Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 365: This Is a Threat

Rosiley wasn't so drunk. After drinking the honey water sent over by the staff, she became much more

She looked at her room. Although only a wall lamp was on and the light was dim, she could still see the
luxurious American

style decoration.

She heard the sound of water and she turned her head to look over.

The bathroom was separated by frosted glass. The light in the room was dim, but the light in the
bathroom was bright, so she could clearly see Sachin's tall figure reflected on the glass.

Although she had been married for a while and had quite a lot of sex with him, she still shyly withdrew
her gaze and stood up

to walk to the French window.

Standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, she could overlook most of the night scenery in the
Capital. The dazzling lights were breathtaking, and she could see how prosperous the Capital was.

She raised her hand and pressed it against the cold glass. Her eyes were filled with astonishment.

This was the place where Sachin lived since he was young.

Inexplicably, she felt a little self-abased in her heart.

Then she took a deep breath and comforted herself. “Alright, actually Benin City is not bad. Although it
is not as prosperous

as the Capital, it is still a first-tier city. Most importantly, Sachin lives there now.”

Their home was there.

After comforting herself, she couldn't help laughing. She felt funny of herself being so sentimental.

Immersed in her thoughts, she did not notice that the sound of water in the bathroom had long since
stopped. Sachin walked out of the bathroom and saw a slender figure in front of the floor-to-ceiling
window with his eyes flashing. He paced over.

“What are you looking at?" He stood beside her, tilted his head, and looked at her warmly.

Rosiley was dumbfounded. Then she turned around and smiled at him. “Looking at the scenery at

Sachin raised his eyebrows, looked outside of the French window and caught all the resplendence.
With a smile, he said, "Is it beautiful?"

"Yeah, very beautiful.” Rosiley replied with a smile.

Then she added, “However, I like the night scenery of Benin better.”

Hearing this, Sachin turned his head to lock at her. Looking at her beautiful face, his eyes gradually
darkened. He said softly,

"Yeah, I do, too.”

Because I met you there.

He didn't say these words. He just looked at her quietly with affection in his eyes.

Rosiley turned around and a bright smile blossomed on her pretty face. "Of course you have to. Our
home is there.”

Our home was there.

This sentence was not about love, but it was like a rock hitting his heart, messing it up.

He couldn't hold back and reached out to hug her into his arms. He lowered his head and kissed her
red lips under her surprised gaze.

Outside the floor-to-ceiling window, the night scenery was poetic.

Inside, they hugged each other tightly with their lips and tongues tangled together.

Seeing Wendy, Yayoi was not surprised.

Today, Maddox was on a business trip, so Yayoi went home on her own. She and Juliet walked out of
the company's gate, chatting and laughing. She saw Wendy standing not far away with a single glance.
The smile on her face slowly faded and she stopped.

Juliet frowned in puzzlement. "Yayoi, what's wrong with you?"

Yayoi did not answer, but looked straight ahead. She could only follow her line of sight.

Agirlin a plain dress was looking at them, and behind her stood a burly man.

"Yayoi, she is...” Juliet had an answer in her heart, but she still asked Yayoi.

This time, Yayoi replied, “Maddox's fiancée.”

Sure enough!

Juliet stared straight at the girl with a mocking smile. "She's not here to declare her sovereignty to you,
is she?”


Yayoi walked over and stopped in front of Wendy. She asked indifferently, “Miss Wendy, how can I help

Wendy looked at Juliet, who was behind Yayoi and said, “I want to talk to you about Maddox.”

“I think Maddox made his attitude clear enough that day. There's no need for us to talk.” Yayoi didn't
want to get involved with her.

"Miss Song, do you really think there's no need to talk?” Wendy's eyes darkened.

“Indeed,” Juliet said.

Wendy looked up at her with displeasure. "Who are you? How can you be so rude? Am I talking to

Judging from her tone, she was hard to deal with.


"You don't need to know who I am. All you need to know is that Maddox is in love with Yayoi.” Juliet
retorted unyieldingly.

Wendy's face turned a little pale when her weakness was exposed. She glared at Juliet with hatred.
Then, she turned to look

at Yayoi and asked again, "Miss Song, are you really not going to talk to me?”

"If it's about Maddox, I don't think it’s necessary.” Yayoi's attitude was firm.

“What if it's about Old Master Shen?”

“Old Master Shen?" Yayoi frowned and then sneered, "Then it will be even more unnecessary.”

Wendy narrowed her eyes, then extended her hand to the man behind her and ordered, “Give that to

Hearing this, the man respectfully handed over what she wanted.

It was a check.

Yayoi saw it, so did Juliet.

The two exchanged a glance before looking at Wendy calmly.

“Old Master Shen asked me to give this to you.” Wendy handed the check to Yayoi.

Yayoi glanced at the amount on the check, one million.

She couldn't help laughing, "In your eyes, is Maddox worth only a million?”

“No.” Wendy shook her head and looked at her with disdain, "Your feelings are only worth a million.”

The smile on her face froze, and Yayoi's eyes suddenly turned cold. “So you want to use a million to
buy off my feelings?”

“Smart.” Seeing her expression turn ugly, Wendy smiled complacently. "As long as you take it, we will
all be satisfied. Nothing

will happen.”

Yayoi could tell something was amiss. She frowned and said, “What do you mean?"

“It means that as long as you take the money, the Shen family will pretend that nothing has happened
between you and

Maddox, and your life will be peaceful, otherwise...”

Mentioning this, Wendy sneered, “If you want to go against the Shen family, you have to understand
how powerful you are.

Also, you can't be too selfish. You have parents.”

Was she threatening her?

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