The convenient Bride

Chapter 367: You Ripped the Check?

"So, you ripped the check?” Payton placed the cup on the coffee table and looked at Juliet, who was
sitting opposite him in surprise. Juliet nodded, "Of course.”

Payton rubbed his nose and said, “I'm just sorry for the million.”

Felt sorry?

Juliet raised her eyebrows and said, "Payton, why are you so sorry about that million yuan?”

"Since they've delivered the money to us, let's accept it. Anyway, it won't hurt.” Payton felt that taking
the money was a

different matter from leaving Maddox. How could they refuse the free money?

“Payton Lu!” Juliet grabbed the pillow beside her and threw it at him. She said angrily, “Yayoi has her

Payton easily caught the pillow and said with a smile, “Well, I was just joking. Calm down.”

Juliet took a deep breath and narrowed her eyes. "Payton, if one day my father also took a million yuan
to let you leave me,

you won't compromise, right?"

"I have my pride too.” Payton sat up straight and looked at her seriously.

Juliet rolled her eyes angrily and said, "You'd better be."

Payton curled his lips and did not continue the topic. Instead, he said, “I don't think that Wendy will give
up so easily. In the

coming days, Maddox and Yayoi may not live in peace.”

Juliet bit her lips and thought for a moment before asking, “Can't your brother help out? Didn't you say
that Old Man Shen would listen to Sachin?"

"Yes, my grandfather will listen to my brother. However..." Payton paused for a moment. “Only this
matter, he might not listen to Sachin."

"Damn, is he so stubborn?” Juliet could not help but curse.

Payton frowned, “Young lady, the next time I hear you curse, you'll be in trouble.”

“So what? Do you want to hit me?" Juliet completely ignored his warning.

In her opinion, it wouldn't hurt for a girl to curse occasionally. She didn't understand why he forbade her
to curse. It was really old-fashioned.

“No, I won't hit you.” Payton gave her a strange smile. He got up and sat down beside her.

There was something strange!

Juliet subconsciously got up to sit elsewhere. Unexpectedly, she was stopped by his hug. She turned to
him. But before she

could react, Payton kissed her.

Payton held her around the waist with one hand and gently stroked her soft hair with the other. He said
softly, “In the future, I will kiss you once you say something rude.”

It sounded smoking sexy in his deep and hoarse voice. Juliet's heart trembled and she whispered,
“You're good.”

Payton laughed softly, "Yeah, I am good. Otherwise, how could I have such an outstanding girlfriend
like you?”

Hearing this, Juliet pushed him away abruptly. Her beautiful big eyes narrowed slightly, “You actually
flattered me? Tell me,

did you do something wrong to me?"

Payton was a little dumbfounded by her question. "You... I... What are you thinking about?"

Payton was lost for words. The atmosphere just now was very good, but it was immediately destroyed
by her. Sometimes, he really admired the way that she thought.

Juliet also knew that she was making trouble for no reason, but how could a proud woman like her
admit that? She could only ask, “Then why do you flatter me now? In the past, you always set me up.”

He used to call her witch.

Payton was helpless, but he patiently explained, "Oh, please. Were you my girlfriend before? We have
nothing to say to each other. It's normal for me to play a joke on you. But now that you're my girlfriend,
it's normal for me to flatter you.”

Looking at his sincere face, Juliet felt that she was making too much of a fuss. She awkwardly pursed
her lips, “So that's how

it is. It seems that I misunderstood you.”

"Misunderstood? Just a plain explanation?” Payton raised his eyebrows at her with a faint smile.

“Or what?" Did he want her to apologize?

Payton reached out to hug her again and lowered his head to kiss her.

Just as their lips were about to press against each other, a hurried doorbell rang out, startling the

“Who is it?" Juliet frowned and looked at the entrance.

Payton shook his head, "I don't know either.”

He got up and went to open the door. The moment the door opened; a woman threw herself into his
embrace before he could see who she was.

"Payton, I'm back.”

The familiar voice made Payton's toes curl. Damn, how could it be her?

Right, the person who came was Tracy Patel, who lived opposite him.

She had taken some faked photos with his phone. After showing them to Juliet, she disappeared. Why
did she show up now?

Tracy took a deep breath in his embrace and revealed a satisfied smile. Sure enough, Payton smelled
the best.

“What do you want?" Payton pushed her away with an aloof and indifferent tone.

Tracy was shocked by his attitude towards her. She asked carefully, “Payton, are you angry that I used
your phone?"

Payton looked at her coldly. His thin lips were tightly pursed into a straight line. It could clearly see his

Actually, it was also because she had used his phone without his permission that she went to travel
without a word. She

thought that he would not be so angry after a while, but now it seemed that she was wrong.

But now, how could she explain it?

Tracy bit her lip and pondered for a while. Then she smiled sweetly, "Payton, I didn't mean to take your
phone. I'm trying to help you to see if Juliet trusts you enough.”

"That's interesting.” Payton raised his eyebrows, "In that case, do I have to thank you?”

When Tracy saw the mockery in his eyes, the smile on her face instantly became forced.

Finally, she closed her eyes, gritted her teeth, and bent down. “Sorry, Payton, I shouldn't have touched
your phone, much less sent that picture to Juliet.”

"Isn't it too late to apologize now?”

A familiar voice sounded. Tracy frowned and slowly looked up. She saw Juliet crossing her hands
around the chest, looking at

her leisurely.