The convenient Bride

Chapter 376: It Was Because of You

"Wendy, what are you doing? You're putting me in an awkward position”

After Maddox left, Old Master Shen looked at Wendy with some complaints.

"Grandpa; Wendy said softly with a smile, “I have a reason for doing this:

"What reason?” Old Master Shen frowned.

“I'm making concessions in order to gain advantages. So Maddox will not guard against me’

Old Master Shen was surprised, and then he smiled, “So that's the case."

He thought that Wendy was really going to dissolve the engagement, but fortunately, it was just a false

Old Master Shen instantly felt much more at ease. He smiled, "Wendy, you really are a smart girl:

Wendy smiled, “I'm not smart. I came up with this way helplessly”

"No matter what, I will support you unconditionally”

“Thank you, Grandpa”

Wendy smiled. Then, she turned to look at the door. The smile on her face slowly faded away, and her
eyes became serious.

Just as Maddox drove away from the Shen's villa, he received a call from Rosiley.

"Rosiley.’ He picked up the phone.

"Maddox, what are you doing?"

Rosiley asked.

Maddox looked at the road in front of the car and replied, "I just came out of my house’

Rosiley was silent for a while, and then she said, "Maddox, Yayoi is sick:

"Sick?" Maddox cried out in alarm and asked anxiously, "Why is she sick?"

“She is having a high fever. She might have caught a cold’

The Shen's villa and Sachin’s villa were in completely opposite directions, one in the south and the
other in the north.

Normally, it would be a half an hour drive, but Maddox only spent about ten minutes to arrive at
Sachin's villa. On the way, he

ran several red lights and was in a completely reckless state.

When Rosiley saw him, she was especially shocked. "Why did you arrive so quickly?"

“How's Yayoi?" Maddox did not pay attention to what she asked. The first thing he asked about was
Yayoi's situation.

“The fever is down, but she's not awake yet” Rosiley turned around and let him stand beside the bed.

Maddox sat on the edge of the bed and reached out to touch Yayoi's forehead. When he touched her
cold forehead, he

breathed a sigh of relief.

Yayoi's face was very pale, and her lips were no longer as red as usual. He caressed her cheeks

“It was a sudden fever. It scared me’ Rosiley said softly.

Rosiley still felt a lingering fear when she saw Yayoi's condition in the morning.

Rosiley tilted her head to watch Maddox show his compassion naturally. She pursed her lips and
thought for a moment before

saying, "Maddox, you've ignored Yayoi recently”

Maddox's fingertips paused and a bitter smile appeared on his lips. "I don't want to, but...”

"How's grandpa?"

Rosiley suddenly changed the subject, and Maddox was puzzled for a moment. He immediately
reacted and shrugged helplessly, "Nothing changes. He is the same as before”

Rosiley frowned slightly and asked, "Is he really sick?"

Maddox pondered and said, "He's not really sick. But I only found out today that he has angina

“Angina pectoris?" Rosiley was shocked, "So he can't be freaked out?”

“Yes.” Maddox nodded. “Today, I expressed my attitude to grandpa again. I angered him. He kept
covering his chest and his

face turned pale. Fortunately, Wendy came later and brought him some medicine. He ate the medicine
and recovered"


Rosiley raised her eyebrows, "Your fiancée?"

"Yes, it's her"

Rosiley smiled, "Looks like she took good care of grandpa."

"That's right. Ever since she returned to China, she has been taking care of grandpa.’

Rosiley nodded, then changed the topic and asked, "Has grandpa changed his mind?”

Maddox pondered and said, "No. But Wendy has changed her mind’

Rosiley raised her eyebrows in surprised. Wendy had used money to make Yayoi break up with
Maddox. Why did Wendy

suddenly change her attitude?

Rosiley couldn't help but feel interested. "What does she think now?"

"She is willing to dissolve the engagement to satisfy Yayoi and me” Maddox said indifferently.

“Really?” Rosiley didn't believe it.

Maddox smiled bitterly. “Actually, I don’t believe it either. But since she said that in front of grandpa, she
must have seriously thought about it”

Rosiley still felt that something was wrong. She didn't believe that Wendy would change attitude in just
a few days, because

Wendy once threatened Yayoi and gave her money.

Was Wendy really willing to give up on Maddox?

Rosiley couldn't believe it no matter what.

"Maddox..." Rosiley was just about to express her doubts when a groan sounded in her ear.

Yayoi groaned.

Rosiley and Maddox turned around and saw Yayoi frowning. Yayoi slowly opened her eyes, and her
eyes were empty.

"Yayoi, welcome back." Rosiley's voice was filled with surprise.

Hearing the voice, Yayoi slowly turned her head. Her eyes slowly focused. She saw Rosiley's face full
of joy, and... Maddox's

eyes full of compassion.

"You..” She tried to say something, only to find that her throat was extremely dry.

"Here you are. Drink some water before you speak”

Rosiley unscrewed the thermos on the bedside table and filled a cup with water. Then, she asked
Maddox to help Yayoi sit up.

Maddox took the pillow and placed it behind Yayoi's back. He reached out and smoothed the hair on
her cheek. Then, he fed her some water and asked softly, "Do you feel better?”

Yayoi smiled and said, "Yes, much better:

However, her voice was still a little hoarse.

She looked around and cast a puzzled look at Rosiley, "Where am 1?”

“At my place. Rosiley smiled and teased, "You're so muddled that you don't even recognize my house:

Yayoi smiled embarrassedly, "I am indeed confused”

“I was so drunk last night that I don't even remember what happened next’

Maddox frowned. "Did you drink last night?"

"Yes. What's wrong?" Yayoi did not understand why he was asking.

"Why did you drink?" Maddox asked.

Rosiley put her hand on Maddox's shoulder and said half-jokingly, “It was because of you”

Rosiley looked at Yayoi and continued, "She was in a bad mood. Juliet and I had a few drinks with her.
But none of us have a

high tolerance, so we all got drunk”

After saying that, she patted Maddox's shoulder and said, “Alright, I'll go downstairs to help Sasha.
Have a nice talk’

She left them alone. They needed to explain clearly to each other.