The convenient Bride

Chapter 346: I Will Not Spare You

At this time, Mrs. Song also noticed Maddox and frowned. She asked, "This is...”

“Mrs. Song, he's Yayoi's boyfriend.” Juliet whispered to Mrs. Song.

Mrs. Song was stunned for a moment before exclaiming, “Boyfriend?”

Then, she looked at Yayoi in disbelief and asked anxiously, "Yayoi, is he your boyfriend?”

Yayoi nodded, "Yes. He's my boyfriend. His name is Maddox.”

"Maddox, this is my mother.” Yayoi pointed at Mrs. Song and said to Maddox.

“Hello, Mrs. Song." Maddox said politely.

Mrs. Song and Mr. Song's reactions were completely different. She quickly walked in front of Maddox
and looked at him carelessly.

Although he was a little uncomfortable, Maddox still kept a polite smile.

As the saying goes, the more the mother-in-law looked at her son-in-law, the more she liked him, so did
Mrs. Song.

He looked handsome, tall and straight, and extraordinary. To be honest, if Yayoi hadn't said that this
was her boyfriend, how could she, as a mother, believe that this man in front of her was her daughter's

After looking around, Mrs. Song couldn't hide her happiness. “Maddox, can I call you in this way?"

Maddox smiled and nodded, “Yes, Mrs. Song.”

Mrs. Song smiled even happier, "Maddox, you are tall and handsome. Why do you like my Yayoi?"

After saying this, Yayoi was dissatisfied, "Mom, are you disdaining your daughter?”

Rosiley and Juliet covered their mouths and snickered.

Mr. Song was also very dissatisfied with his wife's words. "This is a typical example of growing others'
ambition and destroying our own power. Besides, a handsome man can't be trusted. Have you
forgotten Vito's example?"

When he mentioned Vito, Mrs. Song was unhappy. She glared at Mr. Song fiercely, "Can you not
mention that person and stop affect my mood?"

Then she looked at Maddox with a smile, “Don't compare Maddox to that person. Maddox is much
more handsome than him. Don't you think so? Maddox.”

Shen Maddox smiled awkwardly without making a sound.

Rosiley and the others looked at each other. They all looked that they had already known this scene.

Actually, they knew that Mrs. Song was a typical face-judger, so it was expected that Mrs. Song would
like Maddox.

As long as Mrs. Song liked Maddox, then Mr. Song would be easy to persuade.

Mrs. Song enthusiastically pulled Maddox to the dining hall. She even helped him pull up a chair and let
him sit down. Then, she smiled and said, "I will go and bring out the soup. We can eat now.”

After that, she turned around and entered the kitchen.

“Alright, Maddox. It seems that Mrs. Song likes you very much.”

Rosiley smiled and teased him as soon as she arrived at the restaurant.

Maddox turned his head to look at her with a trace of helplessness on his handsome face. “It's a good
thing, but I can't even handle her enthusiasm.”

When Juliet heard this, she walked behind him and patted him on the shoulder. She teased, "You can't
hold back? I think you are feeling good in mind. After Mrs. Song agrees, you and Yayoi can get married
early and have a precious son early.”

After saying that, she even winked at Yayoi ambiguously.

Yayoi rolled his eyes at her angrily, "What are you talking about? Who says that we are getting

“Don't you want to marry me?" Maddox asked.

Yayoi looked up and saw him looking at her with a faint smile. Her face couldn't help but turn red as she
muttered, "If you're not sincere, who wants to marry you?”

With that, she turned around embarrassedly and quickly walked into the kitchen.

Not sincere? Maddox raised his eyebrows. Was she implying him to propose?

"Maddox, do you understand what Yayoi meant?" Rosiley pulled up her chair and sat down. She looked
at him with a smile.

Maddox raised his eyebrows, "I was wondering if I was mistaken.”

“No, that's what she meant.” Juliet also sat down and continued, “Since Yayoi has this intention, then
you have to show it.”

Maddox smiled and didn't say anything else.

Juliet and Rosiley glanced at each other and did not continue on this topic.

They knew that there was still a big problem between Yayoi and Maddox.

That's the fiancée.

If this was not resolved, then it would be very difficult for them to get married!

Although Mr. Song couldn't accept that his daughter had a boyfriend again, after drinking a few glasses
of wine with Maddox, he wasn't so hostile to his future son-in-law. Instead, he could talk happily with

“Vito is too abominable. We treated him so well, but he did such a shameless thing. Just thinking about
it makes me angry.”

As he spoke, Mr. Song grabbed the wine on the table and drunk it.

Knowing that Mr. Song needed to vent his anger, no one else stopped him.

"So, Maddox...” Mr. Song placed the cup heavily on the table and turned to look at Maddox. “Your
name is Maddox, isn't it?”

"Yes, Mr. Song.” Maddox helped him fill the wine with a smile.

"Uh!" Mr. Song hiccupped and continued, “Maddox, don't bully my Yayoi like Vito. Otherwise, my wife
and I... uh... will not spare you.”

“I won't, Mr. Song.” Maddox turned his head and gently looked at Yayoi, who was sitting beside him. He
said firmly, “I will always treat Yayoi well.”

Mrs. Song knew that he loved Yayoi when she saw the deep affection in his eyes. She couldn't help but
reveal a gratified smile.

She was still worried that Yayoi was so badly injured by Vito that it would be very difficult for her to walk
out, but now it seemed that she was worried in vain.

As the saying goes, a blessing in disguise was a blessing in disguise!

It was very late to return from the Song family. Rosiley went directly to the second floor. When she
passed by the study room, she found that the lights inside were on, so she pushed the door open and
walked in.

Sachin sat behind the desk and looked at the computer with a focused expression. Hearing the sound
of the door opening, he turned around and saw that it was her. He smiled, “Finally, you are willing to
come back."

Hearing this, Rosiley laughed out loud, “Are you complaining about me?"

“I am indeed complaining.” Sachin replied seriously.

When she walked to him, he raised his hand to hug her waist and pulled her to sit on his lap.

Rosiley looked at the computer screen and realized that it was an evaluation report.

An evaluation report on the launch of a new film.

“What is this?” Rosiley was curious.

“REG plans to make a suspense movie. Now we are making an early evaluation.“

Sachin put his head on her neck, the tip of his nose lingering around her faint fragrance. He couldn't
help but smile.

Rosiley's eyes lit up. She asked, "Suspense movie?”