Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 372: Dream Girl

Rosiley did not continue to talk with Rorey because Ann arrived.

Rosiley had watched the interviews with Ann. She had also seen Ann's work. Ann was indeed a very
talented director.

More importantly, she was a female only in her early thirties.

Since she had informed Ann before coming, Rosiley directly walked over and stretched out her hand,
saying with a smile,

"Hello, I'm Rosiley from TEG””

Ann was surprised at first, but she quickly pulled herself together. She held Rosiley’s hand and smiled
back, "Hello, I'm Ann”

After they greeted each other, since Ann still got work to do, Rosiley and Raye sat aside and quietly
watched Ann guide others as director.

"She is cool!” Raye said.

Before coming to interview Ann, Raye had made preparations. He had seen her photos. She used to
have long hair. Although

she was not very beautiful, her temperament was remarkable, which fixed people's eyes on her.

However, to his surprise, she was different from before.

Her short hair revealed her fine features. She was dressed in a neutral suit and looked very cool. If
Raye hadn't seen her with

his own eyes, he wouldn't have believed that there would be such a cool woman.

Rosiley looked at him and smiled mockingly, "What? Is she your dream girl now?"

"No, my dream girl has always been Alfred.” Although Ann was cool, Raye still liked beautiful and
gentle girls.

Rosiley raised her eyebrows and turned her gaze back to Ann.

Raye was right. Ann was very cool and strong. Compared with Ann, Rorey was like a small potato
rather than a star.

"Where's the other actress?" Ann looked around, her brows slightly furrowed.

There should have been two actresses, but only one presented.

"The other actress refused to take the commercial." Someone whispered in Ann's ear.

Ann frowned. "Without her, how can we shoot this commercial?”

Her work schedule was full, and she had already found time to shoot this advertisement. If the ad
couldn't be filmed, the sponsor could only find someone else to shoot it.

So, Ann asked her assistant to inform the sponsor.

Before the assistant made the call, a voice suddenly sounded, "Sorry, director, I'm late.”

Rosiley didn't expect that Hazel would come back. She saw Hazel walking to Ann. Because of the
distance, Rosiley could not

hear what they were saying, but Ann looked sullen.

Then, Hazel's agent bent over to Ann. It seemed that she was apologizing.

Finally, they started to film the commercial.

Raye looked at Rorey and Hazel, who put on a fake smile at each other on the set, and shook his
head, "The sponsor would

definitely regret signing them as spokesmen."

Rosiley laughed, "The die is cast."

Actually, she did not understand why that company let Rorey and Hazel work together. Hadn't they
watched the news and heard about their grudges?

Even so, the advertisement was filmed smoothly. Rosiley was amazed that they were able to put aside
their grudges in front of the camera and behave very friendly to each other.

If they had been so professional while acting, they might have got an Oscar.

As soon as the advertisement was finished, Hazel left without even removing her makeup. It seemed
that she didn't want to

spend one more second with Rorey.

After Ann finished her work, she walked towards Rosiley.

"Sorry to have kept you waiting,’ Ann apologized.

Rosiley smiled and shook her head. "It's fine. I can see how you do your job. It's also very helpful for
the interview.”

Then she raised the camera in her hand and said, "I took a few photos of you at work. Do you mind if I
use them for this


"I don't mind.” Ann smiled and shook her head.

Rorey raised her head, so that the makeup artist could remove her makeup, but she kept watching
Rosiley, who was talking to Ann.

When she saw Ann and Rosiley leave the studio in harmony, she lowered her head and startled the
makeup artist, “Rorey...”

Rorey looked at the makeup artist and then looked in the direction of Rosiley and Ann. However, she
could no longer see

them. Rorey could not help but frown.

As rumor had it, Ann was gentle and modesty. She didn't put on any airs at all, making it easy for
people to get close to her.

The whole interview went smoothly and the atmosphere was very harmonious.

“Ann, thank you very much for your cooperation.’ After the interview, Rosiley smiled and stretched out
her hand.

Ann held her hand and said with a smile, "You're welcome. I'm very happy to meet you."

Rosiley and Raye looked at each other and smiled. Then, they said, "We are very happy to meet you

Ann let go of her hand, looked down at the watch on her wrist, and then looked up at them. "It's almost
evening. Why don't we have dinner together?"

"Good idea!" Raye agreed without hesitation.

Rosiley helplessly glanced at him and smiled apologetically at Ann. “Ann, I'm afraid I can't. I got
something else to do."

"Can't you put it off?" Ann asked with a smile.

Actually, Rosiley had an appointment with Yayoi.

Rosiley looked at Ann, who was smiling, and hesitated. It would be very impolite if she refused Ann's

After thinking for a while, she finally made a decision.

Anyway, Yayoi and Juliet were her good friends, so she could just stand them up and explained later.

So, she smiled and nodded, “Alright, I'll settle it after dinner.”

A brighter smile appeared on Ann's face when Rosiley accepted her invitation. “I'm happy you're willing
to have dinner with me.’

Rosiley smiled and said, "It's our honor to have dinner with you.’

Ann laughed. “Actually, you don't have to compliment me. I don't like it. You don't like complimenting
others, right?”

Rosiley raised her eyebrows in surprise, “How could you know?"

Ann smiled. "Your eyes are pure and clear. You look honest. Honest people usually don't like to
compliment others.”

Rosiley smiled embarrassedly.

Ann suddenly looked at her carefully and said in a serious tone, "Actually, you are very suitable for
advertising. You must be

very beautiful before cameras.”

As director, Ann carried authority in this aspect.

Rosiley smiled and shook her head, “I don't like camera."

She really didn't like exposing herself to the camera.

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