The convenient Bride

Chapter 389: The Death Threat

Since she had been seen through, there was no need for her to continue pretending.

Xenia opened her eyes and looked coldly at Captain Smith and Rosiley. She asked, "Are you two
satisfied now?"

Rosiley and Captain Smith glanced at each other and then laughed scornfully, "Xenia, you're really
amazing. Not only are you pretending to be sick, but you're also pretending to be asleep. Do you think
we're fools?"

"My mother's illness is real. She pretends to be asleep just because she doesn't want to see you two,’
Rorey shouted at Rosiley, looking furious.

Rosiley glanced at her indifferently and snorted, saying, "The doctor will tell us if you are pretending to
be sick."

Rorey and Xenia's expressions instantly changed when they heard that Xenia was about to be

Rosiley watched this quietly, with her eyes filled with mockery. She turned around and sat on the sofa.
She calmly took out her phone and dialed under their gaze.

When she got through, she looked at Rorey and Xenia and said to the person on the other side of the
phone, "Doctor, this is Rosiley. I made an appointment with you last night. Is it okay for you to come
over now?"

Hearing this, Rorey and Xenia looked at each other, not understanding what Rosiley was doing.

Rosiley hung up the phone and said to Captain Smith with a smile, "Captain Smith, the doctor will
come over later to give her a new examination."

"Really?" Captain Smith already knew that Rosiley had arranged for another doctor to examine Xenia,
but he was still surprised and asked, "Is the doctor reliable?"

Rosiley glanced at Rorey and Xenia, whose faces had turned pale, and said with a slight smile, "Of
course, he wasn't bribed."

"Rosiley, what do you mean?" Rorey questioned.

Rosiley smiled and said, "I'm worried that the doctors in this hospital are not reliable. If the examination
result is wrong, wouldn't it be bad for you? So for your own good, I asked a new doctor to examine you.
If you are sick, then you will receive proper treatment. But if you are not sick...”

"Rorey...." Xenia uneasily grabbed Rorey's hand.

Rorey turned to look at her. Seeing her mother's uneasy and frightened expression, she frowned. She
gritted her teeth and coldly said to Rosiley, "My mother doesn't need to be examined anymore. This
hospital is the best hospital in Benin. How can the examination result be fake?"

"Indeed, the hospital is the best." Rorey nodded, then a mocking smile appeared on her face. "But
some doctors have no professional ethics and are willing to lie for their own interests. How can such
doctors be trusted?"

Rorey narrowed her eyes and said, "Are you saying that I bribe the doctor?"

Rosiley raised her eyebrows, saying "I didn't say that. You said it yourself."

"Rosiley, don't try to slander me. You'd better give evidence before you suspect someone. Also, my
mother refuses to be examined by a doctor comes from nowhere."

"Captain Smith, police have no right to force an unarmed woman to undergo such an examination,
right?" Rorey stared at Captain Smith fiercely.

"Indeed." Captain Smith calmly agreed with her. He put his hands in his pockets and walked to the
door. He turned to look inside with a faint smile on his face, saying, "Since the police have no right to
force you, then I will leave. You should settle it by yourselves. I can pretend that I don't know anything.’

Captain Smith's attitude was that he neither forced it nor stopped it.

"Rorey, what should we do now?" Xenia was completely anxious. In order to avoid punishment, she
was faking all those illnesses.

If she was examined by a new doctor, everything would be exposed.

Then the only thing awaiting her was an even more severe punishment.

No, she's not going to jail!

Rorey walked to Rosiley and said angrily, "Rosiley, why can't you let go of my mother? Even if she did
hurt our father, she did it in a moment of aberration. Can't you forgive her?"

What she said was too ridiculous.

Rosiley laughed and said, "Rorey, why are you still so shameless? Your mother did such an
abominable thing, how can I forgive her? My father almost died, so did Butler Zhao. I have no reason to
forgive her."

Rorey clenched her fist tightly, took a deep breath, and suddenly said, "Sorry, Rosiley, what happened
before was my fault. I shouldn't have ruined your relationship with Yunis, nor hurt my father for
occupying the Tang Group. It was all my fault, and I apologize to you."

Rosiley widened her eyes in surprise. Obviously, she did not expect her to suddenly act like this.

Rorey was such an arrogant person who hated her so much. But now, for her mother, she even

If it were not for their deep grudges, to be honest, such a daughter would be quite touching.

But Rosiley didn't buy it.

"Rorey, isn't it too late for you to say this now? I don't care what happened in the past. What I care
about now is that the bad guy should get what she deserves."

"You...." Rorey’s eyes widened. She had already given in, but Rosiley was still so stubborn.

Rosiley said, "Rorey, this is the end. Your mother can't escape this time."

Rorey glared at her calm face. She was inwardly furious. If ... if Rosiley wasn't in this world anymore,
wouldn't her mother have to be so scared?

Just as Rorey was thinking this, a sudden force pushed her to the side. Before she could react, a
woman ran past her.

When she steadied herself, she saw her mother holding a fruit knife against Rosiley's neck.

"Mom, what are you doing?" Rorey cried out in surprise. It was hard to believe that her mother would
do such a foolish thing.

The sudden occurrence confused Rosiley. She tilted her head slightly to look at Xenia, who was
standing behind her. Xenia noticed that she was looking at her, and the knife against Rosiley's neck
moved closer to her skin. Xenia said fiercely, "Rosiley, don't blame me. You've been pressing me all
this time. I can only do this."

"Mom, don't be rash. Put the knife down, okay?" Rorey said softly, "We can slowly think of a way to
solve this matter, but if you do this, there is no way."