two exchanged glances with each other, then Griselda smiled gently and said, “Have a sit. We'll
talk later.”

Then, she pretended to be angry and glared at Benson. She scolded, “Benson, it's been a long time
since Sachin came back. Don't put on airs and enrage him. Otherwise, I won't let you off.”

Hearing this, Rosiley had the urge to roll her eyes. Was she acting as a loving mother in front of
Sachin's father? That was too obvious and sappy, wasn't it?

Indeed, her scheme was much advanced than Xenia's.

After Griselda complained, she looked at Rosiley again and asked with a smile, “Rosiley, I heard that
you have your own company, right?”

The Tang Group was quite famous in Benin, but to Griselda, who lived in the Capital, she didn't care
about it at all.

Rosiley nodded. “Yeah, it's just a small company.’

Hearing the words "small company", Benson frowned. In his heart, the match for Sachin must be the
daughter of a famous family. Her family might be a bit worse than the Lu family, but not to such an

Griselda looked at Benson. From his expression, she could tell how much he disliked Rosiley. Her eyes
flashed. She then asked, "I heard that your mother died early, your father remarried, and your
stepmother and sister treated you badly, didn't they?"

Rosiley frowned and smiled sarcastically. "Haven't you already investigated me? Why ask?”

Griselda, who was exposed, was not embarrassed. She frankly admitted, "We did investigate you. After
all, you and Sachin are married. We must have an understanding of his wife.”

Sachin sneered as he looked at Benson and Griselda with ridicule in his eyes. "Don't tell me you
investigated my wife because you cared about me."

Benson looked straight at him silently, and his face was tense.

Griselda still smiled. She explained, “Sachin, after all, many women want to get close to you because
of your family background..."

Hearing this, Sachin interrupted her bluntly, "Are you talking about yourself?"

Griselda was shocked. Then she understood the meaning behind his words. The smile on her face
became somewhat awkward, "Sachin, you are..."

“Am I wrong? Didn't you try to get close to my father, force my mother to leave, and became his wife
from a paramour?” Sachin sneered.

Griselda's face turned even paler. She turned around and cast an aggrieved look at Benson.

Benson glimpsed at her and then looked at Sachin fiercely. He scolded, "Sachin, is this how you talk to
her? Your mother left by herself back then, no one forced her.”

Benson's words were really mind-blowing to Rosiley. Wasn't Sachin's father too heartless? What did he
mean by saying that Sachin's mother left by herself and no one forced her? Wasn't it because he
cheated and brought the home-wrecker home that Sachin's mother left?

Douche! Rosiley cursed Benson in her heart. If it weren't for the fact that he was an elder and Sachin's
father, she would have said it out loud.

Hearing his father's words, Sachin's eyes instantly turned cold, as cold as the frost in winter. The
corners of his mouth were curled into a chill smile. “It seems like we are done.”

With that, he pulled Rosiley to her feet, turned around and left without even looking at Benson and

“Sachin!” Griselda cried out in panic. She quickly stood up, chased after and stopped in front of them.
"Sachin, you rarely came back. Stay for a few days.”

Sachin coldly cast a glance at her and walked past her without saying a word towards the gate.

“If you leave today, your brother Payton will lose his freedom."

Benson's unfeeling voice rang out.

Sachin suddenly stopped. He did not look back. "Do you think you can lay hands on Payton and me?"

“Lam indeed not confident about that on you, but on Payton, I am 100% confident. Other than you, who
else can he rely on?"

Benson's tone was filled with confidence.

Rosiley felt that the strength of Sachin holding her hand was heavier. She couldn't help but look at him
worriedly. "Sachin, are you alright?"

Sachin smiled. "I'm fine.”

Then, he turned around and looked coldly at Benson, who was still sitting on the sofa. "I definitely won't
let you touch Payton.”

Sachin's voice was also filled with confidence and determination.

Benson turned his head and looked at him. Their gazes met in the air at loggerheads.