The convenient Bride

Chapter 401: Let Them Go to Hell

"Break up with Maddox. We can allow you to give birth to this child. When the time comes, you should
bring the baby back

to the Shen family. We would bring the child up and you will get your compensation."

This was the only choice the Shens had given her.

“What if I don't?" Yayoi asked.

Edith sneered, "Then the Shen family will not let things go.”

Fighting against the Shens was a kind of suicide. The ones got hurt would be herself and her parents.

Why she bothered to dig her own grave?

Yayoi took a deep breath and said, "I won't leave the child to the Shen family. I will bring the child up by

"Miss Song, do you think you can give the child a comfortable life?" Edith snorted, crossing her arms
around her chest.

“No, but I am the mother of the child. Kids need their moms.”

"Don't worry. Wendy will become the child's mother. She will treat the child as her own."

It seemed that the Shens had planned everything. She had no right to choose at all.

Yayoi said in a sarcastic tone, "You guys are so thoughtful.”

Then the mockery had gone from her face, to be replaced by a very serious look. "The mother of the
child can only be me.”

said she firmly.

Edith frowned, "Miss Song, why are you doing this? The child is the part of the Shen's blood. Do you
think the Shen family

will leave him outside?"

"The Shen's blood?” Yayoi sneered, "No, he's a child of the Song family, not the Shen family.”

Edith glared at the unexpectedly stubborn woman.

"Exactly, he is the child of the Song family. Your Shen family shouldn't even think about taking him

Suddenly, a voice interrupted them.

Edith and Yayoi turned around and saw Juliet and Rosiley walking in one after the other.

“Juliet, Rosiley...." Yayoi was surprised. She didn’t expect them to be here.

Edith's face went an ugly green as she scolded, "Do you have any manners? You're actually
eavesdropping outside?”

"Manners?" Juliet sneered, "Where are your manners? Shame on you and your family forcing a girl to
abandon her child and

her love."

"You!" Edith was too incensed to speak.

Rosiley gently took Yayoi's by the hand, giving her a comforting smile, "Don't worry Yayoi. We're here

Yayoi, who tried to hold back her tears, couldn't fight it anymore and cried. All her grievances poured
out at this moment.

It was heartbreaking for Rosiley to see her like this. She hugged Yayoi in her arms, looking at Edith and
said coldly, "The

child will not be given to the Shen family, and Yayoi will not be separated from Maddox. You won't have
a chance."

“Right.” Juliet looked at Edith with contempt. "You're so despicable. You know how much Yayoi loves
Maddox. How could

you use their love to force Yayoi to leave Maddox? I despise you all.”

Edith almost went mad, "Despicable? I just told her the truth. It was her own decision to break up with
Maddox or not.”

"Bullshit! You know that she would choose to break up with Maddox. That's why you said those words.
Don't act innocent.

It's so disgusting."

Juliet stared at her angrily, then turned to Yayoi and said, "Yayoi, don't listen to her. You and Maddox
have a child now. Even

if he gave up everything in the Shen family for you, it would be the right thing to do. Don't forget that Mr.
Sachin is by your side. You will be fine."

Hearing her mention of Sachin, Edith's eyes glittered and looked at them meaningfully.

Juliet was afraid that Yayoi would do as the Shens said. She winked at Rosiley and said, "Rosiley,
Sachin and you won't let

them suffer any grievances, right?"

Rosiley smiled and said softly, "Of course. Sachin will help Maddox. Besides, you know Maddox is a
powerful man. Don't you believe him?"

Sachin? Edith frowned; her inquiring gaze fell on Rosiley. How could she call cousin Sachin by his
name? What was her

relationship with Sachin?

Yayoi's chaotic thoughts were finally appeased. She smiled bitterly, "Rosiley, I trust Maddox. But I didn't
want him to suffer

for me."

"But is it fair for him if you broke up with him? He is fighting against the Shen family for you. His
grandfather was so furious

and even hospitalized because he insisted on marrying you. Is it OK for you to break his heart?"

Rosiley was a little angry at this poor thing. Why was she so stupid? How could she be convinced so

Yayoi laughed to herself bitterly, "Rosiley, I was too selfish."

It was always Maddox that took initiative in their relationship. She just accepted everything that he had
given her.

If she chose to leave him, how sad he would be, and how much he would hate her? She couldn't even
bear the thought of it.

She didn't want to leave him.

Yayoi closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened her eyes again, she put on a
determined look. She turned

to Edith and said word by word, "I will not break up with Maddox. No matter how difficult the future will
be, as long as we are

together, we will live in happiness. I hope to get your blessing.”

Edith was slightly moved by her sincere words, but when she thought of Grandpa and Wendy, she
hardened her heart and

said firmly, "I won't give you my blessing.”

She looked deeply at Yayoi, then turned around and left.

"It's too irritating! ‘Won't give you my blessing’? Great! You didn't need her blessing." Juliet curled her
lips in disdain in the

direction where Edith had left.

Then she turned to Yayoi, trying to comfort her. She pretended to be dissatisfied, "Are you stupid? The
fact that you have

been together is killing them! Just stay together and let them go to hell.”

"Juliet!" Rosiley warned, "Watch your language.”

Juliet curled her lips and said, "Sorry, I'm just getting mad.”

Rosiley sighed helplessly, "I know. But be careful, understand? Don't make trouble for Yayoi."

“Alright. I'll try." Juliet rubbed her nose embarrassedly.

Rosiley glanced at her with dissatisfaction and then said to Yayoi, "Let's go out and see if Sachin and
the others have done


Yayoi nodded.

When they walked out of the stairwell, Sachin and the others also walked out of the ward.

“Sachin.” Rosiley shouted and strode over with Yayoi.

Sachin, who had called Rosiley to come over and help Yayoi, was wondering where she was.

Judging from the time, she should have already arrived.

Sachin frowned as he looked at the watch. At this moment, he heard a familiar voice.

He followed the sound and saw that Rosiley and the others were quickly walking this way.