The convenient Bride

Chapter 393: How Did She Disappear?


Hearing this, Rosiley turned around and saw Juliet whispering in her ear, “I think she's lying. She must
be trying to do something."

Rosiley raised her eyebrows and looked at Juliet in agreement. She pursed her lips and swept her
gaze over Yayoi thoughtfully.

Then, her gaze landed on Wendy's ordinary face, and she smiled, "Miss Xu, have you finished?”

Wendy was surprised. "Yes."

Rosiley smiled politely, "Because we have some personal matters to discuss, can you excuse us for a

The implication was to ask her to leave.

Wendy smiled and said, "Alright, see you. We'll talk later if there's a chance.”

After saying that, she nodded slightly to them, then turned around, and the smile on her face instantly
faded, changing into

a gloomy expression.

Seeing Wendy walk out of the coffee shop, Rosiley turned to look at Yayoi, "Yayoi, do you believe what
she said?"

Yayoi gently shook her head, "I don't believe it.”

"I don't believe it either.” Juliet echoed.

Rosiley frowned and thought for a moment, then said, "Do you think she performed a somersault to get

"Yes, I think so.” Juliet rolled her eyes angrily. "Actually, the moment I heard her say that she wanted to
cancel the

engagement, I had this thought.”

She paused for a moment before continuing, "Since she spent money to separate Yayoi and Maddox,
she must want to marry Maddox. How can she change in such a short period?"

"Juliet is right.” Yayoi nodded. "When Maddox told me about this, I was very surprised, but I didn't
believe Wendy."

Rosiley curled her lips and said, “Alright, actually, when Maddox told me, I was also suspicious. After all
... Maddox's grandfather was not someone that could be easily persuaded.”

If it were easy to persuade him, Sachin would have settled it.

"I think...” Juliet hesitated for a moment. "Maddox was with her just now. Was it because she said that
she wanted to cancel the engagement?"

Rosiley looked at Yayoi and said, “It's up to Yayoi to ask Maddox herself.”

Yayoi lowered her head and remained silent.

Rosiley and Juliet glanced at each other and did not talk about Maddox anymore. Instead, they
changed the topic and began to talk about other things.

After a few days of depression, Rosiley finally regained her vitality and returned to work with her two
good friends and Sachin.

On this day, as soon as she entered the office, Raye rushed over and shouted, "Rosiley, something big

Looking at Raye's anxious expression, Rosiley smiled, "What happened that frightens you so much?"

"Hazel is missing.”

She wanted to pass Raye to her seat, but Raye’s words made her suddenly stop. She turned around
and thought that she

had heard wrongly, "Raye, what did you just say?"

Raye swallowed his saliva, "I said, Hazel is missing.”

Rosiley's expression immediately became serious. "How did she disappear?"

“I don't know.” Raye shook his head. "During these past days when you haven't come to work, it has
made a stir in the entire

entertainment industry. It's said that after Hazel's performance in “Empresses in the Palace” was
completed, she drove back

to Benin by herself, and then she disappeared.”

"How could this be?” Rosiley frowned. She thought for a moment, then quickly walked to her seat and
sat down. She threw her bag on the desk, turned on the computer, opened the web page, and typed
"Hazel" in the search box.

A lot of searches popped up at once, and the news of Hazel's disappearance was at the top.

She clicked on the news and read carefully. All she knew was that Hazel had disappeared on her way
back to Benin. The police were still investigating, but there were no results.

"Rosiley, do you think she will disappear for no reason?" Raye, who was standing behind her, asked.

Rosiley gently shook her head, then leaned back against the chair and bit her finger with a thoughtful

Rosiley already had an answer for Hazel's disappearance.

"Rosiley...” Seeing that she remained silent for a long time, Raye called out.

Rosiley came to her senses and turned to look at him. She smiled and said, "What's wrong?"

Raye looked around, then leaned over to her ear and whispered, “Rosiley, do you think someone
kidnapped Hazel?"

Rosiley blinked, "Why do you say that?"

Raye thought for a moment, “If it weren't for someone kidnapping her, how could she have disappeared
out of thin air?"

"Perhaps there's something strange going on." Rosiley joked.

“The supernatural?” Raye raised his eyebrows in disbelief, "How could something like this happen?
Someone must have kidnapped Hazel.”

Rosiley smiled and pushed him back to his seat to work.

The surroundings quieted down. She knitted her eyebrows and thought about Hazel's disappearance.

At this moment, her phone rang, interrupting her thoughts.

When she saw the phone, she raised her eyebrows in surprise. It was Yunis.

He must call her for Hazel.

“Rosiley, where did you hide Hazel?” Yunis’ furious voice sounded.

Rosiley was dumbfounded. She looked around, afraid that she would disturb her colleague. She got up
and walked into the

break room.

"Yunis, are you crazy?" Rosiley bluntly scolded.

“Rosiley, I don't have the time to argue with you. Let Hazel go. Otherwise, I will definitely deal with you

For Rosiley, Yunis’ threat sounded very ridiculous. She sneered, "Yunis, who told you that Hazel is with

Yunis fell silent.

Thus, Rosiley guessed boldly, "Did Rorey tell you?"

There was still silence on the other side of the phone.

"Yunis, who do you think hates Hazel the most? Rorey or I? You are a smart person, so think carefully."

Rosiley finished speaking and waited in an unhurried manner. She leaned against the window with her
phone in her hand, her gaze falling on the slightly dark sky outside the window.

"Is Hazel really not with you?” Yunis’ voice rang out after a long time.

"Of course not. I wish I could get rid of you guys. How could I ever ask for trouble and get involved with
you guys again?"

Although she said that Yunis was a smart person, the call from him was enough to prove that he
believed what Rorey said and was not smart enough.

However, people who were in panic couldn't help but lose their rationality.