The convenient Bride

Chapter 400: Not Regard for Yourself

Rosiley and Juliet hurried to the hospital and saw Yayoi sitting outside the ward. They looked at each
other and quickly walked over.

"Yayoi..." Rosiley whispered.

Hearing that, Yayoi looked up. Seeing it was them, she smiled, "You guys are here."

Seeing her red eyes, Juliet frowned, "Did you cry?"

Yayoi forced a smile and did not say anything.

Rosiley looked up at the closed ward. She frowned and then turned to look at Yayoi. "Yayoi, why was
Old Master Shen suddenly hospitalized?"

"Maddox and I have registered for marriage.”

"You two get married?" Juliet cried out in surprise. Realizing that she was in the hospital, she lowered
her voice and asked,

“Why are you in such a hurry?"

Then, she glanced at Yayoi's belly. "Is it because you're pregnant?"

Yayoi said softly, "Yes. In fact, it's not hasty. Maddox had mentioned it before. But we just kept putting it

"So, Old Master Shen was so angry about this that he could not stand it and fainted?" Rosiley asked

Yayoi fell silent.

"Old Master Shen is so funny. Yayoi is pregnant. If Yayoi and Maddox don't get married, does he want
the child to be an

illegitimate child? The baby is the bloodline of the Shen family!" Juliet did not understand how someone
could be so stubborn and impersonal.

"Juliet, keep your voice down.” Rosiley whispered. They were standing at the door of the ward. If
someone inside heard what they said, Yayoi might get into trouble again.

Juliet was straightforward person who was had no fear in doing anything. She was not afraid of being
heard by the people from the Shen family.

"Why should I keep my voice down?" Juliet raised her voice, as if she was intentionally saying to the
people in the room, "The

Shen family is a big family for a hundred years. Don't they feel ashamed to bully people like this?”

This time, Rosiley did not stop Juliet. Because she was also dissatisfied with the Shen family. No
matter how merciful Old

Master Shen was, he was the most cold-hearted destroyer in the matter of Maddox and Yayoi.

Now he was sick. Who knew if he would make use of this to separate Maddox from Yayoi?

Just as Juliet finished speaking, the door opened from the inside and a young woman came out.

Rosiley and Juliet were surprised and wondered who this woman was?

Yayoi immediately stood up and called out timidly, “Edith.”

Edith? Rosiley raised her eyebrows. So this was Maddox's sister-in-law, Edith.

When Edith heard Yayoi call her, she frowned slightly and a glint of disgust flashed through her eyes.

She glanced at Rosiley and Juliet coldly. Then, she looked at Yayoi and said, "Miss Song, is it
convenient for you to talk to me for a moment?"

Yayoi nodded, "Sure."

Edith turned around and walked towards the stairwell at the end of the corridor arrogantly.

"Yayoi." Rosiley looked at Yayoi with worry.

Maddox's sister-in-law was going to chat with Yayoi. It could be seen that she was not kind from her
attitude. Rosiley was afraid that Yayoi would be wronged.

"Don't worry. I will keep my wits about me.’

Yayoi smiled to reassure them and quickly caught up with Edith.

Looking at the two retreating figures, Juliet tightly frowned. "Rosiley, will Edith bully Yayoi?"

"No. She will let Yayoi leave Maddox at most.” Although that was what she said, Rosiley was still

Juliet was worried, "Why don't we go to eavesdrop?"

"Eavesdrop?" Rosiley bit her lip and hesitated, “It isn't a good idea.”

"Why? Since she dares to say, doesn't she dare to be heard?" Juliet said carelessly.

Rosiley pondered for a moment before nodding, "Alright. Then you go to eavesdrop and I'll stay here."

Words failed Juliet.

In the end, they went together to eavesdrop on Yayoi and Edith's conversation.

Yayoi followed behind Edith into the stairwell.

At the beginning, Edith just looked at her quietly. It was uneasy to tell from her face what she was
thinking, which made Yayoi

nervous and depressed.

Yayoi didn't dare to speak before Edith spoke. She could only try to remain calm and stand there.

After a long time, Edith spoke, "Miss Song, how long have you been with Maddox?"

“Almost half a year."

"You've been together for less than six months and you're pregnant. Isn't it too fast?”

Yayoi pursed her lips tightly, her hands agitated.

Edith raised her chin and studied her arrogantly. "It seems that Miss Song does not regard for yourself.”

Her tone was full of scorn. Yayoi clenched her fists, loosened them, and clenched them again. She
forced a smile, "Edith, do you know me? You don't know me. So, you shouldn't judge me so hastily.”

Perhaps Edith didn't expect Yayoi to retort, she was upset by Yayoi's words and sneered, "I didn't
expect you to be so sharp-


Yayoi set her jaw grimly and looked at Edith without showing any weakness.

“Alright.” Edith nodded and then bluntly questioned her, "Miss Song, you are with Maddox because he
is from the Shen family, right?"

Yayoi smiled, "No. Even if he is an ordinary person, I will still be with him.”

Looking at her firm face, Edith narrowed her eyes. "Are you sure?"

"I'm sure.”

Edith chuckled, then immediately restrained, "Then let me tell you, if he wants to be with you, he must
give up everything that

the Shen family has given him. He will lose the privileged life he has been leading for the past twenty
years, and live a normal life with you. Do you want him to live a life where he has to scrimp for you?"

Yayoi bit her lower lip and was a little hesitant.

A light flashed in Edith's eyes as she continued, "I know that you two love each other. He is willing to
give up everything for you. What about you? Are you so selfish to accept what he did for you? Are you
loving him or harming him in this way?"

If Maddox had to give up everything for her, then ... could she accept it with an easy conscience?

The answer was ... no.

She didn't want Maddox to make any sacrifices for her. He was the golden boy. He was like the cloud in
the sky and she was like the mud on the ground. She was not good enough for him.

When Yayoi thought of this, her heart ached. It turned out that there was such a huge gap between

Yayoi blinked, trying to hold back her tears. She did not want to show her fragile side in front of Edith.

She forced a smile and asked indifferently, "Then Edith, what should I do?"