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Chapter 370: She Did So Many Evil Things

Butler Zhao woke up.

No sooner had Rosiley got this news, she hurried to the hospital.

At the sight of her, Butler Zhao immediately burst into tears, “Miss Rosiley...”

‘Butler Zhao looked much older.’ Rosiley thought bitterly. She stepped forward and tightly held his
hands. “Butler Zhao."

She called out softly, moisture glittering faintly in the comers of her eyes.

Butler Zhao, holding onto her hand tightly cried like a child. Hunt wiped his father's tears and helplessly
said, "Dad, don't cry. Don't you have something to tell Miss Rosiley?"

Rosiley smiled, “It's alright to cry. It will make Butler Zhao feel better.”

But what they didn't expect was that Butler Zhao fainted from crying. They freaked out and quickly
called a doctor.

The doctor explained that Butler Zhao had just woken up and was still very weak. Therefore, he
temporarily fainted from emotion and would wake up very soon.

Rosiley heaved a sigh of relief. She looked at Butler Zhao with tears in his eyes. The comers of her lips
curved up slowly. As long as Butler Zhao was safe, it would be the greatest comfort to her.

"Ms. Rosiley, I'm sorry for making you come all the way out here. I didn't expect my father to cry so
hard. He didn't even say a word about the business,” said Hunt, looking apologetic.

Rosiley smiled and shook her head, "It's fine. We can get down to the business when Butler Zhao
calms down."

There were some things that could not be rushed at the moment. They should take it slowly.

It took Butler Zhao more than two hours to wake up again.

This time, he wasn't as emotional as before and finally he calmed down.

"Miss Rosiley, I am so sorry about this.” Butler Zhao felt extremely embarrassed at the way he cried in
front of Rosiley just now.

Rosiley chuckled and shook her head, “It's okay, Butler Zhao. I know you're still young.”

Butler Zhao smiled embarrassedly. Then, he looked around and asked doubtfully, “Where is Hunt?"

"He's been called away by the doctor. He'll be back soon.” Rosiley replied with a smile.

"I see.” Butler Zhao nodded, "That's good. There are some things I don't want him to know so that he
won't worry.”

Rosiley raised her eyebrows at him quietly.

"Miss Rosiley.” Butler Zhao hesitated.

Rosiley saw that he was hesitating, so she bluntly said, "Butler Zhao, I know that your injury this time is
definitely not simple. If I'm right, it has something to do with Xenia, right?”

Butler Zhao stared at her and nodded for a long time. "Miss Rosiley, you are right.”

Since it has been confirmed that it has something to do with Xenia, then...

“Butler Zhao, can you tell me what happened?”

Butler Zhao frowned as he carefully recalled what had happened that night, and then slowly said, “The
Jis broke off the engagement with Miss Gu. She locked herself up in her room without eating or
drinking. Madam Xenia was very worried and tried to comfort her. At that time, somehow, I walked to
Miss Gu's room and just happened to hear Madam Xenia say that she

wanted to deal with you. I accidentally made a noise and was discovered by her.”

"She pushed you down the stairs because she was afraid you would tell me this, didn't she?” Rosiley

Butler Zhao was very surprised, “How do you know?"

Rosiley pursed her lips. “I found blood under the stairs and knew you fell from a high place. So, I
guessed that you must have been pushed down the stairs by Xenia.”

Butler Zhao smiled bitterly. "I didn't dare to imagine that Madam Xenia would be so vicious.”

Rosiley revealed a cold smile. “She did so many vicious things. She changed my father's medicine.
She forged a share transfer letter in an attempt to occupy everything in the Tang Family. She even cut
off my father’s breathing tube and even pushed you down the stairs. For her and her daughter's
benefit, what does she dare not to do?”

After hearing what Rosiley said, Butler Zhao was shocked, “How could she be so evil? Wasn't Mr. Tang
good enough to her?"

"Butler Zhao, people's hearts are insignificant. Those who are eager for profit don't care about

A dog could wag its tail to please its master. But Xenia and Rorey were simply inferior to dogs.

Butler Zhao sighed repeatedly and shook his head, “Miss Rosiley, I've really suffered for you and Mr.

Rosiley smiled, "Actually, I should thank them. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't have become so strong.

One injury at a time would only make her grow stronger and stronger, and then she would be
completely out of their league.

Butler Zhao looked at Rosiley, who was becoming more mature and steadier. That cute and tender little
girl had grown up into an adult who could take charge of her own affairs.

Butler Zhao didn't know whether he should be gratified or sad. If it were possible, he hoped that Miss
Rosiley could live a simple and pure life instead of enduring so much as she did now.

Noticing Butler Zhao's thoughts, Rosiley smiled and comforted him, “Butler Zhao, I'm actually doing
very well now.”

Then, she changed the topic and asked, “Butler Zhao, can you do me a favor?"

Butler Zhao was stunned, “Just say it. As long as I can help.”

"I hope you can testify against Xenia in court: It was Xenia who pushed you downstairs.”

This time, she would bring Xenia back to justice.

“What? Butler Zhao is awake?”

Hearing Alan's report, Xenia jumped up and goggled at Alan in disbelief.

Afterwards, she narrowed her eyes, revealing a trace of sharpness. “You didn't make a move?"

Alan lowered his head and said, “Sachin has arranged for a bodyguard for 24 hours. I simply can't

“Won't you think of a way if you can't enter?” Xenia's eyes widened in anger and her voice was strident.

Alan didn't say anything.

Boss said that there was no need to help Xenia solve this tricky matter, so he didnt do what Xenia told
him. However, he didn't need to tell her this.

Judging from what the boss meant, it should be because he wanted Xenia to bear the consequences of
what she did.

Thinking that Butler Zhao had woken up, Xenia felt that the entire world had turned dark. Rorey
managed to bail her out of the detention center with great difficulty. Would she have to go to jail again
this time?

To the extent that Rosiley hated her, she might not be able to escape the punishment of the law this

Thinking of this, Xenia fell on the sofa, looking pale. She asked, “Where's Rorey?"

Right now, only Garland could save her, and only Rorey could get Garland’s help.

"Miss Gu is filming an advertisement. She might not be able to come here until night.”

Xenia stroked her forehead, "Go and find her. Try to make her come earlier.”

Her voice sounded weak. Alan looked up at her and nodded. Then, he turned around and left.

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