The convenient Bride

Chapter 371: I'm Not a Homewrecker.

The grudge between Rorey and Hazel originated from Yunis, but LEG, the company they both worked
for, let them finish an advertisement together.

Manuel Song, President of LEG, did so for a simple reason. He wanted them to let go of their
resentment and get along well with each other, but he had underestimated the jealousy between

"If she is in this ad, I won't be there.”

When Hazel saw Rorey on set, her face darkened. Hazel immediately told her agent so.

"Hazel, because of the scandal, you are not as popular as before. You've got much fewer
endorsements and invitations shows. Almost zero! It's a rare opportunity for you that this company
allows you to endorse its product. If you don't seize the chance, no one will give you another.”

She understood what her agent meant, but when she thought of filming an advertisement with Rorey,
she felt very uncomfortable.

It was Rorey who got her into trouble.

Hazel couldn't forgive her at all. How could she be in the same advertisement with Rorey?

"I won't do it. I mean it. I will bear the consequences,’ Hazel said firmly. She ignored her agent's sullen
face and turned around.

Just then, a sharp voice sounded, “Oh, Hazel, are you leaving now? Are you giving up this

It was Rorey.

Hazel paused and turned around. Her cold gaze landed on Rorey, who looked complacent. Hazel
sneered mockingly, "Yeah, I'll give it up. I won't work with a bitch. It makes me cheap too.’

Hearing this, Rorey's expression changed. She shouted at Hazel in a shrill voice, “Hazel, who are you
calling a bitch?"

Hazel smiled coldly. "The person who replied.’

Rorey was so angry that her eyes were wide open. Then, she sneered, "You're just a mistress. You
don't have the right to call me bitch.”

Hazel said coldly with a poke face, "I am not mistress! Rorey, you know the truth better than me.’

"Of course, I know.” Rorey sneered, "You secretly fell in love with Yunis in college. Unfortunately, Yunis
didn't even notice you, until you took the opportunity to seduce him when I was pregnant. Am I right?”

Hazel stared at her silently.

“Hazel, you can't hide the truth,” said Rorey, glancing at the onlookers around them with mockery on
her face.

Hazel glared at Rorey hatefully who glared back at her too. The atmosphere was embarrassing.

"Hazel!" Hazel's agent tugged at Hazel's hand and whispered in her ear, "President assigned the work
to you. Don't let him down. You have to do the job!”

Hazel turned to look at her agent with a cold smile. "Then please tell him that I'm not going to take this

She fiercely glared at Rorey and left.

The agent looked at her back akimbo and said angrily, "Why is she so stubborn?"

"You'd better not work for Hazel, or you'll get no earnings,” Rorey said mockingly.

The agent turned around and glared at Rorey. In fact, if it weren't for Hazel’s prospect, she wouldn't
have asked Hazel to work with Rorey.

Everyone knew what kind of person Rorey was. She stole her sister's fiancé and even framed her
sister. She was worse than a bitch.

Although that was the case, LEG did try hard to boom her popularity.

Thinking of this, Hazel's agent felt disgruntled. She secretly swore that the higher-ups of the company
were stupid. She did not want Hazel to lose to such a disgraceful woman.

Thus, she hurriedly chased after Hazel.

Seeing that Hazel and her agent had left, Rorey raised her hand and brushed her long hair. She
glanced at those who were staring at her.

At the moment of their eye contact with Rorey, they lowered their heads and pretended to be busy with

Rorey snorted coldly, then walked to her resting place and sat down.

In a corner of the studio, there was a man who looked hesitant.

*Rosiley, should we interview her now?"

This was the first time Raye had worked on an interview with Rosiley, only to encounter such an
awkward situation.

He had known the grudge between Hazel, Rorey and Rosiley, so he had to ask for her permission
before interviewing her.

"Why not?” Rosiley asked him.

"Well..." Raye was surprised by her reply and stammered.

He thought she would be embarrassed and decide not to interview Rorey.

Noticing Raye's surprise, Rosiley patted him on the shoulder and said earnestly, "Raye, we are
reporters. So no matter what happens, we have to do our job and be professional.”

"OK." Raye nodded, "Then let's go.”

Then, he ran towards the middle of the studio.

Rosiley laughed helplessly and hurriedly followed.

Murphy had decided to launch a magazine at a time when online media was popular. Many meetings
had been held in the company to position the magazine.

According to the final decision, the magazine would focus on fashion, along with interviews with famous

So, Rosiley and Raye came to interview Ann, a well-known director in the entertainment industry,
especially in the advertising industry.

But Rosiley didn't expect that Rorey was in that advertisement. What a coincidence.

When Rorey saw Rosiley, she was surprised at first, and then she sneered, "What a bad day! I met
Hazel, then you. Unlucky wretch that I am!"

Rosiley raised her eyebrows, "I'm the one who had bad luck.”

If it wasn't for the fact that she had already been there and must do her job, she would have left.

Rorey glanced at the camera on her shoulder and narrowed her eyes. "When did you come?”

“Long time ago.”

"So, you saw Hazel and me...”

"I saw it.” Rosiley interrupted her and said, "Don't worry. I'm not interested your business.”

Rorey glared at her, obviously not believing her.

Rosiley couldn't help but laugh, "Rorey, are you worried that I filmed what happened between you for

Rorey remained silent.

Rosiley laughed mockingly, "You're not popular. I don't want to waste my time on you, and no one is
interested in you.”

Rorey's face darkened and she looked at Rosiley with hatred in her eyes.

‘Let's wait and see. Sooner or later, you will pay the price for what you said’ Rorey thought.