Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 374: It's Not Fair to Her

The next day, Rosiley woke up from a headache. She struggled to sit up and raised her hand to rub her
head. Then, she noticed a glass of water on the bedside table.

She saw a piece of paper under the glass. She took it and saw Sachin's note.

"Drink the hydromel. It helps you recover from the hangover.”

She raised her eyebrows and held the honey water in her hand with a sweet and happy smile.

Sachin was always so considerate. How could she live without him?

After drinking the hydromel, she lifted the blanket and got out of bed.

Last night, she was not that drunk, so she still remembered that after they left Imperial Plaza, Juliet was
taken home by Payton and Sachin took her and Yayoi home.

After washing face and brushing teeth, Rosiley put on casual clothes and knocked the door the guest
room. "Yayoi, are you awake?”

There was no response.

Was she still sleeping? Rosiley frowned, then opened the door and walked in. The room was dark. She
walked to the bedside and saw Yayoi knitting her eyebrows tightly. Yayoi's forehead was covered in
sweats, and she kept murmuring.

Rosiley hurried to touch her forehead. Then, her pupils suddenly shrank. It felt so hot.

"Yayoi, Yayoi ...” She cried, but Yayoi seemed to have a high fever and talked deliriously with her eyes
tightly closed. She didn't hear Yayoi's voice at all.

So, Rosiley turned around and ran out of the room anxiously. She went downstairs to find Sasha who
was busy in the kitchen.

She grabbed Sasha's arm and asked anxiously, "Sasha, do you know the contact number of our family

Puzzled by Rosiley’s panic, Sasha frowned and asked, "Young Madam, what happened?"

"Yayoi has a fever.”

After Sasha heard this, she dried her wet hands casually with her apron and said, "Young Madam,
don't worry. I'll call the doctor.”

Sasha called the doctor and went upstairs with Rosiley to take care of Yayoi.

Sasha touched Yayoi's forehead and frowned. “She has a high fever.”

Then she touched Yayoi's back and turned to Rosiley and said, "Young Madam, please get Miss Yayoi
your clothes and change her wet clothes. Otherwise, she might catch a cold before her recovery from

Rosiley didn't want to waste time and quickly brought her clothes over.

After changing Yayoi's clothes, Sasha went into the bathroom and came out with a towel in her hand.

"Sasha, what are you doing?" Rosiley looked at the towel in her hand in confusion.

“Before the doctor arrives, let's try to bring her fever down, lest the fever get more terrible.”

Rosiley nodded with slight confusion, "Oh, I see”

After Sasha tried to bring her fever down, the doctor finally came.

After the examination, the doctor gave Yayoi an injection, prescribed some medicine, and said that
Yayoi should eat lightly in the next few days.

Sasha saw the doctor away. Rosiley used the towel to gently wipe Yayoi's forehead. Her eyes were
filled with concern.

Yayoi was still having fun with Rosiley and Juliet last night. Why did she get sick suddenly? Rosiley got

Because of the antifebrile injection, Yayoi slept better. She no longer frowned, and stopped murmuring

Rosiley touched her forehead. It didn't feel as hot as before.

Looking at Yayoi's pale lips, she thought for a moment, then got up and walked out of the room.

Maddox stood in front of the window and looked at the somewhat bleak scenery in winter in the
courtyard downstairs. His eyes were so deep that no one could see through him.

The door of the room was gently opened. Wendy walked in and looked at the tall and straight figure in
front of the window with great affection in her eyes. She pursed her lower lips and walked over.

"Maddox, Old Master Shen wants to see you,’ She stopped beside him and whispered.

Maddox frowned slightly, then turned around and left without looking at her.

His disregard hurt Wend very much. Her hands clenched tightly. She bit her lips, her eyes bursting with
strong resentment.

Did he love Yayoi so much that he wouldn't even look at her?

If that was the case, then she would never give up on him.

As soon as he entered his grandfather's room, Maddox smelled the smell of Chinese medicine in the
air. Maddox knitted his eyebrows. His gaze fell on Old Master Shen, who was sitting by the bedside,
with complicated emotions floating in his eyes.

Old Master Shen waved his hand, “Maddox, come and sit by my side. Let's chat."

Maddox obediently walked over and sat down. Then, the room fell into a brief silence.

Looking at the Chinese medicine on the bedside table, Maddox took the lead in breaking the silence.
"Grandpa, what did the doctor say?"

Old Master Shen coughed softly, and then raised his hand to pat his chest, saying, “It's an old problem.
I can only rely on traditional Chinese medicine. I might die soon.

“Grandpa, don't say that,” Maddox said with a serious expression.

Old Master Shen chuckled and teased, "What? Are you afraid that I will die?”

Maddox pursed his lips tightly and remained silent.

Old Master Shen let out a long sigh. A trace of nostalgia appeared on his rugose face. "How time flies! I
still remember that when you first learned how to say ‘grandpa’, you were only one year old. But now
you are old enough to get married. I am not able to hold you anymore."

Maddox lowered his eyes slightly, his hands on his knees tightly clasped together.

Old Master Shen glanced at him and continued, "Maddox, since you've been in poor health, Grandpa
has always allowed you to do whatever you want. However, Grandpa really wants you to listen to me in
terms of your marriage.”

"Wendy's grandfather is my old comrade-in-arms. During the war, he saved my life regardless of his
own life. I have always remembered his kindness in my heart. After you were born, I learned that his
son and daughter-in-law passed away because of an accident, leaving behind a baby girl. I wanted to
pay him back, so I brought Wendy home and arranged a marriage for you. I hope that you can repay
his kindness for me.”

“Perhaps you think Grandpa is selfish, but how can we break our promise? Maddox, I beg you to think
it over.”

Old Master Shen finally finished his words. Maddox listened quietly. Then silence fell again.

After a long time, Maddox looked up at Old Master Shen and said, "Grandpa, don't you think this is
unfair to Wendy?”

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