Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 398: I Believe You Can

Maddox helped Yayoi out of the hospital. His handsome face beamed with happiness, shining brightly
in the sunlight.

Just now, the doctor said that all the indicators of the child were normal. However, in the early stages of
pregnancy, the pregnant woman still had to be taken care of carefully.

After Maddox heard this, his joy of knowing he was going to be a father was replaced by nervousness.
He knew that he had to take care of Yayoi carefully. To avoid tiring Yayoi, he had intended to hold her
and not to let her walk.

However, he was rejected by the shy Yayoi. Yayoi said, "Don't be too nervous. Walking wont affect the

Maddox also knew that he was overly nervous. But under his insistence, he still helped Yayoi and
carefully escorted her out of the hospital.

Yayoi was helpless. She could imagine how considerate and nervous Maddox would be in the next few

After Yayoi sat in the car, Maddox helped her wear her seat belt and gently pecked her lips. Then, he
said, "Yayoi, go home and get the residence booklet. Let's register for marriage."

Yayoi was astonished, "Why is it so hasty?"

"Hasty?" Maddox raised his eyebrows and stared at her flat belly. “We have a child now. I think it is too

“But...” Yayoi still felt that it was too hasty.

"Do you want our child to be an unregistered resident at birth?"

Well, she couldn't refute this reason.

Although she knew that even if they weren't married, with Maddox's ability, the child could be

In fact, she also wanted to get married.

Maddox sent her back to the Song's. Then, he went back to the Shen's to get the residence booklet.

When Maddox returned home, Old Master Shen was playing chess with Wendy in the living room.
Seeing Maddox, he waved him over.

Maddox was in a hurry to get his residence booklet. So, he refused, "Grandpa, I have something urgent
to attend to. Let's talk

about it later.”

With that, he ran upstairs in a hurry.

"What is he doing? Why is he in such a hurry? Doesn't he have time to talk to me?" Old Master Shen
was unhappy.

"Grandpa, don't be angry. Maddox must have something urgent.” Wendy comforted him.

She looked in the direction of the second floor and frowned. Seeing Maddox being so anxious, she felt
a little uneasy.

Old Master Shen saw that she had been staring at the second floor and laughed loudly, "Wendy, if you
want to go, just go. You don't have to care about my feelings."

Hearing this, Wendy smiled shyly, "Grandpa, what are you talking about?"

Old Master Shen kept laughing, "Well, go. Help Grandpa see what Maddox is doing."

As soon as Wendy went upstairs, she saw Maddox walk out of his room. She called out, "Maddox."

Maddox looked at the residence booklet happily. Hearing Wendy's voice, he looked up and the smile on
his face faded. He asked drily,

"What's wrong?"

Wendy walked to him and saw the residence booklet in his hand. A light flashed in her eyes. She
pretended to be puzzled and asked,

"Maddox, what are you going to do with residence booklet?"

"Yayoi is pregnant. We will register for marriage first." Maddox did not conceal it. Because it was a fact.
Letting Wendy know

meant that his grandfather would know it soon. In this way, he would not have to have a head-on
confrontation with his grandfather.

The moment she saw the residence booklet, Wendy had a suspicion in her mind. Now, her suspicion
had come true.

She clenched her fists and forced a smile. "Does Grandpa know?"

"He will know.’ Maddox stared at her.

She understood. "You want me to tell Grandpa?"

Maddox smiled. "Didn't you always want to break off the engagement, but Grandpa disagreed? I think
this is a good opportunity."

Saying that, Maddox reached out and patted her on the shoulder. "Wendy, I believe you can do it."

With that, he passed her by, going downstairs without a pause.

Wendy could tell from his brisk pace how good he was feeling.

Was it because he was going to marry his beloved?

Wendy clenched her fists, her fingernails sinking into her palms. But she did not even feel any pain.

Yayoi was pregnant. The bitch who stole her Maddox was pregnant.

Wendy sneered and tears spilled out of her eyes. Why did they still act so outrageously even if they
knew of her existence? Did

they really think she was just an orphan and took her as a punchbag?

She would not let them get what they wanted.

She took a deep breath, then turned to run downstairs.

Old Master Shen was angry about his grandson's perfunctory attitude. When he saw Wendy coming
downstairs, he immediately

asked, "Wendy, what exactly is Maddox doing?"

Wendy lowered her head and walked to him without saying a word.

Old Master Shen frowned, "Wendy, why don't you talk?"

Hearing this, Wendy looked up at him, eyes brimming with tears, "Grandfather..."

Old Master Shen's expression changed, "Why are you crying, Wendy?"

"Grandpa ... I... Maddox..." Wendy sobbed and could not form sentences.

Seeing her crying, Old Master Shen felt distressed and was a little anxious. "Tell me, did Maddox bully

Tears kept falling down her cheeks. Wendy raised her hand to wipe her tears and sobbed, "Grandpa ...
Maddox ... Maddox is

going to get married.”

This time, Old Master Shen heard her clearly. He frowned and said, "Marry? With whom?”

Then, he reacted, "With that Yayoi?"

Wendy nodded, "Yes, it's her.’

“That brat is too mischievous!" Old Master Shen slapped his thighs hard, his old face filled with anger.

He never thought that Maddox would be so arrogant. Maddox didn't pay any attention to him.

Old Master Shen looked at Wendy who was sobbing and felt even more distressed. He pulled her to
his side, patted her back,

and comforted her, "Alright, Wendy. Stop crying. Grandpa will help you."

Wendy looked up at him with her tearful eyes, "Grandfather, she's pregnant."

Old Master Shen was surprised and then roared angrily, "That brat!"

As soon as Maddox got the residence booklet, he hurried to the Song's. Mr. Song, who had had a big
smile on his face, became

serious as he saw Maddox.

Maddox looked at Yayoi in confusion. Yayoi covered her mouth and giggled and seemed to say to him,
"Good luck."

“Yayoi, come with me and I will give you the residence booklet.”

Mrs. Song pulled Yayoi into the room, leaving Mr. Song and Maddox in the living room.

The room was unusually quiet. Maddox carefully called out, "Mr. Song.”

Mr. Song didn't even look at him and lowered his head. Maddox did not know what he was thinking.

Maddox pursed his lips, not knowing what to do.

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