The convenient Bride

Chapter 380: Don't Get Pregnant Before Getting Married

In the ward, the air fell into a deathly silence.

Butler Zhao expressionlessly stared at Rorey, who was complacent. After a long time, he asked, "So
what do you want?”

Rorey smiled, "Take the money I gave you and show it to your daughter-in-law. I'm sure her attitude
towards you will be completely different:

"I don't believe you're so kind” Butler Zhao knew everything about Xenia and Rorey. Rorey must have
planned to give him money.

“I'm not kind.” Rorey frankly admitted that, and then she told him her intentions, “When the police come
to take your statement, I want you to tell the police that you fell down the stairs carelessly, and it had
nothing to do with my mother"

Hearing her words, Butler Zhao seemed to have known her purpose and he was not surprised.

Butler Zhao reached for the check on the bedside table. Looking at the amount on it, he smiled and
said, "Miss Gu, do you want to spend 500,000 yuan to help your mother to escape legal punishment?

It's too little, isn't it?”

"This is only half the money. As long as you do what I said, I will give you another 500,000 yuan. I
believe that a million yuan is a huge fortune for an ordinary family"

Butler Zhao knew that as long as he kept the check and did as she said, his son and daughter-in-law
would be able to live a better life. But if he had to quash his conscience and protect the sinister people,
he would die with a grievance.

"What are you doing now?"

Rorey suddenly cried out in alarm. She watched in disbelief as Butler Zhao tore the check into pieces
and threw the pieces of paper into the trashcan beside the bed.

"Miss Gu, please go back. I need to rest’

As he spoke, Butler Zhao slowly lay down, pulled the blanket over and closed his eyes. He didn't want
to talk to her anymore.

Being refused, Rorey's whole body trembled with anger. She glared at the people on the bed with
hatred and said through clenched teeth, "I hope you won't regret it!"

After saying that, she angrily turned around and left.

Butler Zhao slowly opened his eyes when he heard that the door had been forcefully closed. He stared
at the snow-white ceiling and had a thought. It seemed that he had to tell Miss Rosiley about this

After Juliet had breakfast at Payton's house, she asked him to send her home.

The car was parked on the road outside the Elton Villa. Juliet removed her seat belt and pushed open
the door to get off the car.

Suddenly, she stopped. She seemed to have thought of something. She turned to look at Payton and
smiled. "My father is at home today. Do you want to go in and say hello to him?"

Payton was surprised, then he shook his head, “No, I will visit him another day”

Juliet raised her eyebrows and asked tentatively, "Do you not dare to see my father?”

"No, Payton quickly denied, "I just feel that it is a little abrupt to visit your father now. And I don't have
any gifts for him. It's not a right time now:

“Is that so?” Juliet looked at him with doubt, "Payton, if you're afraid, just admit it. You don't need to find
such an excuse”

Was she encouraging him?

Juliet seemed to have read his mind. Payton couldn't help but laugh. He repeated, “Juliet, I'm not afraid
of your father. I'm really not afraid”

After getting the answer she wanted, Juliet smiled craftily and said to him, "Since you are not afraid,
come with me to meet my parents.’

"No." Payton looked embarrassed.

He really felt that it was rude of him to visit her parents empty-handed, and his upbringing did not allow
him to do so.

Juliet knew his worries. She said, "If you feel embarrassed to go in without a gift, you can rest assured.
My father doesn't care if you have a gift or not. He only cares if you're sincere”

“Hurry up and get out of the car” Juliet urged him to get out of the car first.

Payton really wanted to directly step on the accelerator and leave, but he knew how serious the
consequences would be if he did so.

Thus, he had to get out of the car.

“That's the spirit’ Juliet walked over and fondled his face. Then, she held his arm and said with a smile,
“Let's go and see your future father-in-law?"

Future father-in-law? Payton raised his eyebrows slightly. This title was not bad.

Ebenezer was angry at the fact that his precious daughter did not return home last night. He kept on
blaming Mrs. Elton for not teaching Juliet well. Juliet seemed to get lost and did not go home as soon

as she fell in love.

Mrs. Elton was both helpless and amused. She knew that her husband was worried about Juliet, so
she let him vent on her.

When Mrs. Elton saw Juliet and Payton walk in, she couldn't help but laugh. She deliberately raised her
voice and said,

“Juliet, welcome back’

Ebenezer had his back to the door. When he heard this, he immediately turned around. When he saw
Juliet and Payton, he frowned and turned back in displeasure.

Mrs. Elton was amused and beckoned Payton and Juliet to sit down.

Juliet sat beside her mother, while Payton sat opposite Ebenezer.

This was clearly not the first time Payton had seen Juliet's parents, but he was inexplicably nervous.
Especially when he saw Payton's gloomy face, he was even more nervous.

“Why didn't you come home last night?" Mrs. Elton pretended to be angry and glared at Juliet, "You
don't even know how worried your father and I are’

Juliet hugged Mrs. Elton’s arm and leaned her head intimately on the latter's shoulder. She whispered,
“I have grown up. Why

are you still worried about this?”

Mrs. Elton held Juliet's hand and said gently, "No matter how old you are, you are still a kid in the eyes
of your father and me.

Of course, we will be worried. So, hurry up and admit your mistake to your father”

Juliet looked up at Mrs. Elton. She saw that Mrs. Elton winked at her. Juliet immediately understood.
And then she stood up and sat beside Ebenezer.

"Dad." Juliet cautiously called out, and her gaze also carefully looked at Ebenezer's angry face.

Ebenezer pursed his lips tightly and remained silent.

"Dad..." Juliet gently grabbed Payton's arm and shook it. She said with a childish tone, "Don't be angry.
I'm back safely now.

Don't be angry with me. In the future, I'll tell you in advance if I don't come back"

In the future? Ebenezer glared at her with widened eyes. Obviously, he was not satisfied with her

Juliet pretended not to see his glare. She returned to Mrs. Elton's side to sit down and said, "Dad,
Mom, Payton rarely comes to see you. Don't be angry with me for now"

“I'm not angry" Mrs. Elton glanced at Juliet, and then turned to Payton with a smile, “Payton, I hope
Juliet didn't make any trouble for you’

Payton smiled and shook his head, “No, she didn't”

"Was Juliet with you last night?” Mrs. Elton asked.


“It explains.’ Mrs. Elton nodded her head, and then said something shocking everyone present.

“Be careful? she said. "Don't get pregnant before getting married”