The convenient Bride

Chapter 382: It's Not That Simple

Captain Smith sat on the sofa beside and stared at Xenia sharply. He read every slight change on her

However, Captain Smith found that Xenia was very cunning, because she evaded the crucial points
when she answered questions from Soames. Although her answers were clearly fake, they were so

He thought that this case was very troublesome.

"Ms. Xenia, the last question. You must answer honestly. If we find out that you are hiding the truth, we
have the right to arrest you for your disturbing the police.

Soames’ gaze was sharp as he looked at Xenia, and he warned with a gentle tone.

Xenia smiled, "Officer Soames, what you said is really funny. You asked so many questions and I
answered you seriously, didn't I?"

Soames chuckled softly, "Ms. Xenia, no matter if it was true or false, I have the ability to distinguish it.
All you need to do is answering this question truthfully”

Xenia nodded, “Alright, go ahead.”

Soames looked down at the case record in his hand. He raised his eyebrows and looked at Xenia. "Ms.
Xenia, do you know Garland Cheek?”

Xenia thought that he was going to ask questions related to the case, so she was astonished when she
hear Garland's name.

Soames repeated, "Ms. Xenia, do you know Garland Cheek?”

Xenia regained her senses and shook her head without thinking. She denied, “I don't know any

"You don't know him? Are you sure?” Soames asked.

Xenia was anxious, "No, I don't know him. Don't ask me again and again:

Seeing that her emotions were finally fluctuating, Soames turned around and exchanged a knowing
look with Captain Smith. And then he closed the case record in his hand and stood up. He said politely
to Xenia, "Thank you for your time today, Ms. Xenia”

Now that the interrogation was over, Xenia gradually relaxed. She quietly watched Soames walk over
to Captain Smith and hand him the notebook.

Captain Smith took it and flipped through it for a while. Then, he closed it and held it in his hand. He
walked towards Xenia.

Xenia looked at Captain Smith with caution.

Captain Smith stopped in front of her with an expressionless face. "Ms. Xenia, the case of Mr. Tang and
your forging documents is still under trial. You only applied for bail pending trial because of illness, but
your punishment is not exonerated. I just want to tell you seriously that it is not late for you to confess
your crime. Otherwise, when we find out the facts are completely different from what you said, then
your crime will be aggravated and the punishment will be harder”

Xenia was not an idiot and she understood that well. But she still wanted to take a chance, and she
didn't want Rosiley to be pleased. So she said firmly, "Don't worry, Captain Smith, every word I said is
true. I'm not afraid of your investigation”

It seemed that Xenia would never give up until there was no way out. Since that was the case, Captain
Smith didn't have to speak to the wind.

Therefore, Captain Smith put on a faint smile and he said indifferently, "I hope you can remember what
you said today’

Captain Smith left with his men. Rorey hurriedly walked into the ward and asked anxiously, “Mom, how
is it? Did they make things difficult for you?”

Xenia was exhausted and she lay on into the sofa.

Rorey quickly walked to Xenia's side and asked anxiously, "Mom, are you OK?"

“I'm fine” Xenia nodded weakly. She grabbed Rorey's hand and asked, "Rorey, what did your father
say? Will he help me?"

Rorey bit her lips and looked at Xenia's face full of hopefulness. She had to nod and said, “Dad said he
would help you”

Xenia heaved a sigh of relief. "Oh, great. As long as your father is willing to help me, I don't need to
worry now:

Rorey wanted to tell Xenia that Garland didn't want to help her. Instead, he wanted Xenia to take on all
the accusations to protect his only daughter.

How could she tell her mother such a thing?

She didn't want to disappoint her mother, so she would find a way to solve the problem herself. Apart
from protecting her mother, the most important thing was to displease Rosiley.

Captain Smith told Rosiley everything. Rosiley remained silent for a long time before asking, "Captain
Smith, who is Garland?"

"He is Xenia's ex-husband, Rorey's biological father”

“Biological father?" Rosiley raised her eyebrows in surprise, “Rorey Gu and Garland Cheek, they don't
share the same surnamed. How could they be related?”

"According to our investigation, after Xenia and Garland parted ways, Xenia discovered that she was
pregnant. So she randomly married someone, whose surname was Gu, and then divorced him soon.
Afterwards, she met your father!

Rosiley shook her head and exclaimed in disapproval, "I am surprised that Xenia lived a wonderful life
when she was young,”

Captain Smith laughed and said, "Ms. Rosiley, your focus may be off”

“Sorry” Rosiley rubbed her nose embarrassedly. She put on a serious face and asked, "Why did you
ask her if she recognized Garland?"

Captain Smith pondered for a moment. "I just wanted to test her. It is pointless.

This was completely beyond Rosiley's expectations. She couldn't help but laugh, "You guys spent a
long time to ask some pointless questions’

Captain Smith was embarrassed. He pursed his lower lip and explained, "It is not pointless. At the very
least, we know that she was lying:

Rosiley laughed with a little frustration, "I've told you all the details. We can see at a glance if she is
lying. Why bother?”

Captain Smith raised his eyebrows and asked half-jokingly, “If I told you that things weren't that simple,
would you believe me?"

“I'll believe you if you say so” Rosiley looked at him and raised her chin to signal him to go ahead.

“Actually, before you asked me to investigate this case, our team received a phone call. The other party
told us a lot about

Xenia, and at last he said that his name was Garland Cheek’

Rosiley was astonished. She didn't expect that.

"So... this is the real reason why you asked Xenia?" Rosiley had the feeling that he was making up a
story and she didn't dare to believe what he said.

Captain Smith nodded, “Yes”

Rosiley laughed hollowly and said, "Captain Smith, if you don't explain it to me, I have to doubt your
team’s ability of handing

a case’

Captain Smith smiled, "Ms. Rosiley, don't worry. Our team is still very capable”

"Whether you're capable or not will depend on how the case is handled this time’ Rosiley felt that she
was right to ask Captain

Smith to investigate this case.

She believed that with Captain Smith's help, Xenia would soon be brought to justice.