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Chapter 383: It Was Disgusting

Yayoi felt better, so she asked Maddox to send her home. She was embarrassed to continue living in
Rosiley's house.

Maddox agreed and sent her back home. When Yayoi opened the door with the key, she turned to look
at him and asked with a smile, "My parents are at home.

Why don't you stay for dinner?"

She knew that he would stay at the Shen's in the next few days, so he didn't have much time for her.
She wanted to be a

considerate girlfriend, but today was a special day.

She had just been sick, and didn't feel very well. It made sense if she wanted to spend a few more
hours with him.

Maddox knew that he had neglected her recently, so he nodded and agreed to stay for dinner.

A brilliant smile blossomed on Yayoi's slightly pale face. She opened the door and walked in first.

Unexpectedly, the moment she walked in, she heard her father's furious voice.

"Get out of here. You are ungrateful. We don't want to see you"

Yayoi paused and turned to look at Maddox, who was also surprised. Then, she did not change her
shoes and directly ran to the living room.

She saw someone who shouldn't be here.


When the people in the living room heard footsteps, they all turned their heads and looked over.

"Yayoi, you're back.” Upon seeing Yayoi, Mrs. Song immediately stood up and quickly walked to her.
She grabbed her hand and whispered, “You and Maddox go out first. Your father and I can handle this.’

Yayoi glanced at her, then stared at Vito with cold eyes. She questioned, "Why are you here?”

"I'm here to visit Mr. Song and Mrs. Song: Vito put on his usual gentle smile. His gaze swept past
Maddox behind her, and a

trace of coldness quickly flashed through his eyes. Yayoi narrowed her eyes and sneered, "Vito, don't
you find yourself hypocritical?”

He had hurt her deeply, and her parents, but now he still had the cheek to come here. What was even
more shameful was that he could still say that he was here to see them as if nothing had happened?

Such a person was simply disgusting!

"Yayoi, I'm here to apologize.” Vito was sincere.

Before Yayoi could say anything, Mr. Song shouted, "No need, we don't need your apology. Get out of
here! You're not

welcome here!"

As he spoke, Mr. Song grabbed Vito's wrist and forcefully pulled him towards the door.

Vito did not expect them to be so merciless, and such an embarrassing moment was seen by Maddox.
He felt that he had lost

all face and was annoyed.

With a thought, he directly pulled Mr. Song's hand away and pushed him. Mr. Song staggered and was
about to fall. Maddox

stepped forward to support him, otherwise he would fall.

Yayoi was enraged. She rushed forward and pushed Vito hard, shouting, "Vito, you pushed my father.
Do you still have a conscience?”

Actually, he pushed Mr. Song on impulse. When he saw that Mr. Song was about to fall, Vito felt
nervous. He stretched out his

hand to pull, but Maddox was faster than him.

Looking at Yayoi's furious expression, Vito knew that he really couldn't be forgiven by them at all.

He could only say embarrassedly, "I'm sorry, Yayoi:

"Sorry?" Yayoi's voice was sharp as she sneered bluntly, "Can a single apology erase everything
you've done? Scram right

now. My parents, and I don't want to see you anymore.’

Vito swept his gaze over Maddox and saw him supporting Mr. Song with an indifferent expression, as if
what had happened had nothing to do with him.

The hands hanging by his side clenched tightly. He had to admit that Maddox was richer and better-
looking than him, but he was unwilling, unwilling to lose to Maddox.

He could let Yayoi go, but he could not lose his self-esteem as a man.

He knew that as long as he left today, it would be very difficult for him to see Mr. Song, Mrs. Song and
Yayoi again.

So, he couldn't just leave.

What happened next was such a great shock that Yayoi, Mr. Song, and Mrs. Song's eyes widened.
Even Maddox who was calm and indifferent felt surprised.

Vito suddenly knelt on the ground.

“Mr. Song, Mrs. Song...” He looked at them with a guilty expression. His eyes slowly turned red. "I was
too selfish in the past. I hurt you and let you down. I'm really sorry, I'm sorry.”

Vito cried, but Yayoi felt even more disgusted.

She sneered, "Vito, stop pretending to be pitiful now!”

Vito looked at Yayoi with tears rolling down his eyes. "Yayoi, I..”

Yayoi took a deep breath and curled her lips slightly, "Vito, if you really realize your mistake, then you
shouldn't have come to disturb us”

If he didn't come to them, then how could he take back everything that should have belonged to him?

Vito lowered his head and concealed his scheme. He continued to say pitifully, "Yayoi, I know I'm not
qualified to ask for your forgiveness, but I really love you. I really want to make up for what I've done

"We don't need your compensation. Get lost!" Mr. Song stepped forward and pulled Vito's clothes,
trying to drag him out.

However, his strength was completely insufficient to contend against Vito, so he failed no matter how
hard he tried.

At last, he could only turn to Maddox for help, "Maddox, help me drag him out:

Hearing this, Maddox walked over and reached out to drag Vito.

Vito hugged Mr. Song's leg and cried bitterly, "Mr. Song, I know I was wrong, I am sorry.”

“It's too late to admit your mistake now: Mr. Song mercilessly kicked him away without mercy.

Vito, who had been kicked away, had a sinister look in his eyes. He clenched his hands tightly and
endured such humiliation.

Maddox did not drag him. Instead, he squatted down. He lowered his voice and whispered in his ear,
"Mr. Hans, don't pretend. If you still have pride, then leave by yourself. Otherwise, I will throw you out. It
will be more embarrassing”

Vito was frightened as he turned around to stare at him, only to see him smiling, as if he had seen
through his expression.

Vito gritted his teeth in hatred and stood up reluctantly. He looked at Yayoi and said with a sad
expression, “Yayoi, since you all don't welcome me, I will leave. If you need my help, you can contact
me. You still are my friend”

"There's no need. We'll be strangers in the future. We don't know each other anymore.” Yayoi was
totally merciless towards him.

Vito looked at Mr. Song and Mrs. Song, who had always treated him kindly in the past. At this moment,
there was only disgust and anger in their eyes when they looked at him. Although he got what he

deserved, his heart ached.

In the end, he looked at Maddox with hatred before leaving.

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