The convenient Bride

Chapter 397: Yayoi Is Pregnant

Just as Rorey grabbed her hand and was about to stab the knife in Hazel's body, Rosiley gave Rorey a
jab in the stomach with her elbow. Rorey was so painful that she arched her back and her hands which
were grabbing Rosiley released.

At this moment, Rosiley broke away from her hand and turned around. She pointed the knife at Rorey
and scolded sternly, "Rorey, do you still have any humanity?"

Rorey threw her head back and cackled with laughter. She glared at Rosiley with irony. She seemed to
be no longer a normal

person. "Humanity? What is humanity? I don't understand! Why don't you tell me what it is?"

As she spoke, she approached Rosiley.

Rosiley retreated and looked at Rorey, who had a ferocious expression like a madman. Her hand
holding the knife trembled

uncontrollably. So, she raised her other hand and held the knife with both hands. She tried to calm
down and shouted at Rorey, "Rorey, don't come near me, or I won't be so easy on you."

However, Rorey did not care at all. Instead, she was so arrogant to point at her chest and shout,
"Come on. Stab in here and you and Hazel will be saved."

She was still approaching, ignoring Rosiley's warning.

"Stay back or ... or I'll really do it!"

Rosiley had been backed into a corner, and her back pressed tightly against the wall.

"Why do not you keep backing up?"

Rorey approached step by step with a cold smile, while Rosiley was at the mercy of others.

Suddenly, the situation changed.

Rorey widened her eyes. She raised her hand to touch her head and slowly turned her head. She saw
that Hazel, who had been unconscious, had woken up at some point. Hazel held a chair and gasped
heavily. Her wide eyes were filled with hatred.

"Goodbye, Rorey!"

Hazel shouted nastily. Then, she raised the chair and smashed it down on Rorey's head again.

Rorey was like a broken doll and slowly collapsed to the ground.

Seeing Rorey fall to the ground, Hazel, who had used all her strength, heaved a sigh of relief and fell.

The chair fell to the ground, making a sound. People outside rushed in.

It was Alan.

When he saw Rorey lying on the ground, he rushed over and squatted down. Then, he held her in his
arms and shouted with

anxiety, "Miss Gu, Miss Gu...”

Rorey closed her eyes and did not respond.

He felt something sticky behind Rorey's head. When he saw it, he was shocked. He had blood on his

Without caring about too much, he picked up Rorey and walked out in a hurry.

Rosiley slowly slid down the wall. She widened her eyes in shock.

She witnessed that Hazel picked up a chair and beat Rorey. That scene was so violent and bloody that
she could not recover

from the shock for a long time.

If it weren't for Hazel suddenly waking up and beating Rorey, she thought that the current situation
would be completely


But fortunately, she was saved!

Rosiley hugged her knees and hid her face between her knees.

She thought to herself, ‘Sachin, are you here?’

Sachin did not allow Rosiley to see Rorey. He knew that Rorey was not kind. Rorey asked Rosiley to
see her because she wanted to harm Rosiley.

But Rosiley was insistent. Sachin had no choice but to agree and told her that he would get there very
soon, asking her to protect herself.

However, when he rushed into the room and saw the figure curled up in a corner, he felt distressed. He
regretted it.

He walked to Rosiley and whispered, "Rosiley."

Hearing his voice, Rosiley trembled and suddenly looked up. At the instant she saw him, she could not
hold back her tears

anymore and tears began to spill out of her eyes.

She threw herself into his arms and said, "Sachin, you're here! You're finally here!"

Sachin hugged Rosiley tightly in his arms. He gently caressed her back and said in a soft voice, "Yes,
I'm here."

Hazel was sent to the hospital for rescue. She was rescued, but her face was disfigured.

As for Rorey, she was formally charged by the police for kidnapping and hurting others. She would be
punished according to law.

Rosiley, who was saved from death once again, was closely guarded now. Wherever she went, there
were bodyguards following her.

So, Juliet always teased her about it, saying that it was very safe to be with her.

After this incident, Rosiley sighed with mixed feelings. Rorey had gone to great lengths to return to the
entertainment industry

and wanted to make a big name for herself. Unexpectedly, she just ended up like this.

She also ruined another person's great future.

People were deeply affected by it.

Hazel's face was disfigured. Even after plastic surgery, it would still be an unnatural face. So, she had
to give up her favorite

acting career.

“Empresses in the Palace” became her last work. Because of her retirement, this work became popular
before it was broadcast.

Rosiley had visited Hazel in the hospital, where she also saw Yunis.

Hazel, who had been saved from death, was completely different now. When she saw Rosiley, her
smile was genuine. She no longer gave Rosiley a dig like before. She became elegant and gentle.

Yunis surprised Rosiley even more. Rosiley had thought that he would dislike Hazel's disfigured face.
However, she saw him take good care of Hazel gently, which almost made her think that he was not the
Yunis she knew.

People were always drastically changed after experiencing something.

Some people got better, such as Hazel and Yunis.

Some got even worse, such as Rorey.

Different choices had different outcomes.

As the end of the year approached, all the awards ceremonies were holding. Rosiley and reports under
her had been attending award ceremonies and interviewing stars non-stop.

She was so busy that she would sometimes fall asleep without even drying her hair after going home at
night and taking a


Because of this, she was scolded several times by Sachin.

But she didn't change. Because she knew Sachin would help her dry her hair.

How could she be willing to give up such a sweet thing?

In these busy days, a good thing happened.

Yayoi was pregnant.

When Rosiley heard this news, she felt happy for Yayoi. Previously, Yayoi had quarreled with Maddox
because of Wendy.

She had thought that their feelings for each other would change because of Wendy.

Fortunately, it did not happen.

With the existence of the baby, Rosiley believed the Shen family would not be so stubborn to refuse to
admit that Yayoi was

Maddox's girlfriend.