The convenient Bride

Chapter 392: The Engagement Is Canceled

Because he had promised Wendy, Maddox took the time to accompany her to dinner today. After
dinner, she asked him to accompany her to go shopping.

To be honest, he had been dating Yayoi for a few months, but he hadn't accompanied Yayoi to go

He didn't want to accompany her at first, but he couldn't stand Wendy begging so long, so he agreed.

Compared to Wendy, who was so excited that she would walk in almost every shop, Maddox was a
little absent-minded.

At first, he wanted to send her home after dinner so that he could go meet Yayoi. Bu now, he didn't
know how long she would be shopping.

He raised his hand and looked at his watch, with his handsome face filled with impatience.

"Maddox, the clothes in that shop look good. Let's go take a look.” Wendy was immersed in the joy of
his accompany, so she naturally ignored his obvious impatience. She held his hand and said, "Maddox,
let's go.”

Maddox slightly lowered his eyelids and noticed that she was holding his hand. Then, he withdrew his
hand secretly and said with a light smile, "You can go shopping alone.”

As he said that, he took out his wallet and handed her a card, saying, "Buy whatever you like."

Wendy stared at the card. She hesitated for a while and raised her hand to take the card. She smiled
and said, "Thank you,


Maddox smiled and stroked her head. Then, he said goodbye to her and left.

Watching him slowly disappear in the crowd, Wendy looked down at the card in her hand carefully and
forced a smile.

What she wanted was not such a card, but his company.

After he left, she had no interest in continuing to go shopping.

She walked to the side of the street and was about to cross the road to take a taxi.

Raising her head, she saw the person sitting by the window of the coffee shop across the street. Her
eyebrows raised, and

amockery smile appeared on her face.

What a coincidence!

Why was Maddox with her?

When Juliet saw that Rosiley and Yayoi were looking out, she also did it. When she saw Maddox and
Wendy, her eyes widened in surprise.

“Who is she?" Rosiley turned around and asked her.

"Wendy, Maddox's fiancé.”

This answer surprised Rosiley. She looked at Yayoi worriedly, only to see her calm expression that
revealed no emotion.

Afterwards, she continued to look at the men and women who were talking across the street.

They were too far away, so they could only see Maddox say something to Wendy and then leave.

Wendy, who was about to cross the road, saw them and stood there, looking at them for so long. Then,
she crossed the road and walked straight into the coffee shop.

"Holy shit, she's not coming to meet us, is she?” Juliet looked at Rosiley and Yayoi in disbelief.

Rosiley frowned slightly and said, "Probably."

As expected, Wendy came, smiled kindly and greet them.

Rosiley had never seen Wendy before and had only heard of her from her two good friends. They
described Wendy as ordinary looking, seemingly gentle, yet scheming.

But she felt different when she saw her in person.

Although his appearance was normal, the smile on his face was incomparably sincere and kind. She
could not tell that she

was scheming at all.

\"Wendy, I don't think we're familiar enough to greet each other naturally.” Juliet forced a cold smile,
with her eyes filled with ridicule.

Wendy smiled awkwardly and said, "Indeed, we are not familiar enough.”

The moment she saw Maddox and Wendy walking together, Yayoi was already unhappy inside. But
she didn't want her good friends to worry, so she tried to maintain calm and tranquility.

She picked up the cup and took a sip, not looking at Wendy.

As her good friend, Rosiley could still see through her true thoughts. She was clearly feeling extremely
uncomfortable, but she pretended not to care about it.

Rosiley asked unconcernedly, "Miss Wendy, did Maddox go back?"

“He went back,’ Wendy replied with a smile, "I asked him to go shopping with me, but he didn't like
shopping, so he went back.”

When she said this, she always had a faint smile on her face, and she seemed quite calm.

"What a pity!" Rosiley curled her lips regretfully and said, “I was about to tell him to drive Yayoi home."

Wendy smiled and said, "I guess the reason he wanted to go back was to accompany Miss Yayoi."

Wendy looked at Yayoi with a smile, saying, "Miss Yayoi, why don't you call Maddox and ask him to
come back to pick you up?"

Hearing this, Yayoi turned her head and glanced sideways at her, saying, "Thank you. You don't need
to worry about me."

Her tone was so calm and impassive.

The smile on Wendy's face froze, but she quickly recovered and said, "What happened before was my
fault. I hope you can

forgive me."

Yayoi widened her eyes in surprise. She could not believe that she had apologized for what had
happened before and even begged for forgiveness.

It was strange.

"Wendy, what trick are you playing?” Juliet asked sternly.

Previously, she had used money to humiliate and even threatened Yayoi. But how did her attitude
change so much? It was too suspicious.

"No tricks. I'm just sincerely apologizing, Wendy smiled at Juliet and continued, "I've already decided to
cancel the engagement with Maddox, so you don't have to defend me like this."

"The engagement was canceled?” Juliet frowned and looked at Yayoi, asking, "Yayoi, did Maddox tell
you this?”

However, Rosiley replied, "Yes, he did."

“Rosiley, do you know?" Juliet looked at her in surprise.

Rosiley nodded, "Yes, I know. Maddox told me."

"Really?" Juliet still did not believe that Wendy was so kind-hearted. She must have other intentions.

Wendy smiled as if she had seen through her suspicions. "I know that none of you will believe me now,
but very soon, you will, she said.

Her certainty caused Rosiley to raise her eyebrows slightly. She pondered for a moment and asked,
"Does Maddox's grandfather agree?"

"He doesn't, but I will try to convince him.”

"Do you think you can convince him?" Rosiley asked again.

Wendy replied with a smile, "I have perseverance, so everything I want to do will be done."

Seeing the undisguised confidence on her face, Rosiley couldn't help but believe that she wanted to
cancel the engagement genuinely.