Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 366: Have No Choice but to Compromise

Juliet was angry for Yayoi. She snatched the check, sneering at the amount on it, "Very generous. This
is so generous of the Shen family to buy off someone's love for only a million yuan.”

Then, she tore the check in front of Wendy.

“What are you doing?" Wendy exclaimed.

Juliet scattered the pieces over Wendy's face, “Go back and tell the Shen family: Don't flatter
themselves. They thought they could buy whatever they want? Let me tell you. Neither you nor the
Shen family can break up Yayoi and Maddox.”

“Juliet Elton!” Wendy glared at her as if she were about to tear Juliet apart.

“Oh, what?” Juliet sneered more; her words were apt to be more biting. "Do you think that Maddox will
marry you because of an arranged engagement? Dont be stupid. He doesn't love you at all. The one
he loves is Yayoi. Please behave yourself. You won't have a chance.”

After hitting Wendy's sore point, Juliet left with her dumbstruck friend Yayoi, leaving Wendy standing on
the spot with her face twisted in anger.

"Miss Wendy, are you alright?"

The bodyguard asked cautiously.

Wendy glowered at him. “Trash! Don't you know that she should come to help when she was bullying

The bodyguard lowered his head, daring not to say anything.

His silence made Wendy even angrier. “Trash, you're a trash. I'll have Grandpa Shen fire you.”

Wendy turned around and strode towards the car parked at the curb angrily.

The bodyguard hurriedly followed.

"Juliet, thank you." Yayoi thanked her sincerely.

Juliet, who was driving, was dissatisfied. "Yayoi, there's no need to thank me.”

A “thank you" seemed to be impersonal between friends.

Yayoi raised her eyebrows, "I know.”

She smiled brightly, “But if I don't thank you, I'll feel uncomfortable.”

"You got me.” Juliet rolled her eyes and said roughly, “Alright, ‘Miss Courtesy’. Have you seen my
bestie Yayoi? You know the

one who always behaves with the utmost courtesy, just like you. Oh, wait. You are Yayoi.”

Yayoi smiled, "You know, the old courtesies die hard.”

Juliet smiled helplessly and then changed the topic, “So this is how Maddox's fiancée looks like? I'd
expect a little more."

She thought that Maddox's fiancée would be a beautiful lady. But she didn't expect that other than with
a plain appearance,

Wendy was so arrogant and domineering.

There was a saying that said well, ugly people are always acting strange. It should refer to that kind of

"I know. But Maddox's grandpa likes her very much." Yayoi curled her lips.

“His grandfather likes her?” Juliet sneered and said bluntly, "Why not his grandfather marries her?"

“Juliet! You can't say such words.” Yayoi scolded in a low voice.

“Why can't I say that? Why should Maddox pay his life for the older generation's stupid agreement?
Isn't this Old Master Shen too selfish?"

Juliet said indignantly. It would be fine if Wendy was an elegant, beautiful lady. However, she was such
a rude woman. She felt bad for Maddox.

Yayoi shrugged her shoulders, "Wendy's grandfather and Maddox's grandfather Old Master Shen were

and her grandfather saved Old Master Shen's life.”

"This is even more ridiculous. What era is it? Why must they use marriage to repay the kindness? They
can use other methods.” Juliet felt that Old Master Shen was really senile and joked about his own
grandson's happiness.

“Grandpa Shen is a man who values love and righteousness. He honored his promises. I don't think he
did anything wrong.”

Juliet was unhappy about Yayoi's response, “Old Master Shen used the money to humiliate you, yet
you're still speaking for him?"

“Actually...” Yayoi pondered for a moment. "I don't think Old Master Shen was the one who instructed
Wendy to do this.”

“He didn't mean it? Could it be that woman made the decision herself?"

Yayoi spread out her hands and said, "Perhaps."

Hearing this uncertain answer, Juliet rolled her eyes, "Yayoi, grow up. Don't think it so simply. Whether
it's Old Man Shen's

meaning or that woman's own, you must remember that you are not accepted by the Shen family.”

Juliet was right. She wasn't accepted by the Shen Family. No one knew what would happen next.

Wendy said that if she did not leave Maddox, her parents would be in danger.

Thinking of this, Yayoi was a little worried. Maybe Wendy was just talking. Or was she really trying to
do something to hurt her parents?

Wendy angrily returned to the Shen Family and saw that Maddox's eldest brother and sister-in-law had
also returned.

She swallowed down her anger and walked over obediently, “Hi, Matt, Edith.”

Matt and his wife, Edith Sanchez, were talking with Old Master Shen. Upon hearing the voice, both of
them looked up.

When Edith saw that it was Wendy, she was overjoyed, "Wendy, when did you come back?"

"I just came back a few days ago.” Wendy replied softly with a faint smile on her face.

In front of the Shens, Wendy was a quiet and gentle girl, so she was deeply loved by the Shens.

“Why didn't you tell me that you are back?" Matt asked.

Wendy stuck out her tongue, "Sorry, I forgot.”

“You don't care about me and your sister-in-law, right?” Matt pretended to be upset.

She hurriedly raised her hand and swore an oath, "Matt, I'm wronged. Edith and you are the most
important people in my heart.”

“Is that so?" Edith raised her eyebrows with interest. “Isn't Maddox the most important one in your

"Edith!" Wendy stamped her foot in embarrassment.

"You're blushing.” Edith teased.

"I won't talk to you anymore.” Wendy ran upstairs shyly.

Seeing her running upstairs, the smile on Edith's face gradually faded away. She frowned slightly and
turned to look like Old

Master Shen “Grandpa, do you think Maddox really doesn't want to marry Wendy?”

During this period, she also saw the news on the Internet. She knew that Maddox had a girlfriend. At
the beginning, Matt and

Edith did not take it seriously. They felt that it was quite normal for an unmarried to be attracted to other

However, when they returned, they heard from their grandfather that Maddox wanted to cancel his
engagement with Wendy for that girlfriend. This was beyond their expectation.

"It looks like that now.” Old Master Shen's expression was solemn. "However, I won't let this happen.”

"Grandpa, Maddox always does whatever he wants. He won't easily compromise.” Matt knew his
younger brother very well.

He was afraid that if it backfired, he might lose his brother.

“Don't worry, He has no choice but to compromise when the time comes.” Old Master Shen said in a
deep voice, a hint of calculation flashing in his shrewd eyes.

Matt and Edith looked at each other. Since Grandpa had said so, he must be well prepared.

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