The convenient Bride

Chapter 388: You Are a Bad Actress

Rosiley and Butler Zhao formally charged Xenia with intentional homicide, attempted homicide, and
forgery of documents.

If convicted, Xenia would have to spend at least ten years in prison.

With regard to the case of Seneca's breathing tube being cut, there was a surveillance video as
evidence. Even though

Xenia denied that the person in the video was not her, after technical analysis, it was confirmed that the
person was Xenia herself.

As for the forgery of the letter of transfer of shares. After the analysis of the handwriting, although it
was very similar, it

was not signed by Seneca.

Xenia had already been convicted in these two cases, but because she had applied for bail pending
trial because of her

discomfort, the two cases were temporarily put on hold.

This time, because of Butler Zhao's case, the two cases were reviewed. At Rosiley's request, the court
asked Xenia to

undergo a new medical examination to determine if she was seriously ill.

To avoid fraud, the court sent people to the hospital to supervise the entire examination process and
did not allow anyone

to cover it up.

“Rorey, what should we do?"

At the door of the B-ultrasound room, Xenia held her daughter's hand tightly and glanced at the people
sent by the court in


The people sent by the court were watching her closely. From the examination until the report came
out, they were always

with her. There was also a person who was accompanying doctor, which made it impossible for them to

Rorey frowned. She did not know what to do. Rosiley was the one who applied to the court for this re-
examination. She had

already talked to the doctor in advance. However, she did not expect that the court would send people
to supervise her. This simply burned their bridge.

If her mother was found to be in good health, it would prove that they lied. The court had the right to
accept Rosiley's

statement, which would be even more disadvantageous to them.

She must think of a way.

Rorey bit her lip and whispered in Xenia’s ear, "Mom, you'll pretend to be sick later. Show as much pain
as you can. Then I'll

call the doctor.’

“Will this work?” Xenia looked at her worriedly.

Rorey nodded, saying, "It will work, mom, just do as I say.”

Xenia frowned. The current situation did not allow her to hesitate. Now, she could only do as her
daughter said.

Not long after they whispered to each other, Xenia suddenly covered her chest and moaned in pain.

“Mom, what's wrong with you?” Rorey was shocked!

“My chest hurts...." Xenia kept stroking her chest, with her expression twisted, looking particularly

"Doctor, doctor!" Rorey hugged Xenia's shoulder tightly and shouted anxiously.

A doctor rushed over and saw Xenia in pain. He hurriedly called the nurses and helped bring Xenia to
the emergency room.

The people sent by the court silently watched what happened and took out their mobile phones to notify
Captain Smith

and Rosiley.

When Rosiley and Captain Smith arrived at the hospital, Xenia had already left the emergency room
and returned to the


"Was she treating us like fools? How dared her to play such a trick?" Before entering the ward, Captain
Smith said to

Rosiley with a look of disdain.

Rosiley shrugged her shoulders, saying, "Perhaps. Anyway, let us act according to the situation now.
The more she tries to

escape the blame, the more we can't let her get what she wants.”

Captain Smith nodded, "I know."

With that, they walked into the ward one after the other.

The moment Rosiley entered the ward and saw her, Rorey immediately rushed forward. Before she
could react, Rorey slapped her in her face fiercely.

Following closely behind was Rorey's furious roar. "Rosiley, if anything happens to my mother, I will
definitely not let you


Rosiley covered her fiery and painful cheeks and licked the corner of her lips with the tip of her tongue.
There was blood.

It was a heavy slap. She heard buzzing, and her cheeks almost went numb.

Rosiley bit her lips, and a trace of ruthlessness rose in her eyes. She raised her eyes and glared at
Rorey in front of her. She

said with a cold smile, "Rorey, how dare you to hit me?”

Rorey snorted coldly, "So what? What a heartless asshole you are!"

She was heartless?!

Was she kidding??

Rosiley couldn't help but laugh out loud. She forgot the injury on her cheek, and the laugh caused her
to frown slightly. She

stopped laughing and looked at Rorey with ridicule in her eyes, saying, "Rorey, you know clearly in your
heart who is the most

heartless one."

They confronted each other without showing any signs of weakness, and the atmosphere was
stalemate for a time.

“Alright, we're not here to watch you make a scene." Captain Smith walked over and coldly glanced at
Rorey. Then, he

looked at Rosiley's swollen face and frowned, saying, "Miss Tang, I suggest you do an examination.
You can accuse her of

intentionally injuring.”

Rosiley raised her eyebrows slightly and said, "Thank you for the reminder, Captain Smith. Otherwise, I
would have

forgotten that I could do this."

However, she still advocated that an eye for an eye. Since Rorey was unreasonable, then why should
she be reasonable?

Captain Smith nodded and turned to look at Xenia, who closed her eyes and lay on the bed. He asked
coldly, "Miss Gu, what

happened to your mother?"

"A sudden heart attack."

"Heart attack?" Captain Smith raised his eyebrows, asking, "This illness comes too timely, doesn't it?”

His tone was full of ridicule. He gave Rorey a meaningful glance, then walked to the bed and looked
down at Xenia


"Captain Smith, what do you mean?” Rorey followed and questioned in a dissatisfied tone.

“Nothing,” Captain Smith replied coldly without even looking at her.

Rorey's face went gloomy, and she shouted, "Captain Smith, my mother is suffering, but you're still
suspecting her illness.

Will you believe her only after she's dead?"

Captain Smith turned around and ignored her. He looked up at Rosiley and said, "Miss Tang, come
over and take a look.”

Hearing this, Rosiley walked to the other side of the bed.

“What's wrong?" Rosiley asked.

“Nothing much, I just want you to see someone pretending to be asleep.” Captain Smith motioned for
her to look at Xenia.

Hearing this, Rorey's face instantly became pale.

Rosiley lowered her head and noticed that Xenia's eyelids were moving.

How could the eyelids of a truly sleeping person move?

"Xenia, you are a bad actress!" She couldn't help but laugh out loud.