The convenient Bride

Chapter 394: A Chilly Machine Without Feeling

"You cant get rid of this.’

This was what Yunis said before hanging up the phone. Rosiley didn't want to refute anything and hung
up the phone directly.

Actually, the first thought that flashed through her mind when she heard that Hazel had disappeared
was that this was definitely related to Rorey.

And now, she was completely certain that Hazel's disappearance was caused by Rorey.

It was Rorey who kidnapped Hazel and then framed her. This way, Yunis and even the Jis would come
to find trouble with her.

Sure enough, it was a way to kill two birds with one stone.

However, Rorey's wishful thinking failed to come true. She, Rosiley, was not a fool, so how could she
not see through her


Hazel's disappearance had nothing to do with her, but now that Rorey had set her up, she was afraid
that she would be involved.

Rosiley curled her lips helplessly. Shouldn't she go to the temple and ask for a talisman to guard
against the villain?

That night, when Rosiley and Sachin were having dinner, Sasha suddenly ran to them in panic.

"Rosiley, Sachin, the police are here.”


Rosiley and Sachin looked at each other, then put down their chopsticks and hurriedly walked out to
see what was going on.

As soon as they walked out of the dining room, they saw nearly ten policemen standing in the room.
The leading policeman saw them, greeted them and showed his police card. "Sorry to interrupt. I'm

Marvin from the City Criminal Investigation Brigade. I wanted to ask Miss Tang some questions about
Hazel's disappearance.”

They came for investigating Hazel's disappearance.

Sachin's expression was cold as he looked at Marvin. "Didn't your leader tell you who should be
investigated and who shouldn't be investigated?"

Marvin laughed, "You are Mr. Sachin, aren't you?"

Sachin rarely appeared in public, so very few people knew him. However, this policeman recognized
him. Sachin slightly frowned and looked at Marvin with more curiosity.

Rosiley was also very surprised. It made sense that the leader of the Public Security Bureau knew
Sachin, but it was strange for a policeman to know him as well.

Marvin continued, "Mr. Sachin, I know who you are, but I hope you can cooperate with the police. We
just want to ask your wife for some information.”

Damn, even he knew that she was Sachin's wife.

Where did this cop come from?

Rosiley turned around and saw that Sachin's face darkened. He looked at them with deep and sharp
gaze. No one knew what he was thinking right now.

However, she thought, he should be as surprised as she was.

Marvin inquired about the relationship between her and Hazel. After he finished asking, he smiled and
said to her, "Thank you for your cooperation.”

Rosiley replied with a smile, "You're welcome. This is what every citizen should do."

Marvin nodded slightly at her and turned to look at Sachin. He wore a big smile and said very clearly,
"Mr. Sachin, Mr. Lu wanted to tell you that it's not too late to turn back now, or else you will bear the

Hearing this, Rosiley's eyes widened. Mr. Lu? Sachin's father?

Could it be that this policeman and Sachin's father knew each other? No wonder he knew Sachin and
knew that she was Sachin's wife.

Sachin glared at Marvin. The latter smiled warmly and looked at him calmly without the slightest bit of

Sachin slowly curled his lips with a disdainful look. "Then please go back and tell him that I won't turn

Marvin raised his eyebrows and stood up, "Alright, we'll go.”

Marvin and the other policemen quickly left. The room instantly quieted down, as if they had never
been here before.

Rosiley recalled that Mr. Lu had asked Marvin to convey the message to Sachin. Her eyebrows knitted.
She pondered for a

moment and then asked, "Sachin, could it be that Hazel's disappearance has something to do with your

Hearing this, Sachin turned to look at her with serious gaze. "It has nothing to do with him.”

Really? Rosiley frowned even more tightly. If so, why did the policeman who came to investigate
happen to know his father?

"He just took this opportunity to give me a warning,’ Sachin said indifferently.


Rosiley immediately understood, "He wanted to make trouble for me, did he?"

Sachin nodded, "Well, no matter who kidnapped Hazel, he will frame you and shift the blame onto you."

Rosiley was dumbfounded. “Did he treat the police as fools?"

Hearing this, Sachin couldn't help but laugh out loud. He was half joking and half serious, saying, "He
treats not only the police as fools, but also everyone as fools.’

Well, that ... That seemed to be true.

Sachin's father gave off a feeling of self-righteousness, but with the Lu Family's power, he did have the
capital to be self-


No, no, this was not the time to think about it.

"Then what should we do?" Rosiley asked.

Sachin smiled and said, "It's fine. In Benin, I think my influence is bigger than my father's.

Rosiley nodded, "That's true.”

Afterwards, she stretched, "Anyway, I'm relieved that you're here with me.’

“Thank you for trusting me so much.” Sachin smiled and touched her head.

"Of course." Rosiley raised her chin and blinked playfully, "I believe nobody but you."

Sachin smiled brightly, and his beautiful black eyes glowed with affection.

By the end of the year, all kinds of awards ceremonies had begun, and the Media Department had
begun its busy work.

The entertainment industry seemed to be a ruthless place. Hazel hadn't been found yet, but this matter
seemed to have been forgotten. Few people were mentioning it.

Rosiley sighed with emotion. It turned out that the entertainment industry was like a chilly machine. It
kept moving without


Rosiley sent someone to follow this matter and post new information on the company's official blog
when the police had new


There were still quite a few netizens commenting. Some even wondered if Hazel was hiding herself to
make the news and then redeem her declining popularity.

To tell the truth, Rosiley felt that it made sense when she saw this comment. However, she
remembered that she had received a phone call from Yunis the other day. His anxious and angry tone
did not seem to be fake.

Moreover, there was no need for Hazel to attract attention like this. She could use other methods.

In any case, before Hazel could be found, the whole thing seemed to be somewhat confused.

After the police came to question her that day, there was no follow-up. It seemed that the police didn’t
suspect her.

She thought that Sachin must have done something, otherwise, how could they let her go so quickly?