Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 384: You Drive Me Mad

Yayoi helped her father to sit on the sofa in the living room, and then went to the kitchen with her
mother to get some water.

Mr. Song and Maddox were left in the living room.

Mr. Song turned to look at Maddox and heavily sighed, "Maddox, I'm really sorry. What happened just
now was terrible”

Maddox smiled and shook his head, "It's fine, Mr. Song-’

Mr. Song let out a big heavy sigh again and said indignantly, "Vito is such an ingrate. We were so nice
to him, but he actually dated the daughter of the Young

Group's boss for his own future. He even framed us. We were really wrong about him. However, Yayoi
was the one who suffered the most?

After they were taken away by the police, it could be imagined how much Yayoi suffered all of a
sudden. They wanted to be

there for her and comfort her, but the could do nothing in jail but worry about her.

Fortunately, there was someone by her side at that time.

Thinking of this, Mr. Song said to Maddox with great gratitude, “Maddox, thank you for being there for
Yayoi through the darkest days:

Maddox smiled. "Mr. Song, don’t mention it. Yayoi and I will get married. We will be family, so don't
regard me as an outsider:

After experiencing what happened just now, Mr. Song finally revealed a smile. He patted his thigh and
smiled, "You're right. We're family, so make yourself at home"

Maddox smiled and didn't say anything else.

After Vito made such a fuss, Mrs. Song was not in the mood to prepare any dinner, so the family went
out to eat.

Maddox took them to an upscale Chinese restaurant.

“Actually, we can go to other restaurants. There's no need to spend so much money” Mrs. Song did not
approve of eating in such a high-end place, and she was embarrassed to cost Maddox so much.

Maddox understood what she meant and smiled, "Mrs. Song, you don't need to save me money. You
are Yayoi's mother. You worth the money:

Hearing that, Mrs. Song liked him even more.

No mother-in-law would not like a generous son-in-law.

Moreover, he was also considerate. When ordering the dishes, he carefully asked them about their

Mr. Song and Mrs. Song were very satisfied. At the very least, he respected them.

Yayoi looked at him affectionately with a big smile.

“What's the matter?" She rarely looked at him with such an expression. Maddox couldn't help but be

“Maddox, you did a really good job today well today. You're truly worthy of being my man’ Yayoi said
with a smile.

“Is that so?" Maddox raised his eyebrows slightly, "Do you love me more?”

Yayoi nodded without hesitation, "Yes, I love you even more."

Maddox chuckled and reached out to touch her head. His handsome face was full of love.

Due to the intimate interaction between them, the sweetness almost filled the entire room. Mrs. Song
smiled and exchanged

glances with Mr. Song, then whispered, “Yayoi has found her Mr. Right this time”

Compared to Vito, Maddox was much better. More precisely, he was completely incomparable.

Mr. Song nodded in agreement, "Indeed, we can finally feel at ease”

As a father, his greatest wish was that his daughter would be able to find a man who loved her and be
happy for the rest of her life. Now, it seemed that she had found him.

As soon as Vito returned home, Candance immediately came to him and asked, “Where did you go?
Did you go to see Yayoi?"

Vito looked up at the angry woman in front of him. He frowned slightly and retorted discontentedly,
"Candance, can you stop being paranoid?"

“I'm paranoid? Vito, I know what you are doing: Candance said angrily, pointing at his nose. “Our family
has lost power, so you look down on me, look down on the Young family, and want to return to that
bitch so that your ambitions can be achieved!”

Vito lost his temper when he heard Candance's unreasonable accusation, and he shouted at
Candance, “Yes, I look down on you and your family, because you can no longer satisfy my ambitions. I
was really blind to be with you! Such an unreasonable woman!”

With that, he raised his hand and tugged at his tie, glared at Candance, and walked past her towards
the stairs.

Candance was shocked. She did not expect him to be so rude to her, and he even said his thoughts so

It was something that she had never expected.

After a long time, she finally reacted and bit her lips with a half-smile. A trace of hatred burst out from
her eyes.

She definitely would deal with Vito hard.

As soon as Vito went upstairs, he entered the study room and collapsed on the sofa. He raised his
hand and rubbed his nose.

The current situation was very unfavorable to him. The Young Group had been officially purchased by
Maddox. The Youngs

were now at most shareholders and had almost no real power.

It was hard for him to take the power he had dreamed of.

Just as he had said to Candance, the Youngs could no longer satisfy his ambitions.

That was why he wanted to get Yayoi back. As long as Yayoi was willing to help him, he could easily
take control of the Young

Group from Maddox.

However, what happened today showed him that Yayoi wouldn't forgive him anymore.

He thought that Mr. Song and Mrs. Song had treated him so well in the past. As long as he sincerely
apologized, they would

forgive him. Unexpectedly, they didn’t forgive him with a determined attitude.

He really got what he deserved.

If he had known earlier, he might not have done it back then.

If he hadn't betrayed Yayoi, then right now he ... But, if he hadn't betrayed Yayoi, how could Yayoi have
met Maddox? If so,

the Young Group wouldn't have been acquired, and he would only be a small employee of the Group.

This made it harder for him to realize his ambitions.

Now he had to think of another way to ask Yayoi's pardon.

Just as Vito closed his eyes and fell into his own thoughts, he did not discover that Candance had
entered the study.

Candance held a basin of water in her hand and slowly approached Vito with her light footsteps. Then,
she moved her arm and poured the entire basin of water onto Vito.

"Shit!" Vito jumped up. He lowered his head and looked at his wet clothes. Then, he raised his head
and glared at Candance, who was full of pride. "Candance, are you crazy?”

Candance smiled and said, "Yes, you drive me crazy!"

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