The convenient Bride

Chapter 395: Gouge Out Her Eyes

Rosiley received a text message from an unfamiliar number when she was about to leave work.

It was an address, just an address, nothing else.

Rosiley thought that someone sent it wrongly and didn't take it seriously. Instead, she deleted it.

However, more than a minute later, another text message was sent.

This time, the sender directly revealed her identity. “Rosiley, this is Rorey. I want to talk to you face to
face. I have sent you my address.”


Rosiley frowned slightly. Rorey suddenly wanted to talk with her. It must not be a good thing.

Thus, she replied directly, "I'm not free.”

After sending it, Rorey did not send another text message.

After work, she drove home and received another text message from Rorey.

While paying attention to the traffic on the road ahead, she opened the text message.

"The medical team in the United States has already developed a medicine for Dad's illness. If you want
it, come to see me."

Rosiley did not believe what the text message said, but a trace of expectation arose in her heart. Her
father had been

unconscious for so long, and the hospital seemed unable to help. If Rorey really had the medicine, it
would be a good thing for her father.

She hesitated for a moment, and then made a decision.

She turned the car around at the intersection and sped towards the address given by Rorey.

In one of the villas in a certain villa area in the suburbs, a woman's mournful shout sounded.

Because the villas were well spaced out, unless people were close to the villa, they would not be able
to hear a sound at all.

"Rorey, you will die a terrible death!"

In the brightly lit room, a woman was tied to a chair. Her clothes were torn apart, and her skin was
covered with wounds. Some was even bleeding. It was extremely shocking.

The woman's face was also covered with cuts, making it almost impossible to recognize her original
appearance. She widened her eyes and stared at Rorey who was sitting not far away, her eyes
brimming with hatred.

Rorey lowered her head and held the knife in her hand. When she heard that, she slowly raised her
head and her gaze met that woman's hostile look.

"Die a terrible death?" A cold smile revealed on Rorey's face. She was wearing a terrifyingly gloomy
and cold face. "I will show you how to die a terrible death, Hazel."

The woman tied up was Hazel, who had been missing for many days.

When she heard what Rorey said, she was somewhat frightened. In the past few days, she was
tortured by Rorey and was

almost on the verge of collapse.

She would have committed suicide if it wasn't for the sake of avenging herself.

However, it seemed that Rorey not only wanted to torture her, but also wanted her to die.

Rorey ordered the man standing beside her, "Alan, gouge out her eyes. I want to see how she glares at
me without her eyes.”

Gouge out her eyes?

"Rorey, do you know that you are breaking the law?" Hazel panicked.

"Breaking the law?" Rorey sneered, "Hazel, since I dare to tie you up here, it means that I don't care
the law. I just want to be


Alan frowned. He looked at Rorey who was fierce and sinister, and his lips were tightly pursed into a
straight line.

After Xenia's death, Rorey's viciousness was completely exposed. The boss had told him that Rorey
could do whatever she


However, ever since they kidnapped Hazel, he was getting more and more afraid. If Rorey continued
like this, she would really kill her.

If the police found out, what awaited Rorey would only be the punishment of the law, and it would be no
use crying over spilt milk.

Before things worsened, he thought it would be better to stop her.

He pondered for a moment and then said, "Rorey, I know you hate Hazel and want to kill her. But once
you break the law, there's

no way to escape from the punishment. Think about your father. He only has one daughter.”

Hearing this, Rorey narrowed her eyes in displeasure and said, "Alan, my father told you to follow me
because he wanted

you to help me do anything unconditionally, not to teach me. Shut up! I can do what I want.”


Alan wanted to say something, but was interrupted by a sudden ringing of her phone.

Rorey picked up her phone, looked at it, and sneered. "Another one has also arrived."

Rosiley arrived at a villa area in the suburbs by the address given by Rorey.

She stood in front of the villa and looked around. She found that it was somewhat frighteningly quiet. If
not for the lights on all

the villas that came along the way, she would think that no one lived in it.

She called Rorey to inform her that she had arrived.

Soon, the door of the villa opened from the inside.

Rorey walked out.

"Rosiley, you come here.” Rorey was surprised at her arrival.

"You asked me to come. How can I not come?" Rosiley walked over.

Rorey smiled slightly, "Then let's chat in the house.”

As she spoke, she moved aside and let Rosiley in.

Rosiley looked at the brightly lit villa and smiled, "Let's talk outside.”

She was very cautious. What if Rorey did something to her after she entered?

Rorey's eyes lit up and she chuckled, "What? Are you afraid that I will do something to you?"

Rosiley looked at her and nodded calmly. "Yes, I'm scared. After all, we are not on good terms.”

She had come for the medicine that Rorey had mentioned, but when she came, she realized that
something was wrong with


Logically speaking, since Xenia was dead, Rorey should hate her very much.

However, Rorey was speaking to her with a pleasant expression. This was not like Rorey.

She didn't want to go in, and Rorey didn't force her. "Alright, then let's talk here.”

Rosiley raised her eyebrows in surprise. Something was wrong with Rorey and she actually agreed to
talk here!

"Hazel is missing. Do you know that?" Rorey asked.

Rosiley nodded, “I know."

“Then why do you think she's missing?" Rorey continued to ask.

Rosiley could vaguely sense the evil behind her smile as she looked at her with a smile on her face.
She replied calmly, "How

could I know that? I don't care about this matter."

"Really? Then you...”

"If you only called me here to talk about Hazel, I'm not interested." Rosiley interrupted her and turned
around to leave.

Right now, a shrill cry came from the villa.

Rosiley suddenly stopped and turned to look at Rorey with a shocked expression.

Rorey was smiling, but the expression in her eyes was as cold as frost.