Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 387: It Was My Own Wishful Thinking

It was cold in Benin City, as winter arrived.

Wendy followed behind Maddox and arrived at the balcony on the third floor.

She was wearing thin clothes and walked from the warm room to the outside. With the change of
temperature, she

sneezed heavily.

When Maddox heard it, he turned around and saw her trembling, looking very cold.

Seeing her thin clothes, he took off his suit immediately and walked over to put it on for her.

Wendy was flattered by his sudden behavior. She looked at him with a pair of crystal eyes.

She was touched.

Seeing this, Maddox was afraid that she would misunderstand and hurriedly explained, "I'm afraid that
if you catch a cold,

grandpa will worry about you.”

His words were like a basin of cold water pouring on her heart. She pouted and said, “Is that so?"

It turned out that he was not concerning about her. He did this just because he was afraid that his
grandpa would be


How hardhearted he was!

However, her hands were still tightly clutching his coat. She could still feel his temperature on it, as well
as his smell.

She felt as if she were hugged by him.

How could she bear to take off this coat?

So, although he wasn't concerning about her....

She didn't care.

Maddox walked over and put his hands on the railing. He looked up at the pitch-black sky. Even the
stars were afraid of

coldness in winter and hided themselves.

He pursed his lips tightly, with his eyes becoming gloomy.

Wendy slowly walked to his side and looked ahead.

The Shen family's villa was located halfway up the hill. Looking out from here, one could see the
flickering lights in the

bustling city and imagine how lively the city would be.

Silence spread between the two people, and there was nothing else beside their ears except the sound
of the wind.

After a long time, Wendy broke the silence and said, "Maddox, what do you want to talk about?"

Maddox slowly said, "Were you serious today?"

So, that was what he wanted to ask!

Wendy felt a little disappointed. This was the first time he wanted to talk with her, but she didn't expect
that he still wanted

to talk about the engagement between them.

She took a deep breath and said, "Of course."

“Then what is grandfather's attitude?” Before he left today, she said that she would convince his
grandfather. Now, he just

wanted to know what result was. Was he against or for it?

“Maddox, you know grandpa's personality. What attitude do you think he has?" Wendy leaned
sideways, staring at his

handsome side face.

Maddox turned his head to glance at her and said, "He still doesn't agree, right?"

Wendy chuckled and said, "Grandpa feels that if the engagement between you and me is dissolved, he
will be sorry for my


Maddox frowned and said, "Grandpa is too stubborn."

Wendy glanced at him and put her hands on the railing. She said softly, "Maddox, do you still
remember our first meeting?

At that time, my parents had just passed away, and I suddenly lost two close relatives. Although I was
young, I knew that I would be an orphan from then on. But just when I thought my world had collapsed,
your grandpa appeared. He brought me to the Shen family, and I saw a tall and thin boy."

She paused and said, "He smiled gently at me and said, 'Welcome, you can call me Maddox. I will
protect you in the future.’

From then on, he was in my heart. I love him, I love him very much."

The sudden confession of love shocked Maddox. He turned his head and met her affectionate eyes. He
hurriedly looked

away uncomfortably.

He did not realize that his action caused a trace of disappointment to appear in her eyes.

She smiled bitterly and said, "Unfortunately, he doesn't love me. He loves someone else."

When she finished speaking, it became silent again.

“Sorry, Wendy,’ After a while, Maddox said in an apologetic tone.


What she wanted was not an apology from him, but the admission that he could love her.

Wendy took a deep breath and pretended to be indifferent, saying, "Maddox, you don't have to
apologize. This is my own

wishful thinking. You're not wrong.”

She smiled and continued, "Maddox, you don't have to be mentally burdened. Since I can say it now, it
means that I want to

let it go. I will help you convince him until he agrees to my request.”

Seeing her like this, Maddox couldn't help but be touched. He reached out to stroke her head and said
in a very brisk tone,

"Thank you, Wendy. Just tell me what you want. I can help you fulfill whatever is within my ability."

I want you to marry me. Wendy said silently in her heart. However, this request was not within his

So, she pondered for a moment and then said, "Could you ... treat me to a meal?"

“Such a simple request?” Maddox raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Wendy smiled slightly, "Then treat me to dinner now and then. Just you and me."

Maddox nodded without hesitation and said, “Alright, you have my words."

Wendy smiled happily. As long as he agreed, it would be good. In the future, they would be able to get
along alone. Then,

he would slowly discover that she was a good girl.

"Maddox, since you don't love me, then I won't love you anymore. So, can you find a boyfriend for me?"

Wendy tilted her head and raised her eyebrows at him playfully.

"No problem." Maddox agreed straightforwardly, "Then tell me what kind of boyfriend you want.”

“Well...." Wendy thought about it seriously, then smiled and said, "He must be as good as you.”

"Like me?" Maddox raised his eyebrows in surprise and said in a very regretful tone, "Then I'm afraid I
can't find one for you.

After all, I'm too outstanding.”

Wendy laughed and said, “Maddox, you're still as narcissistic as before."

"I'm not being narcissistic. I'm telling the truth.”

Wendy smiled even more when she heard this.

Suddenly, she felt that the gap between them had completely disappeared. It was as if they had
returned to their childhood.

He was still the Maddox who loved her, and she was still the younger sister who secretly had a crush
on him.

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