Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 396: Who Is So Vicious?

Rosiley felt alert. It seemed that she had been deceived.

"Since you're here, how can I let you go?" Rorey smiled with an evil look and clapped her hands.

There was a rush of footsteps all around. Rosiley turned to glance behind her, only to see a few black-
clothed men blocking her path.

She seemed unable to leave now.

Rosiley took a deep breath to calm down. Then, she looked up at Rorey and smiled. “Rorey, do you
think no one knows that I'm here?"

"Does it matter?”

Rorey sneered and spoke up to order the black-clothed men, "Bring her in.”

Then, she entered the room, leaving Rosiley and these black-clothed men behind.

Looking at the approaching men in black, Rosiley did not resist but just let herself be caught.

Before coming here, Rosiley had told Sachin the address. Sachin should be on his way here by now.
So, Rosiley wasn't worried about what Rorey would do to her.

However, she was afraid that things would not be so simple.

The men in black grabbed her up the stairs and pushed her into the room with the open door.

Rosiley staggered for a few steps before she steadied herself. When she looked up, she saw a woman
tied to a chair not far


The nasty injuries on the woman shocked Rosiley. Heavens! Who was so vicious and hurt someone
like this?

"Do you know who she is?"

Suddenly, a hoarse voice sounded. Rosiley let out a cry with fear. She quickly jumped to the side and
looked at Rorey with a pale face, who had appeared behind her.

Her fear pleased Rorey. Rorey laughed loudly and said, “Rosiley, are you scared?"

Rosiley glared at her coldly without saying anything.

Rorey did not take it seriously and asked again. "Do you know who she is?"

Rosiley remained silent.

Seeing that she did not answer, Rorey continued, "She is the missing Hazel."

In fact, Rosiley already knew that Hazel was here when she heard the shrill cry outside. So, she was
not surprised as Rorey said that the woman covered in injuries was Hazel.

The only thing surprised her was that Rorey had tortured Hazel so terribly.

It could be seen how vicious Rorey was.

Rorey walked to Hazel and grabbed her hair.

Hazel, who was unconscious, was like a doll, letting Rorey pull her hair.

Her disfigured face was exposed to Rosiley.

Rosiley was shocked. She raised her hand to cover the scream that she almost blurted out. It was too
scary! Hazel’s face, which was beautiful before, was now full of scratches from the knife. Some of the
wounds had formed scabs, while others were fresh. She could not see Hazel's original appearance.

She looked at Rorey in disbelief, “Rorey, are you crazy? Why are you so vicious?"

Hearing her words, Rorey threw her head back and cackled with laughter, “Yes, I'm crazy. When she
and Yunis had a love affair stealthily, I had been crazy.”

She was indeed crazy!

In the past, Rorey was ruthless for her own benefit. Now it didn't seem strange that she did such a

Rosiley sneered and asked, "Then do you want to do the same to me?"

Rorey called her here because she wanted to revenge her.

"Are you scared?" Rorey asked.

Rosiley smiled, "Of course I'm scared."

Seeing Hazel in such a sorry state, Rosiley felt a dull ache and extremely uncomfortable.

Rorey released her grip on Hazel's hair and walked towards Rosiley. She stopped in front of Rosiley
with a strange smile. "Don't worry. I won't treat you like I did to Hazel. After all, I'm your sister.’

She reached out and stroked Rosiley's cheek. Rosiley frowned and turned her head away from her

Rorey smiled more triumphantly, "As long as you help me kill Hazel, I can let you go."

Kill Hazel?

Rosiley glared at Rorey in shock, unable to believe that Rorey wanted her to do such a thing.

Rosiley took a deep breath and said, "No way. I won't listen to you.”

"Really?" Rorey raised her eyebrows, "If you don't kill her, then you'll end up like her. Aren't you afraid?"

Rorey was threatening her.

Rosiley clenched her fists and sneered, "I have told you that I'm afraid. But I'm different from you. I
have a conscience, and I won't help you kill people.”

"Rosiley!" Rorey stretched out her hand to grab her by her neck and fiercely said word by word, "Do
you want to die?”

"I don't want to die." Rosiley looked at her without flinching and said in a calm tone, "Rorey, do you
think no one knows what you're doing?”

"Since I dare to do it, I'm not afraid of being found out.”

Hearing this, Rosiley frowned slightly. It seemed that Rorey had thrown caution to the wind and just
wanted to take revenge on them.

Rorey was completely crazy. As long as she wanted, she could immediately kill her.

Realizing this, Rosiley thought that she could not annoy Rorey. Otherwise, not only would Hazel die,
she would also die.

So, she changed the topic and asked, "Rorey, do you like acting?"

Hearing her question, Rorey sneered, "Rosiley, is this a psychological warfare?"

Although her intention was discovered, Rosiley calmly said, "No. I am just wondering."

"Rosiley, don't play any tricks.” Rorey gave her a ferocious stare and then spoke up, "Alan, give me the

Aman walked into the room. Rosiley turned to look at him. The man walked over and handed Rorey a

Then, Rorey pressed the knife into Rosiley's hand and said, "Come on. Kill Hazel.’

Rosiley glanced at the knife in her hand. The blade refracted a cold light. Rosiley subconsciously
wanted to throw it away.

As if she had seen through Rosiley intentions, Rorey held Rosiley's hand tightly to stop her throwing
away the knife.

Then, Rorey took Rosiley's hand in one hand and pushed Rosiley from behind with the other towards

Rosiley made great effort to steady herself. Rorey still tried to push her toward Hazel. But Rosiley could
barely keep herself

staying there.

“Rosiley, if you don't kill Hazel today, then you will be the one to die.” Rorey threatened her.

Rosiley frowned. Rorey's strength was far greater than she had imagined. She was pushed closer to
Hazel slowly.

Rosiley closed her eyes and shouted inside, "Sachin, why haven't you arrived yet?"

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