Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 378: He Almost Died

Looking at the closed door, Juliet heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, nothing had happened.

However... when she realized something particularly serious, her cheeks instantly turned red.

“Payton, you actually took off my clothes! Rogue!”

Outside the room, Payton heard her shout and couldn't help but laugh.

He looked down at his palm and clenched it. A faint light flashed in his eyes.

Juliet was in good shape. Payton almost lost control. Fortunately, his remaining rationality pulled him
back. Otherwise, he

would have been lain down on her.

Juliet dawdled in the room for a long time before coming out. When she walked to the living room, she
did not see Payton's figure. She frowned and then looked around. She couldn't find Payton.

Where was Payton?

She frowned tightly, wondering if Tracy had called Payton away again.

She walked towards the entrance, put on her shoes, and reached out to open the door. At this moment,
the door was opened

from the outside.

Payton suddenly appeared at the door.

When they saw each other, both of them were shocked.

However, Payton quickly reacted. He took a glance at the shoes she had put on and raised his
eyebrows. “Are you going

home now?"

Juliet looked down at the takeout lunch box in Payton's hand.

"You went out to buy food?" She asked instead of answering.

"Yes, Payton lifted up the takeout lunch box in his hand and smiled, “I ordered some takeaway food.
The delivery guy was

unwilling to go upstairs, so I ran down to get it myself?

That was it.

She thought that it was Tracy calling him out and she wanted to go across the hall to find him. She
turned around somewhat

embarrassedly and pretended to be calm. She said as she changed her shoes, "I'm hungry, so I'll have
some food before I leave. Don't waste food”

Payton laughed and handed her the lunch box. “Take it in first"

Juliet tilted her head to lock at him, then took over the bag and walked towards the dining room.

When Payton changed his shoes and walked into the dining room, the porridge and dishes were set.

Seeing him coming in, Juliet hurriedly waved at him, "Come over and sit down. I'm so hungry"

"Help yourself” Payton smiled and sat down opposite her.

Juliet was really hungry. She did not say a word when she ate. She lowered her head and drank the
porridge quietly. She

seemed to eat slowly and elegantly, but she quickly finished the porridge in her bowl.

Seeing this, Payton pushed his bowl to her and said, “If you're still hungry and you don't mind, take it as

Juliet looked up at him and asked half-jokingly, "Are you treating me as a pig?"

Payton raised his eyebrows slightly. "The pig is very cute. What's wrong with it?”

Juliet rolled her eyes at him angrily, “Girls really care about their body shapes. You can eat it on your

Payton laughed, "Don't worry. I won't dislike you even if you get fat”

"Is that so?" Juliet narrowed her eyes in anger, "If you dare to dislike me, this will not be over:

Seeing her pretending to be vicious, Payton couldn't help but laugh. His eyes were filled with doting.

When Rorey learned that Butler Zhao had woken up, she reacted the same way as Xenia. They were
in a panic.

They knew very well that as long as Butler Zhao complained to the police about Xenia's injuring him,
Xenia would face justice.

However, she quickly calmed down. The first thought flashed through her mind was to ask her father,
Garland, for help.

However, Alan told her that her father did not intend to interfere in this matter. The implication was that
she should not look for Garland.

"Why?" Rorey did not understand why her father was unwilling to help her.

"Boss said that this is your mother's fault, so she should bear it” Alan conveyed Garland's meaning to

Rorey was annoyed, "He is just letting me die! He doesn't treat me as his daughter!”

“Miss Gu, Boss does treat you as his daughter”

Rorey sneered, "If he really treats me as his daughter, he should help my mother"

“Miss Gu, it's good for you if your mother takes on these mistakes. Otherwise, you will be involved in it.
I'm afraid you won't be able to escape the blame.’

"Do you mean that I have to watch my mother get arrested?’ Rorey looked at him mockingly.

Alan's expression was still calm and indifferent. "This is good for you, so Miss Gu, please think

Rorey really started to think seriously. Actually, Alan was right. Rosiley still didn't let go of them. If
Rosiley wanted to investigate thoroughly, Rorey would be implicated.

If that was the case, she would lose the bait along with the fish.

However, she was unwilling to see Rosiley being so satisfied.

Since her father was unwilling to help, she decided to think of a way on her own.

“Yes, I know. When Dad gets better, I'll go home.”

“No, I didn't spend a penny. The Tangs pay the cost”

“What? If you don't want Dad to go home, then where are you going to settle him?"

“Nursing home?!"

When Rorey walked to the door of Butler Zhao's ward, she heard an angry exclamation. She turned
around and saw a middle-aged man talking on the phone with an angry expression. He said, "No way. I
definitely won't let Dad stay in a nursing home. Don't worry about the money. I will think of a way”

After saying that, Hunt hung up the phone and walked over. When he saw Rorey, he was confused,
and then he looked at her with caution, "Who are you?"

Rorey smiled faintly, “I am the eldest young miss of the Tang Family"

The eldest young miss of the Tang Family?

Hunt frowned and then his eyes lit up. He pointed at her and exclaimed, "Are you Xenia's daughter?"

Seeing that he was so astonished, Rorey smiled, "Yes, I am her daughter:

Since Rorey admit it, Hunt asked angrily, "What are you doing here?"

“come to visit Butler Zhao. How is he?"

Hunt snorted coldly, “Spare me your false courtesies. My father became like this due to your mother:

“I'm here to apologize” Rorey looked very guilty and she sighed softly, "My mother and I are very sorry
that something like this happened to Butler Zhao. Butler Zhao has worked in the Tang's house for a few
decades and we have strong emotional ties with each other. My mother would not intentionally hurt
him. She was just careless and she didn't mean to hurt him:

"Careless?" Hunt sneered, “My father almost died. You told me that your mother was careless?”

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