The convenient Bride

Chapter 381: He Didn't Touch Her

When Mrs. Elton finished speaking, the air fell into a deathly silence.

Ebenezer's face was gloomier than before, and his sharp gaze was fixed on Payton, who was sitting
opposite him.

“Mom, what are you talking about?" Juliet put on a wry smile as she looked at Mrs. Elton. She thought
an elder should be ashamed of saying these words in front of a junior, especially in front of Payton.

Juliet turned to look at Payton and met his eyes. Payton was also embarrassed. She could only smile
helplessly at him.

Mrs. Elton did not feel that there was anything wrong with her words. Instead, she responded to Juliet
with a serious expression, "I'm talking about a big problem. You and Payton shouldn't ignore this
problem. Although the people nowadays are not as conservative as before, you should consider what
kind of family we are. If you get pregnant before getting married, we might be laughed at by many

Juliet glanced at Payton with shyness on her face. “Mom” said Juliet, “don't worry about this. Payton
and I haven't been so intimate yet"

Mrs. Elton was surprised. “Last night, you two...”

Mrs. Elton didn't finish her words. But Juliet learnt from her mother's expression that the latter had
misunderstood. Juliet smiled helplessly, “Dad, Mom, I only slept at Payton's house for one night. It
wasn't as bad as you think.”

At most, it was Payton who helped her take off her dirty clothes.

Thinking that Payton had seen her naked body, Juliet blushed. She took a deep breath and calmed
down. She smiled and said to Payton, "Payton, hurry up and explain it to my parents. Otherwise, they
will misunderstand you:

Payton raised his eyebrows in surprise and looked at her in disbelief.

What did she want him to explain?

To explain that he didn't touch her?

Wasn't this too awkward?

Juliet kept winking at him, so he could only force wooden smile and explain sincerely to Juliet's
parents, "Mr. and Mrs. Elton, don't worry. Juliet and I will never cross that line before we get married”

Ebenezer's face softened slightly and a trace of admiration appeared in his eyes.

Mrs. Elton nodded in satisfaction, “Payton, Juliet's father and I are not opposed to your relationship, but
we are selfish and don't want our daughter to be hurt”

Payton smiled gently, "Yes, I see”

After saying that, he and Juliet looked at each other. Juliet pursed her lips and snickered, giving him a
thumb up.

Payton raised his eyebrows, and his smile grew more brilliant.

To tell the truth, he felt embarrassed to tell such a thing to elders, especially his girlfriend's elders.

However, he had to say that no matter how embarrassed he was. After all, they were Juliet's parents,
and it was normal for them to worry about Juliet. He, as Juliet's boyfriend, was to reassure them that he
would never hurt Juliet.

Rosiley was worried that the police would be tricked by Xenia like last time, so she asked Maddox's
good friend, Captain Smith, for help. She asked Captain Smith investigate all the criminal facts of

When Rosiley and the police came looking for them, Xenia and Rorey were in the ward.

“Hello, I'm the police officer in charge of this case. You can call me Captain Smith’

Captain Smith walked over to Xenia and Rorey to show his police certificate. Then, he continued, "We
received a report from Ms. Rosiley. Ms. Xenia, you are involved in a case of intentional assault and
attempted murder. We need your cooperation:

Actually, when Xenia and Rorey saw Rosiley walk in with police, they panicked. However, they tried
their best to maintain a calm expression on their faces, not wanting to show any anxiety.

Xenia revealed a gentle smile and said calmly, “If I am helpful to your case, I will definitely cooperate

Captain Smith looked at them indifferently for a while. Then he beckoned another policeman over.
"Soames, tell Ms. Xenia about the case and ask for the details. Write down every single word she said”

Then, he asked Rorey and Rosiley to wait outside the ward, leaving only the police in the room, in case
the suspect would be disturbed emotionally.

Rosiley and Rorey walked out of the ward.

Rosiley sat down on the bench beside the door, while Rorey had her back to Rosiley for a while. And
then Rorey turned

around and looked at Rosiley with cold eyes full of hatred.

“Rosiley, are you really not going to let go of my mother?"

“Why should I let her go?" Rosiley raised her eyebrows and looked at her with a faint smile.

A person who has committed many evil deeds should too ashamed to ask for mercy.

"She has been married to the Tang Family for more than ten years and has taken care of the Tangs
with all her heart.’

Rosiley laughed as if she had heard a big joke.

“Rorey, have you forgotten how your mother married my father?" Rosiley kept the mocking smile.

Rorey pursed her lips and looked away. She didn't dare to look at Rosiley.

Rosiley sneered, “Rorey, I think you do remember. You remember that your mother was able to marry
my father because my

mother passed away. I think you know why my mother passed away. Your mother ruined my happy

Rosiley got excited. She snorted, "So, why should I let your mother go? I wish your mother could die
and apologize to my mother earlier’'

Rosiley glared at Rorey with an expression as cold as the frost of December.

Rorey couldn't help but feel fear. Rosiley was furious as if she was going to tear Rorey apart.

But Rorey got up the courage to defend her mother, “Rosiley, your mother's death has nothing to do
with my mother at all.

Your mother died because she was in poor health. What does this have to do with my mother?"

Rosiley really wanted to argue with Rorey, but she thought that Rorey would never feel any guilt no
matter what. So Rosiley

didn't want to speak to the wind.

Rosiley took a deep breath and said indifferently, "Rorey, God is watching your every move. You can't
deny what you did. And your retribution has come?

After saying that, she got up and left. She didn't want to stay in the same space as Rorey. That way,
she felt that the air was

so dirty that she couldn't breathe.

Rorey glared at Rosiley's leaving figure. Her hands clenched tightly and her eyes were frighteningly

“Rosiley, do you really think you can defeat me and my mother by yourself? You're too naive. We'll wait
and see. There will be a time when you cry"

In the ward, Xenia calmly dealt with every question from the police, but her hands were covered in

However, she did not dare to let herself relax a bit, fearing that the police would have a chance to take
advantage of her flaws.