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Chapter 362: I'm Tempted

The confrontation between them intensified the tense atmosphere.

In the end, Sachin pulled Rosiley away from the Lu family without hesitation, leaving Benson his firm

Although Benson had expected this to happen, he was still so angry at Sachin's arrogant attitude that
his face darkened.

"Griselda, look at his attitude. He is so arrogant and ignorant that he completely disregards me as his
father. How can I rest assured if I leave everything in the Lu family to him?"

When Griselda heard that he wanted to leave everything to Sachin, a trace of malice flashed through
her eyes, but she covered it up. She reached out and patted Benson's chest, and she comforted him,
"You can't force him. The more you force him, the more he will resist. We should persuade him."

"How?" Benson's tone was still very aggressive.

Griselda thought for a moment and then said, "If you can't, I can talk to Rosiley.”

Hearing this, Benson quietly looked at her for a long time. Finally, he nodded and said in a deep voice,
"Griselda, thank you.”

Griselda smiled and said, "Don't stand on ceremony with me as my husband. Besides, I sincerely treat
Sachin as my own child and love him. I also hope that he will find a good wife.’

Hearing this, Benson was moved, and a faint smile appeared on his solemn and cold face. He held her
hand and said in a gentle tone, "Griselda, Sachin's attitude makes it hard for you."

Back then, Benson was fascinated by Griselda’s gentleness, so he took her home regardless of
everything. However, the

price was to divorce Sachin's mother and lose the love of his two children.

But over the years, her tenderness had not diminished, and she had also paid a lot for this family, so he
did not regret his impulsive decision.

Griselda still smiled gently. "I don't blame Sachin. After all, it was indeed my fault that you and his
mother divorced...”

Griselda sighed with a little guilt. “If it weren't for me, he would at least have a happy family, and his
personality wouldn't be so


“Don't say that. It's not your fault. It was all caused by his own ignorance." Thinking of Sachin's attitude
towards Griselda,

Benson's anger surged and he said, "If that brat continues to be so ignorant and act so recklessly, I'll
leave everything of the Lu Family to Charles and Charlie.”

A trace of joy flashed in Griselda’s eyes, but on the surface, she still pretended to be flustered and
advised, "Benson, don't be impulsive. Sachin is the successor of the Lu Family. Forget it.”

Facing her panic, Benson couldn't help but laugh. "I'm just saying.”

Then, he sighed and lowered his head without saying anything else.

He did not notice the viciousness in Griselda's eyes. Griselda looked at the man in front of her who had
been sleeping together with her for more than twenty years. Although she knew that he treated her very

well, as long as she thought that he would leave everything to Sachin, it would obliterate his kindness.

Her sons worked diligently for the Lu family's cause, and had put in a lot of effort. However, in the end,
they did it for Sachin.

How could she tolerate that?

As long as Benson was still alive and his will had not been made, she would have a chance.

The black Maybach was driven out of the villa area and down the mountain. In the car, it was quiet.
Rosiley was silently

appreciating the scenery along the road.

Sachin's gaze was focused on the road ahead, his expression was indifferent, but his lips implied that
he was not in a good mood.

After a long time, Rosiley turned her head and looked worriedly at Sachin’s cold face.

"Sachin..." she called him softly.


“Are you alright?"

“I'm fine, don't worry.” Sachin smiled at her.

Was he really okay? Rosiley did not believe it. She pursed her lips and asked, "Is it okay for us to leave
like this?"

Thinking of his father's words, Rosiley was a little worried. She was afraid that his father would do
something to Payton. If so, would the romance of Payton and Juliet also be destroyed?

She had experienced it, and she didn't want her best friend to encounter the same thing.

"If you're worried about Payton, then save it. As long as I'm here, my father won't dare to do anything to

His tone was so firm.

Rosiley couldn't help but feel that he was a little ridiculous. Who was he? He was Sachin. Although he
was not omnipotent,

his ability to protect his relatives and friends was sufficient.

Rosiley smiled sweetly. "Well, then I will not worry. I trust you.”

"Thank you for your trust.’ Sachin turned around and smiled at her.

Rosiley beamed, then turned to look out the window and asked curiously, "Are we going back to

"We seldom come to the Capital. I'll show you around.” Sachin turned the steering wheel and the car
was heading towards an unknown world to Rosiley.

There were many scenic spots in the Capital. It was late autumn, and the most popular activity was
maple appreciation.

The car went up the mountain. From afar, Rosiley saw the red leaves that covered the mountain. Under
the sky, they were especially eye-catching and beautiful.

The car stopped at the entrance of a park. Once the car was parked, Rosiley couldn't wait to open the
door and get off. The

red leaves made it difficult for her to hold back her joy.

“Let's go. I'll show you around.” Sachin walked to her side and held her hand as they walked into the

There were not many tourists in the park because it is neither a holiday nor a hot season.

Walking along the path with maple trees on both sides, Rosiley could not help but reach out and catch
a leaf that was floating in the air. She grabbed it and smiled happily as if she had obtained a treasure.

Sachin looked at her with tenderness. Seeing her pure smile like a child's, he took out his phone,
turned on the camera, and took a picture of her.


Hearing the sound of the camera, Rosiley turned her head and met his tender eyes. Her smile widened
and her eyebrows were curved. "A stealthie.”

Sachin smiled, "A beautiful scenery, a beautiful person, I'm tempted.

Rossily was surprised , and then she laughed:" Are you speaking love words?"

Sachin raised his eyebrows and said: "If you think so"

Then, he raised his hand and held her in his arms, continuing to walk forward

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